Becca Dual Coverage Compact Concealer Review

The award for the review that I have put off for the longest time definitely goes to this Becca Dual Coverage Compact Concealer. I got the first one I tried in 2014 and I kept meaning to do a review but I never got around to it. It's definitely one of my most used and possibly top concealers and I use it everyday. Becca Cosmetics seem to have one of the best  long lasting makeup products (in my opinion) and I absolutely enjoy using them. I had to repurchase a back up and I was so lucky to find it in the Space NK sales for only £6. They even had my exact shade; I may have let out a high pitched shriek because they hardly ever have my shade in Space NK sales.

I like the packaging of this concealer although I won't say it's anything ground breaking at all. It reminds me of a Spacecraft or Flying Saucer (not that I have seen any) but it really makes me laugh when I think of how similar they look. I particularly like that it closes in a very secure way and there is no wastage or spilling. It's also very compact and travel friendly and I cannot think of any time I have failed to take it with me when I travel. I love the shade range for this concealer as it is very wide and you would be hard pressed not to find something suitable for your skin tone. My shade is Maple and it is perfect. If you are an NC45, it would suit you well and if you are darker, you can always use it as a highlighter.

What Becca Cosmetics say
Becca Cosmetics describes this concealer as a split-pan compact containing two complementary shades of concealer with dual concentrations for customisable colour and coverage. It ensures a flawless match with every application and allows you to layer and blend two highly pigmented formulas for a coverage that looks incredibly natural. The Becca Dual Coverage Concealer conceals most discolourations from dark spots, under eye circles, birthmarks and scars. It's a lightweight formula which is non-drying and won't settle into fine lines and creases. It is also Paraben-free and water resistant to for a longer lasting wear.

What Fashstyleliv thinks
I agree with majority of Becca Cosmetics description of this dual coverage concealer however everyone's experience is different. I don't think it is a customisable colour per say because it is just the same shade in the two sides and I actually prefer it that way. However, I totally agree that the coverage is very customisable as you can layer it the two sections to create your bespoke coverage. I think it looks incredibly natural no matter how much you layer it. I am not 100% sure is it non-drying although I have not experienced any clinging to dry patches but then again, I don't have dry skin. I absolutely agree that its coverage and concealing power is outstanding and it covers any blemishes so well and so naturally. With a few swipes, it completely hides my dark spots and hyper pigmentation and I love it for that. I have never used it as an under eye concealer because I prefer really light (almost liquid) formulas like the Revlon Color Stay Concealer. As a result, I can't comment on it creasing or sinking into fine lines for under eye application. However, I have not experienced any settling into fine lines and creasing anywhere else around my face.

One side of the Becca Dual Coverage Concealer provides medium coverage while the other side provides full/extra coverage. To be honest, I think both sides offer a really full coverage although the medium side feels slightly lighter on application. I absolutely love this concealer and I use it everyday I wear makeup. The texture is quite pasty but it still feels easy to use and blend. I am not sure it may be the best fit for dry skin because it sometimes feels ever so slightly dry. I have not experienced it clinging to dry patches because my skin is mainly combination/oily skin.

How I Use/Application
I love that this concealer can be used for various purposes. I mainly use it to clean up my brows after I have filled them in. It just makes my brows look really good and neat. I am pleased it's not too light for my skin tone because ain't nobody got time for Halo Brows. My Nanshy Angled Eyeliner brush is my favourite brush for this as it's very precise and it's so hard to go wrong with it. I also love my Lancome Angled Brush for this purpose and it's only slightly longer than the Nanshy version but they are both really good. It is also used to highlight my brow bone and it's one of my favourite ways to use it and I use my Real Techniques Detailer Brush for this and it's perfect. I recently started using this concealer to conceal some of my blemishes and I was really surprised at how long lasting it was. It is quite easy to pick up and it also blends easily. I do this before I apply my foundation because it seems to work best that way for me. I was really surprised as to how effective it is and I am beginning to think pasty textured concealers work best for my my skin type.

The cost varies across a lot of websites. I got mine in the Space NK Sales for £6 which is a bargain and I even had a code for free delivery. However, it has since sold out. I found it on Amazon for a slightly more expensive price starting from £6.85 with the highest price at £9.99. Even at this price, it is definitely a bargain and there are a variety of shades to choose from (I think there are at least 10 shades).

1. It is not easy to find in the UK and I think it may have been discontinued (not sure)
2. It may be drying for some people with very dry skin (It's always best to moisturise before using it)

Overall Thoughts
If I repurchase a product, then it is definitely one I highly rate. I love this concealer so much and it is definitely so much value for what I paid for it. I use it for various purposes and a little goes a long way. I got my first one in 2014 from Fragrance Direct when they had a massive Becca Sales and it has lasted me for a year and a few months (I use it everyday so you can imagine). It's one of my favourite concealers and I highly recommend it if you are struggling to find a good concealer that hides blemishes well and is long lasting. Have you tried the Becca Dual Coverage Compact Concealer? If not, what's your favourite concealer?..xx
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