Blogging and Working Full Time

Blogging and working full time has never been easy! Every now and then, people ask me how I manage to work full time and have time for my blog and I don't really have any set answers because I don't think I am an organised blogger so I am not really the best for that. Also, I don't even post everyday. My major answer is just posting when you can, that's all. So,  if you are looking for tips from an organised blogger who works full time, this may not be the post for you because I don't consider myself as an organised blogger at all and you can attest to that by how sporadic my posts are and let's not even talk about how I have neglected my blog for some periods .However, I have a few tips that have helped me blog better despite my busy schedule.  I have not really planned anything so I am just going to type as it comes in my head and if it ends up not making sense, I won't publish. The joys of blogging!

Without giving away too much, I work in the Public Sector in London and it is very, very busy and different environment to blogging/beauty world but I love it because it has an impact on people's lives. However, this means I work really hard and often stay late at work when I have meetings and pending deadlines which pass the exceed the usual 9-5 hours so when I get back home, all I want to do is jump on my bed and snooze which is why I try to do the following: 

Maximize Evenings:
On a few occasions, I leave work by 5pm and get home around 6pm which means I have some time  time to write a few blog posts and attend to my blog. Of course there are other things that compete for this time slot (I usually have 1 hour free to do anything I like ) and most times, blogging wins.  This is when I write posts and I think my brain is more relaxed at this time. If the sun is out (which has been the case since Summer), I take a few photographs. I also seize the opportunity to edit some photos if I don't feel like writing or taking photos.

Maximize Weekends
Now this is when most of  my blogging gets done. I check the weather forecast on Friday evening to know if it's worth waking up early to take some photos. If it is, I would have an early night and wake up early to take a few photos. If I am really excited, I may even arrange the products I want to photograph so it is easier in the morning. I take most of my pictures in bulk because I don't have time and the sun is never on my side as the weather here in London could be quite dodgy. I also edit and amend drafts during the weekend. Let's just say, 80%  of my blogging takes place during the weekends. Of course, I don't spend all weekend blogging but I spend more time on the blog than I would on normal week days.

Maximise Every Opportunity to Blog
Now this has a lot of meanings but I basically mean blog whenever and wherever you can. For example, I don't drive so I use public transport most times which include Trains, the Tube and Buses and I always write many posts in them; it's one of the ways I keep myself entertained and it shortens my journey. I have even blogged in the Gym while cycling but it may impact on your gym session. I find that even if I don't have internet, I can type posts in the note section on my phone and transfer it later.

Write Only when you are Passionate
The thing with writing, blogging and any other forms of Art is that your passion comes through in your work. If I don't feel passionate, I won't bother blogging especially because it is still a hobby for me. I am not obliged to blog and life is too short to be engaged any passionless activities. If I have a light bulb moment, I would write about it as soon as I can. If I buy a new product and love it, I would write about it. It's that simple. Just channel that passion when it comes through even if it's on a note pad.

Compete with Yourself
Competing with other bloggers is something alien to me. I cannot understand it. Why? I am not saying I don't look to other bloggers for inspiration; I do a lot and in fact many of my posts and blog photos are inspired by other bloggers. Personally, I am not a competitive person because I believe there is a space for everyone although healthy competition is not bad but you need to know when it is essential and when it is just bullocks and drains your productivity. The main person you should be competing with is yourself. Try to improve from your last blog post. What feedback did you get? Did you correct some grammar errors(I am very guilty), did you take better pictures for your next post? What about your writing style: Is it your own voice or influenced by a thousand sources?. Striving to be better than before is the only way to grow and it applies for blogging.

You don't have to Post Everyday
I totally admire bloggers who can blog everyday either because they can and/or because it is their full time job. Sadly, that is not the case for me. I have only blogged for everyday one particular week last year; I told you I am not organised at all. I don't have a routine for my blog posts but that's not the best and I hope to change it soon. But don't beat yourself up too much if you can't post everyday. In fact, many of my favourite bloggers don't blog everyday and when they blog, it's like a treat for me and I love the feeling of excitement I get  when I see a new post. If you can't blog everyday, that's fine, someday,maybe you will and if not enjoy blogging because it is meant to be enjoyed...Ciao!! I hope you enjoyed this somewhat different post and see you in my next post...x


  1. Love, love, love. You are the first blogger writing about this. I get asked this a lot too and I usually reply with anything that comes to mind but I really should think about it too.
    Cheers dear.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara, you sure know how to put a smile on my face with your sweet comments and yes, blogging and working full time is very challenging especially when it comes to ensuring your blog is not neglected...but you are so lucky that you can link your blog with your full time job....Jealous much!!!

  2. Thank you so much <3
    I'm so agree with you when you say "You don't have to post everyday"

    1. I totally feel you sometimes, we bloggers get pressured to try and post everyday but it should not be so...everyone should post when they like but be regular/consistent to keep your readers always engaged and happy


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