Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette Review + Swatches & Video

Let's just say I am slowly transforming into a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette addict and I'm sadly not ashamed about it. Before now, I only had the Mini Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palettes (I bought two of them) which I purchased when they were on offer for £11 each. I absolutely love them and I have written about them here and even made a few videos about them here and here. I think once I tried these eyeshadow palettes, I could totally get the hype and I wanted to try more. I have contemplated buying one of the Mothership Divine Rose Palettes (particularly VIII) and I just might one day but I want to get it as a gift (hehe). Anyway, I got the early bird email regarding the launch of the Celestial Divinity Palette and I just wanted to have a look and lust after it as usual because I thought it would be expensive. You can imagine my shock when I found out it was only $78 and I watched a lot of videos to see it in action. I was smitten because I love colours, I love Pat Macgrath and I knew I had no excuse. It popped into my shopping basket and the rest is history.


If you prefer to watch YouTube videos and see live swatches, then head over to my YouTube channel to see this eyeshadow palette in action. I would also love it if you subscribed to my channel. It would totally make my day. Here is a link to the video and a link to subscribe

I have not tried the luxurious Mothership Palettes so I am not able to compare the packaging (although I've heard they are incomparable because the Mothership Palettes are exquisite and with good reason too!). Nevertheless, I do know that I like this packaging and since the quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable, I can hardly complain. It comes in a pretty pink good quality cardboard casing complete with a large mirror. The palette comes in a paper outerpackaging with the same lovely pink design and I love it as it is. 

The palatte is a reasonable size and lies quite flat among other palettes but it is much larger. I can't really compare the size to any popular palette that I own but I would say it is the size of one and half Urban Decay Naked Palette (not very helpful but it's the easiest comparison that comes to mind). It has two little black ribbons on the side which I am guessing is to help the palette stand in a way that lets you use the mirror. Without it, the palette may lie flat but I don't really care for the ribbon. I have left it for now but if it snaps off, I won't be mad. It does not come with an eyeshadow brush and I think that's fine.

What's inside the Palette?
Inside the palette, you get 18 absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented eyeshadows which are a mixture of matte eyeshadows (just 3 though), metallic, shimmer and iridescent finishes. Each eyeshadow weighs approximately 1.1g and the pans are very reasonably sized and well filled. The names of the eyeshadows can be found at the back of the palette rather than inside. I do prefer the names of the eyeshadows inside the palette but I know many people don't mind. I wish it was inside and I feel there's adequate space for it to be inside but I think Aunty Pat must have her reasons why they are not inside the palette. Nevertheless,  I adore the colour story of this eyeshadow palette because it has all the eyeshadow colours that I would wear depending on my mood. I love warm toned and jewel toned colours so all these beautiful shades are right up my street. I have to say it would be difficult to use this eyeshadow palette on its own if you prefer neutral or everyday shades but I do use it everyday because I love adding some colour to these dull weather we currently have here in the UK. Of course, there are limited transition shades and there's no brow bone highlight shade. I bought the palette because I wanted exquisite shades that I don't particularly own. I don't mind dipping into my other eyeshadow palettes for a nice brow bone highlight shade or brown warm toned crease/transition colours when I don't fancy the matte shades in this palette. 

Shades + Swatches
As already mentioned, there are 18 stunning eyeshadows in this palette and they are arranged in three rows of six eyeshadows. Apparently, 12 of these eyeshadows (the first and last 2 columns) are from the Star Wars Collection whilst the other six eyeshadows (middle column) are brand new eyeshadows that have not been in any other eyeshadow palette. I did not get the Star Wars palettes so I am more than delighted that this palette is a combination and more of those palettes. The shades are listed below as described by the Pat McGrath website:

Top Row
Saturnalia- Chromatic Crimson with Pink Flash
Bronze Nebula- Metallic  Golden Bronze shade
Major Mahogany - Warm Mahogany Matte
Lunar Champagne- Warm Champagne Shimmer
Violet Void- Deepened Violet with Pink Flash
Gold Standard- Lumnious 24K Gold shade

