Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

I recently wrote about the Pat McGrath Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm Trio (review here) and I mentioned I also purchased the Eye Ecstasy Palettes during the sale. I actually purchased the Sublime palette in a previous sale and then got the Subversive palette in this recent sale. I also filmed a YouTube video so you can see the eyeshadow palettes clearer. You can watch the video above or here. It would also mean a lot if you subscribed to my channel here.  Right, let's just jump into the review.

I have to say the first time I received the palette I was a little underwhelmed by the packaging because it looked slightly different from what it appeared like on the website. Now that I have used the palettes for a little while, I realise that the simple packaging is actually realistic and it has grown on me. It comes in a small white plastic packaging  and there is no mirror. I do prefer palettes that have mirrors because it is easier to use nevertheless I don't personally think it is a deal breaker. The packaging has the PML brand embossed on it. The palettes look like they will be perfect for travelling due to their compact size. As it is a white plastic palette, it could get messy over time but it can be wiped clean with a wipe and if you want to be extra (like me), then you can use an oil based micellar water for a deeper wipe. All Pat McGrath Lab (PML) products come with sequins in the outer packaging which appears to be the brand's signature so you have to be careful not to spill them all over the floor.  The palette has the name of each eyeshadow at the back of the palette. Each eyeshadow weighs 1g and there are five eyeshadows in each palette.

Quality/ Pigmentation
I had heard so many god things about PML eyeshadows and how pigmented they were so I was looking forward to testing these palettes out. I have to say they did not disappoint at all and I daresay they exceeded my expectation. They are well pigmented, easy to apply and last all day. I tend to use eyeshadow primers for all my eyeshadows but I feel you can skip eyeshadow primers and still get great results. There are some fall outs from the shimmer shades but nothing too terrible. The eyeshadows swatch well both on your hand and on the eyelid (most importantly). You can use your finger or a brush to apply but I prefer using an eyeshadow brush. They have a cream infused powder finish and I think this is why they are very pigmented and lasting power.

Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Sublime Eyeshadow Palette //Link // £22 (On sale for £11)
This was the first PML Ecstasy Palette I purchased and I have absolutely love using it. PML describes the Ecstasy palettes as a curated collection of 5 cult classic shades with hues and texture that apply in a single saturated swipe. The eyeshadow shades in this palette include: Sinful (gold metallic), Gold Nectar (golden bronze metallic), Sextrovert (bronze metallic), Illicit (deep brown matte with  gold sparkles) and Corruption (bronze duo chrome). The names sound so naughty but I love them. There are four metallic shades and one semi-matte shade. I already mentioned this earlier but they are all incredibly pigmented and such a joy to use especially if you are so fed up of underwhelming eyeshadow shades. I chose this palette because I love warm toned palettes and I could incorporate it into my everyday looks. Each time I use any of the eyeshadows, I always get compliments. I think this is a perfect palette if you are looking to try out PML eyeshadows. My favourite shades to use are Sextrovert and Gold Nectar as they are flattering on my complexion. Some people may be able to pull off an entire look with just this palette but I can't so I dip into my other palettes for a warm crease colour and brow bone highlight. Other than that, it's still a perfect little palette.

Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Subversive Eyeshadow Palette //Link // £22 (On sale for £11)
I was initially drawn to this when I made my first purchase but eventually settled for the Sublime palette so I was delighted when the sales came back so I could purchase Subversive. Similar to the Sublime palette, there are five shades in the palette and they include: Lapis Luxury (turquoise metallic), Gold Standard (metallic 25k gold), Crimson Fire (ruby metallic), Blue Blood (burgundy sheen) and Synthetica (sparkling purple metallic). I actually thought blue blood was the gorgeous blue/turquoise shade in the palette but alas! it's not. The palette has four metallic finishes and one sheen finish. These eyeshadows are super, super pigmented and I am totally here for it. Synthetica has some fall out but it is very manageable and not messy. With this lovely jewel toned palette, you definitely need some other eyeshadows to create a full look but I don't mind at all. I love colour and all the shades in this palette are right up my street. I can't decide on a favourite colour from this palette because I love them all.

Overall Thoughts
I am so pleased I was able to get my hands on the PML Ecstasy Palettes and I am very impressed with them. I am even more delighted that I got them for £11 each and I hope the sale is still on when you read this post so you can purchase it if you like the palettes. I will definitely recommend Sublime if you just wanted one palette you could use everyday but if you want something different and exciting, I will highly suggest trying out the Subversive Palette. Of course, nothing beats having both of them because you will enjoy using them. Have you tried the PML Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palettes? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. This sale was far too good to resist that even I, someone that doesn't even wear shimmer shadows regularly, just had to get Sublime. I am so pleased that I did! I tried Sextrovert last week and the quality has blown me away. Beautiful images and swatches as always. So pleased you're back on the blog.

    Sal xx


    1. Thank you so much my lovely Twinnie for stopping by. I totally agree with you; it's so difficult to ignore a PML sale and I am wishing they do more (I am so greedy!!!). Thanks doll...xx


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