March Non-Beauty Favourites 2014

April is going to be super busy for me so I may not be posting as much as planned but I have prepped a few posts ready so we can all stay in touch. As always, I will reply all my emails and comments which you all know I cherish and I can't wait for these busy times to be over just so I can get back to my normal routine. As mentioned in my Blogversary post, I recently purchased a Canon 600D DSLR Camera and I have been obsessed with it. I literally run back home after work everyday just to play with it; I feel like a child again with a new toy. Although, I have had a few cameras ranging from Nikon and FujiFilm which were point and shoot digital and Bridge cameras respectively, I still found handling my DSLR a little bit challenging. I bought it because I wanted to take my photography to a new level and I felt I had practised with the others really well. A DSLR is definitely different from these other cameras as there are so many things to learn and tweak to get really nice pictures. I did not want use the Auto setting so I have been using the Manual setting only because I wanted to experiment. I have been practising as much as I can in a variety of environments including low light, day light, night time and artificial light from the bulb in my room. It has been a little frustrating especially in the first week but practice indeed helps and I thought I would share a few pictures with you all. I am still very much a novice with using it but it seems every day gets better with practise.So, I thought I share a few of my favourites with you...enjoy...x

1. Black Seedless Grapes: I am obsessed with black seedless grapes and they satisfy most of my sugar cravings..

2. Grapes Special Bowl: So obsessed with grapes that I had to buy a special chalice for it and they taste even better in it...No, I am serious!!

3. Faux Flowers and Mini Vase: I fell in love with this flower and vase two weeks ago; it was staring at me off the prettiest crafts window shop...I could not leave it there.. I absolutely could not ...:-)

4. Selfie Phone Case: Yes, I shamelessly got a phone case of one of my favourite selfies...does that mean I am vain??

5. Stuffed Pets: I am not a teddy bear girl but I love my stuffed puppies (I can't have a real one in my flat) and piggie...they are so adorable, No?

6. These Nakd Bars are the real deal and they are definitely better than chocolate except Galaxy which, in my opinion, is irreplaceable..

7. My amazing Kit Lens (18-55mm) which came with my camera and we have had so many adventures within a short time....far too many I tell you..

8. Canon Lens EF 50mm 1.8: I could not resist buying another lens especially as I had a Canon £50 voucher so the purchase of the F 1.8 Lens was already destined to be and now the Kit Lens has a sister to play with...

9. My Lipstick Collection: Arranging them in my Muji Storage just makes me want to makeup all day ev'ry day ..I jest, I jest ....

10. My iPad Mini all prepped for NetFlix: This scenario keeps me sane when I am having a tough day because I know I can relax once I get to my room, slip under my duvet and watch Netflix.....

11. Drug Store Eyeshadow Palettes (Rimmel and L.A. Colours):  Just admiring my Drug Store Eyeshadow Palettes which were all bought from I love you my dear Poundland!!!...xo

I hope you have enjoyed my little post on a few of my favourite things. What has been your favourite thing this March? See you in my next post....x


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    1. Hiya, thanx a lot.. I am totally obsessed with Muji storage. They are just so beautiful....x


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