Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush Review

I was very kindly sent the Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush* back in April and I was excited to try it out because I had heard many good things about it. I already owned another electric toothbrush which I loved so was keen to see if a new one will win my heart or make a difference to my oral hygiene. Right, let's get started....

Brand Overview
Ion-Sei is a Japanese- German brand who have developed the Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush drawing inspiration for the design from Japanese Culture and Organic Lines. Ion-Sei describes their electric toothbrush as one which uses a patented technology which controls plaque and bacteria from forming in the mouth. This is achieved by utilising the electric brush's integrated UV (Ultraviolet) LED light and Titanium Dioxide bar which basically repels the bacteria and plaque from sticking to the teeth and gum. I was very interested in this description and was very keen to try it out myself. They claim you can use this toothbrush without toothpaste but I always prefer to use toothpaste for cleaning my teeth.

The packaging is really great and you can tell that a lot of thought went into it. Firstly, you get two brush heads (one with soft bristles and one with hard bristles) and I like this as it gives you a choice on what bristles you prefer. I personally prefer the hard bristles for my teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to opt for the one with softer bristles. It also comes with a stand for the tooth brush and this stand also contains the charging port. It really does look pretty in the bathroom in its stand. You also get a USB cable for charging the brush and two charging heads; one with two pins (EU) and one with three pins (UK). I think this is so thoughtful because it means you can use your electric toothbrush when you travel.

Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush Design
The brush in itself has a good grip which is essential when using electric toothbrushes. There is a power button which turns on the brush and it goes straight to the first speed. There are three speeds (Sensitive, Standard and Deep) in total with the third speed (Deep) being the fastest. The speed selections are illuminated whilst in use. At the bottom of the brush are three charge lights which show you how much battery is left and a reminder for when to recharge. These lights are also illuminated when the brush is in use. I love how easy it is to clean especially underneath the brush head where some toothpaste residue could hide over time. The brush head does not rotate rather it utilises sonic vibrations (roughly 31,000 strokes per minute sonic vibrations) and this helps in keeping the teeth clean and repelling bacteria and plaque. It has a timer which beeps every 30 seconds which helps in reminding you to switch to the next section of your teeth and it stops after 2 minutes.The packaging says to fully charge the battery once you receive it which I did and I have not had to charge it since April and I think that's incredible. My former electric toothbrush needed to be charged at least every 2 weeks.

My Experience
As already mentioned, I have used electric toothbrushes for a good number of years and it has been the same brand. Most of the electric toothbrushes I own have a rotating round head so I was curious to see if my teeth will be better off with a different design. Initially it took me a little while to get used to the new design especially the bristles and the sonic vibration design. Now, I am so used to using it and I feel my teeth definitely feel cleaner and well taken care of. I like that the longer bristles means I can reach a wider area of my teeth in a shorter time. The only thing is I personally feel it is slightly more difficult to reach some harder-to-reach areas such as the inner corners and this is the only advantage as far as I know that a round bristle head has over this bristle design. The second brush head has a slightly tapered end which helps but not as efficient (in my opinion) as a smaller rounder bristle head. However, the bristle feels firm and they are not worn out despite using it for a few months now. It is recommended to change the brush heads every 3 months so I will be repurchasing a new set of replacement heads soon. As with every electric toothbrush, it does make a noise whilst it is in action and this noise increases depending on what speed mode you are in (the loudest is the Deep mode/fastest speed). I personally don't mind because brushing my teeth does not take a long time.  I love brushing my tongue with the Ion-Sei Electric toothbrush because it does such a great job. Overall, I would say my teeth definitely has that squeaky clean feeling after every use.

Cost // Link //£129.99
For such an efficient toothbrush, I am sure you can imagine that it is quite expensive. It retails for £129.99 and it can be purchased from the Ion-Sei website here and other retailers including Amazon and John Bell Croyden. It also comes in two colours- Day White (the one I have) and Lake Blue. You can also purchase replacement heads on these websites listed above. If there are any discount codes going on, I will update this post with them in case you wanted to purchase this brush.

Overall Thoughts
I have absolutely enjoyed using the Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush and I still use it everyday. I think it definitely keeps my teeth and tongue clean. I love the design of the toothbrush and how practical it is. I will definitely recommend it if you are shopping for a new toothbrush. I just wish it was sold a bit more widely like in Boots and Superdrug but I am glad it's on Amazon. I am sure over time they will be more widely available in other retailers. Have you tried the Ion-Sei Electric Toothbrush?
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