Middle Row
Venomous Void- Mid Tone Magenta Matte
Odyssey- Lilac Taupe with Pink Sparkle
Fuchsia Shock- Fuchsia Purple Shimmer
Megabyte- Deepened Khaki Green Shimmer
Bronze- Brilliant Metallic Bronze
Electron- Duochrome Rose Bronze with a glitter Blue Flash

Bottom Row
Cosmik- Duochrome Diamond Sparkle Pink
Smoked Amethyst- Blackened Aubergine with Pink Sparkle
Dragonfly- Duochrome Warm Gold Metallic with Blue Green Flash (my absolute fave 😍)
Venusian Orchid- Matte Mid Tone Pink
Galactic Gold- Duochrome Platinum with Golden Chartreuse Flash
Corruption- Duochrome Fiery Bronze

Quality and Pigmentation 
The matte eyeshadows in the palette (Major Mahogany, Venomous Void and Venusian Orchid) feel smooth to touch both with your fingers and with an eyeshadow brush. They are incredibly pigmented except for Venusian Orchid which is nicely pigmented but not as good as the other two. I tend to use it more as a transition colour than as a crease colour. They have fall outs but I think Major Mahogany has more fallouts than the other shades. The metallic shades are very gorgeous and apply really well whether wet or dry or by hand or with a brush. I feel the metallics seem to apply better if you use your finger but I definitely prefer to use a brush. There's very minimal fallouts in my experience with the metallic shades. The glitter shades do have fallouts as expected and I prefer to use a wet brush with them to minimise fallouts because I don't like my palettes being messy but it's not been too bad. My favourite shades are the duochrome/iridescent shades which I absolutely love. There are no fallouts with these and they can be used on their own or as topper shades for the other eyeshadows. They just make this eyeshadow palette very versatile and the looks you can create are endless. I always use eyeshadow primers with all my eyeshadows but I feel like these eyeshadows will apply and wear well with or without an eyeshadow primer because they are such great quality as expected from Pat McGrath. I still want to try the special formula that comes with the Mothership palettes because everyone keeps talking about them and it's a shame we didn't get any in the Celestial Divinity Palette. 

Cost and Where to Buy (including Discounts/Offers) // US Link // UK Link ($78 // £74)
Now this is where I am so delighted that I got onto the Early Bird offer or maybe I was just lucky. I have always bought all my Pat McGrath Eyeshadow palettes (not that there are many but the few I own) and the lip set I have directly from the Pat McGrath website. They ship directly the UK and most times they offer free international shipping which is delivered by DHL. I have never had to pay any extra tax or hidden charges when I have shopped this way. When I saw an email that this palette was launched, I went on the website and it usually automatically switches the price after a while to UK prices. When I got to the Celestial Divinity Palette page, it was $78 but when it switched to the UK price, it was £60. I was absolutely shocked and of course, I popped it into my basket. For some reason, I was charged £9 for shipping and I was a little surprised but not too bothered. I had a 10% discount code and I ended up paying £63 in total. A few weeks later (after I had received and was enjoying the palette), I got an email saying that I was to be refunded the £9 which I was accidentally charged for shipping and I received the refund so I ended up paying £54 for this palette which is an absolute bargain. On the website, it is currently priced at £74 and the US price is still $78. The great thing is they have some delicious Black Friday offers- 25% off orders under £120 and 30% off orders £120 and above. This means if you purchase this palette, you'd be paying around £55 and I believe it is still free shipping so it is definitely worth giving it a try. 

Overall Thoughts
I am so delighted with this palette and I use this along with the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette almost everyday. The truth is I think I may prefer the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette because it has more eyeshadows which means more versatile looks. I don't think I own any particular eyeshadows that are similar to some of the shades in this palette. Have you tried the Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette?
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  1. The 18 eyeshadow colours in the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette look very pretty, and so does the floral print top you were wearing in the video (and video thumbnail), as do your eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. The big rectangular mirror does look nice, and so do the swatches you labeled so nicely in the photos above. I have never tried and did not known about the Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette prior to reading this post and watching your video.

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