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I am sure you may have read about the Fake Bake Beauty at Home Event I attended last month if you are a regular reader of my blog. I was kindly gifted with a generous amount of products which I have absolutely enjoyed. I have used them for a month now and I think it's a good time to write an in-depth review. I would split this post into the Fake Bake Beauty Makeup Range and I would talk about the Fake Bake Beauty Skincare range tomorrow. Otherwise, it would be a super long post and I don't want to bore you off your socks. I already did a brief introduction of the Fake Bake Beauty range over here so you can have a quick check to see what the brand is all about. I am sure most people know Fake Bake for their Fake Tan range which is really a popular one. They launched their Beauty (makeup and skincare) range sometime last year and I absolutely love them.  I am always sceptical about new makeup lines because I think they may not be suitable for my skin tone but I am so delighted that these Fake Bake Beauty makeup products actually suit me (or at least the ones I tried). I received the Scream & Pout Shine On Sunsentials Palette*, the Smooth and Shine Lipstick in Coral*, Set to Smoulder Eyeshadow Palette*, Shine On Lip gloss in Sunrise* and the Scream & Pout Mascara*. I do like all the products but some are my absolute favourites. You have to read on to find out which ones made the cut...

I am a huge fan of packaging because I feel it makes or breaks my decision to purchase a product and I do appreciate companies that put in a good effort with their packaging. All the Fake Bake Beauty products I received have such lovely and sturdy packaging. I particularly like the different colour schemes for each range and products. The Shine On Palette is made from a cardboard-like material but you can never tell because it is super sturdy. It is so ideal for travelling because it is fairly compact given the amount of products inside. The Lipsticks and Eyeshadow Palettes have black casings which looks very classy as expected with anything black. The Lip Gloss from the Shine On range is also one of my favourite packaging with its gold accents and doe foot applicator. I am really impressed with the packaging and I am always happy to pop them in my makeup bag and carry-on for my weekend trips.

Scream & Pout Shine On Sunsentials Color Kit// £32 // Link
Let me just put it out there and say this palette completely surprised me. I knew I would like the colours within the palette but I never expected to love it as much as I did. It is a Lip, Eye and Cheek Palette and it contains four cream eyeshadows (Sunset, Sunrise, Glow and Smolder), one cream highlighter (Gleam), one lip gloss (Glisten) and two Lip and Cheek Tints in Scorch and Haze. First things first, how lovely are the names of the individual products? I absolutely love them and it goes so well with the Sunsential theme. I believe this palette was launched in their Summer range but it is one that is suitable all year round.

The cream eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and show up really well against my skin tone. They are very creamy, easy to apply and blend and set to a lovely finish. They can be worn on their own or under a powder eyeshadow. I am really impressed with who ever chose the colours and their names and they do deserve a mighty big hug. There is a nice pink, gold, bronze and dark brown colour which makes it a really versatile palette. They have good lasting power and I don't actually need a primer for them because they are that good. The highlighter in Gleam also took me by surprise because I felt it won't suit me but I was so wrong!! It works so well as a highlighter for my brow bones, cupid bone and tip of my nose. It also doubles as an eyeshadow and I have used it a couple of times. I really like how subtle it is which makes it easy for me to wear it even to work . I have not really used Glisten a lot because it feels a little too sticky for me and I prefer light lip glosses so it is a little miss for me. The last two Lip and Cheek stains are also my favourites in the range. I have not used them as cheek stains but on my lips, they feel so lovely. The pigmentation is very impressive and they last for a really long time (well, that's why they are called stains).

 I have used them many times on their own and I have really enjoyed them. I use my Lip brush to apply them for a more precise look. They are moisturising and non-sticky and you can hardly feel anything on your lips. Love, love them!! You can see why it is my go-to palette for travelling because it is compact, saves me time and I have all my favourite picks in one place. It also has a magnetic enclosure in the palette so it does not flip open if you happen to travel with it which is so handy.

Scream & Pout Smooth and Shine Lipstick in Coral* // £12 // Link
I was super delighted to try this coral lipstick because I don't have too many in my collection. The packaging is really classy and simple which I like.  Of course, it also has a satisfying click to it which I know some people are obsessed with (I am) but is also means it feels more secure in your handbag and won't mess things up. I would describe it a true coral pink shade with a warm undertone. I almost thought it had a neutral undertone but it appears really flattering on my skin which has a warm/yellow undertone. I do think it would suit many skin tones and would look even more flattering if you have a tan. It has a slightly sweet fragrance but it is not overbearing at all. It goes on so smoothly and feels moisturising on the lips. I would classify it as having a lustre finish because I don't need to use a lip gloss with it at all. On my lips, it lasts for about 4-5 hours before I have to touch up which I think is pretty standard for many lipsticks. I really like it as I alternate it with my MAC Vegas Volt which looks a little similar to it.

