Another Fresh Start....

I feel like an absolute stranger on my blog because I have not been on here for so long but I am not going to dwell on that. Instead, I choose to be glad that I am finally back. Last year, I only published 3 posts because I was incredibly busy with so much stuff going on. I was developing my career, adjusting to very busy working conditions, started a new course (2 courses combined in one), changed jobs and moved houses from one country (Scotland) to another (England). When we moved back to England, my initial job was in London which I absolutely adored but it meant I was commuting for more than 4 hours everyday which was not sustainable long term. In the end, I had to find another job more local to me and it has been for the best.

The good news is everything feels quite settled now, not completely, but definitely better than it was towards the end of last year and beginning of this year. The best thing which has availed me the time to come back into blogging is that I have finally completed my two postgraduate courses in Pharmacy including one which has enabled me to become a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber. I feel very grateful to God because it has been quite a journey.

In the past few months (and hopefully it continues), there has been a strong awakening to the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement and I am so proud of how many people responded to it and how people are open to learning. I am learning too everyday and I will forever and will always support #BLM as a black woman. I have always supported black owned brands but will even more consciously do that even outside of beauty. If you know of any black owned beauty brand (not just in the UK but globally), do drop a line in the comment section. I have compiled a list and will be adding a page on my website soon for these brands.

Now onto beauty, I have so many amazing products that I have accumulated over this period. I have shared some of these products on Instagram or Twitter . I look forward to just enjoying myself on this blog as I always have done. I hope you get to enjoy my posts as well as we navigate the beauty world together. I have decided to write up a couple of posts and schedule them because I don't want to say I am back and end up not being "fully back" because that has happened (in the past). I am even thinking of going back to filming YouTube videos, so please subscribe to my channel as well (haha, who do I think I am??). I actually filmed one and have updated this post.  I don't have much else to ramble on about but I hope everyone is doing fine and staying safe in this horrific pandemic.


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    1. Thanks so much and it feels good to be back. Thanks once again for stopping over...xx


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