MAC Eyeshadow Palette (Quad) feat Cork, Amber Lights, Antiqued and Cranberry

Hi my Lovelies,
I hope your week has been exciting. I have enjoyed mine so far especially because Christmas is near and i have so many things to be thankful for this year. I have been looking forward to this post because i have finally completed my first MAC eyeshadow palette quad (read my review of the empty quad here) Do you remember one of my posts where i did a show and tell of the MAC Quad itself? I said i looked forward to filling it up and it took me a while to do so with the help of the discounts from Debenhams.

In building my palette, I wanted colours that complemented my skin tone, which could  also serve as an everyday eye shadow palette. I asked a few questions here on the blog, got some good recommendations and I noted them all down with a few swatches in MAC counters before i narrowed down my options to the following: Cork, Amber Lights, Antiqued and Cranberry. This was actually the order i bought them in. Wait..did you think i bought them all in one go? Ain't nobody gat time (and money) for that!! It took me a few months (since October) to buy them all because £10 for one eye shadow is not exactly an amount i want to part with in a jiffy but i have to say the quality is amazing. Enough said, let's get a more detailed look at these beautiful shades shall we?

I have lusted after the perfect crease color for ages and Cork just packs the punch. It is a warm medium-dark brown shade with a satin finish which is perfect for the crease and can be used to add more dimension to other eye shadow shades. To be honest, i have not really used this anywhere else except my crease. It is just the right shade of brown that complements my skin tone. Just like all other MAC eye shadows, it is very pigmented so you need just a light sweep with a crease brush(I use either my Nanshy brush or my Elf Angled eyeshadow brush) depending on what look i am after. It is very important to blend it out to avoid any harsh lines.

Amber Lights
This is the ultimate MAC eyeshadow which cuts across all skin tones to achieve the most flattering eye shadow looks of all times. It is a rich warm bronze/gold shade with a frost finish which looks so beautiful every single time. It is extra pigmented so you only need a light hand when applying it; of course, this can built up depending on what time of the day it is. For night looks, i build it up a notch just so it contrasts well in the dark. Seriously, if you have £10 to spar

I was torn between buying Antiqued or Twinks but i settled in Antiqued because i think it just suited what i wanted. Antiqued is a coppery brown shade with a pearly finish which is just gorgeous especially when it hits the light. I just love it and i have often worn it on its own or as an extra dimensional colour on my eyelids, crease and outer v of my eyelid. Either way, it's a beautiful colour/shade and it is another shade that flatters many skin tones.

This was the last eye shadow i purchased to complete this quad and let me tell you, I searched high and low for it and it was nowhere to be seen. It was sold out online and unavailable in the Debenhams near me and they had no hopes of replenishing their depleted Cranberry stock. All this stress was simply because i was determined to use my 10% discount from Debenhams but it wasn't meant to be. In the end, I grudgingly went over to Selfridges in Oxford Street London and purchased it. It is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l., perfect and i love it. It is a rich berry shade with hints of purple and pink with a frost finish. On my lids, it just looks incredible and i think it would look the same on any skin tone even if you are really dark as this is the shade of pink/purple that is flattering without being shiny or too out there.

That's it folks, my first ever custom built MAC eye shadow palette..ahem, can you detect the "subtle" pride in my tone? I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you are thinking of buying any MAC eye shadows, i hope i have helped you narrow your choices a little. The insatiable little girl in me is saying i need to build/invest in another MAC pallette quad or 15-eye shadow palette pan so i can start this whole charade again..i have decided not to listen or maybe i will just listen a little bit..MAC eye shadows are very addictive...what do you think? See you in my next post...x


  1. Your selection of colors, shows how creative you are. Not only people of your complexion will find it very interesting. Kudoz!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Molebaba and i am glad you found this interesting!!

  2. Beautiful colors Liv. I just bought few MAC eyeshadows myself and I love them. I don't know why I waited for so long to try them haha :) Great post!

    Paula xxx
    My beauty & lifestyle blog

  3. Awwwww thanks very much Paula. MAC shadows are the and i feel same way as you on how/why i waited so long...i guess the price put me of...hahahaha..x


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