Scream & Pout Shine On Glo Gloss in Sunrise* // £12 // Link
Again, this is one of my favourite products in the range. The packaging completely stands out for me because it has a lovely gold accent which gives a really unique and summery look. It has a doe foot applicator which I like for easy application and easy touch ups on the go. The winning point for this lip gloss, for me, is the colour. I don't own any lip gloss with the same kind of colour at all. It is a perfect bronze gold shade that would look super flattering on many skin tones and particularly on warmer or deeper skin tones. I really like how this lip gloss transforms many of my lipsticks to an amazing different shade. I don't know how it does it but I just add it on top of my favourite lipsticks and voila!! a bespoke shade is created. I have also worn it on its own several times on days when I want to pretend I have not tried too hard with my makeup. It feel ever so slightly sticky which is a no-no for me but in this case, I don't mind because the results and finish is worth it. I am sure many people may not even notice this slight stickiness but I am picky and I always do. However, it does not feel sticky when I put in on top of other lipsticks which is why it is my most preferred way to wear it.

Scream & Pout Set to Smolder Eyeshadow Palette*// £22// Link
I knew I would definitely love this palette on my first peep because it has the perfect combination for a smoky look. I won't say I am a pro in creating smoky looks but this palette makes it easy for me. It has four eyeshadows in it including a dark purple shade, a pink shade, a light grey shade and a beige shade. I love how compact the palette is and it comes with a good size mirror. However, I have to say some of the eyeshadows in the palette appear less pigmented than the others. I wish the pink shade was as pigmented as the rest but I do find that I have to apply a good primer and two layers for it to show up well on my complexion. However, I found a way around it. In addition to using a primer, I spritz my eyeshadow brush with some makeup fix spray before picking the pink eyeshadow and this greatly improves its pigmentation.  It also works so well if you use one of the  cream eyeshadow bases from the Shine On Palette.  If you have a lighter skin tone than mine, I feel this would show up really well on your skin and there would be no need to do anything extra. The rest of the shades already appear well pigmented even the beige colour which is perfect for my brow bone highlight. They have a good matte finish which I find is perfect for a neutral look. This is also another palette ideal for travelling especially if you are going to do minimal looks during the day and switch up to something smoky in the evening.

Scream & Pout Marvel Lash Mascara* // £14 // Link
I love mascaras but I am very picky with them and I tend to only go for high end mascaras like YSL Baby Doll Mascara which is my HG mascara. I was keen to try this mascara because I liked the way the brush curved and the bristles looked like it would pick up my little lashes. I have used it a few times and it did an okay job of lengthening my lashes and giving them a slight curl. However, it did not do much for volume. I think you would enjoy it if you already have full lashes and you want something to add a slight oomph to them. For my little lashes, it does need something heavy duty to improve their appearance. I still use this mascara every now and then because I like how it lengthens my lashes. The packaging on the other hand is one I really like as it just feels so good in my hands and easy to grip during application. It's not short or long rather it's just the right size.

Overall Thoughts
I am sure you can tell I really like this range and I am so pleased I was sent these products to try. They are really high quality products that do work well for a wide range of skin tones. You can tell that a lot of work has been put into the production of these products and it is evident when you use them. I really wish they would be available in-store as I feel some people prefer to swatch and feel products before they purchase them. With regards to the price, I do feel they are reasonably priced although I can understand that the Colour Palette seems expensive (££2) at first glance. However, it is a palette that I enjoy everything except the Lip Gloss so I know it is one I would purchase. Of course, there's an option to purchase from one of the independent beauty at home consultants. I am sure you can tell my favourites from all I received- The Shine On Palette (a must have), The Shine On Glo Gloss in Sunrise and the Shine on Lipstick in Coral. That's pretty much my review. Have you tried any of these products from the Fake Bake Beauty range?
*PR Samples, read my full disclaimer here


  1. their packaging tho, wish I can get them here.. and you base looks so flawless! :)

    1. That's the only thing. I don't know if they ship internationally (I will find out) but if they do, that would be amazing. I love their packaging, so well thought of...xx

  2. I have to admit im not in love with this range at all, especially with the price being more expensive x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    1. Awww that's a shame!! I really do like the products I got to try but I agree that they are slightly on the higher end. I still see myself paying £32 for the palette because it is one of the favourite palettes I own as it is so versatile...xx


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