Roger & Gallet Fragrant Wellbeing Water Review

When the sun is out here in the UK (even for a split second), everyone goes wild because it is not something we are blessed with every day. Fine, we may have had some windy days,  nights and rainy moments but so far, I have loved the little Summer we've had.  When the warmer weather approaches, I tend to switch up my fragrances to reflect my happy and carefree mood. I love fresh, floral/citrus scents and I love fragrances that wear nicely through the day with little or no need to reapply. You all know I am a huge fan of Roger & Gallet and everything I have tried from their range have blown me away. Everything from the design of the bottles to the actual blend of notes is very impressive and I do have a really soft spot for their products. The fragrance that stole my heart was the Fleur de Figuier* (review here) and it’s still one of my Top 5 fragrances. I have purchased a few other fragrances for myself and have been gifted others  including shower gels and body balms and I love them all. I was excited to try out their Fragrant Wellbeing Waters* which was recently launched a few months ago. I know quite a few things about EDTs and EDPs but fragrant waters are new to me and I was curious to find out more about them. Apparently, Fragrant Waters are essentially made from water that has been infused with either herbs, extracts or flowers, etc and usually have a sweet aromatic smell. Well, that’s what Google told me and I think that’s about right. The important thing is they are meant to be light but still last long and smell amazing all through the day. I was kindly gifted with two fragrances from their range to try out back in May and I wanted to share my thoughts...

Roger & Gallet Fragrant Waters Review
Roger & Gallet describe the fragrant waters as the art of wellbeing through a perfume and I totally agree. According to their website, these fragrant waters are designed to transport you to the heart of the most beautiful private gardens in the word. There are about seven fragrances in the range including Ginger (Gingembre), Fleur D’Osmanthus, Bois D’Orange, Rose, Green Tea, Fleur de Figuier and Citron. They all look so beautiful and the ones I own smell incredible.  Fragrant Waters are well suited to Spring/Summer or if you are going away on holiday to a warmer climate. One thing I love about the Roger & Gallet Fragrant Waters is that they last for a good while compared to other lighter summer fragrances I have tried and it's all down to the expert way their scent notes are blended.

Isn't their packaging so delightful and summery? I find that anything with vibrant colours usually catches my attention especially when it comes to beauty (maybe not with clothing). The bottles sit so pretty on my dresser and have a classy feminine vibe to them. The back of the bottles have the most beautiful lace-like intricate detailing which I absolutely love. It's so unexpected and I don't think I own any other fragrance with such detailing at the back.  The lids are very secure (they click into place when they are shut) which makes them ideal to travel with. The bottles themselves are 50ml each which is a good size for a fragrance. I definitely prefer 50 ml to 30 ml but I will ultimately purchase 100ml for my favourite fragrances because they work out cheaper.

Fleur D’Osmanthus Fragrant Wellbeing Water* //Link //£24
When it comes to describing fragrances, I just go on to the website so I am accurate especially when describing the notes used to create the fragrances. With the Fleur D'Osmanthus, it's inspired by the Chinese Garden of Eden (which sounds ooooh so lush!) and is designed to offer invigorating notes that help you feel uplifted. The Heart Notes include Osmanthus Flower (of course) blended with distilled precious essences of Benzoin, Neroli and Patchouli infused with the freshness of Grapefruit and Mandarin. This is my current favourite Summer Fragrance. I wish I could pinpoint what exactly it is about this fragrance that excites me but it just does. I think it's the brilliant way the notes are expertly blended that really appeals to me or maybe it's the Neroli and Pathcouli (I would never know) . I honestly thought it would be one of those fragrances that I'd have to reapply a couple of times during the day because it is a fragrant water. I was wrong. I've never actually had to reapply and I can still smell it ever so lightly at the end of the day. I will not class it as long lasting as the Fleur de Figuier EDP* but it's not too far off. If I go away on holiday again (say to Summery Spain), this would be my choice of fragrance. If you are close to an M&S, John Lewis or House of Fraser (Roger & Gallet have recently launched in-store), just run to the Roger & Gallet counter and give this a sniff. You would love it, I promise (unless you absolutely hate citrus or floral fragrances but this is not over the top at all).

Bois D'Orange Fragrant Wellbeing Water* //Link //£24
This is actually my second Bois D'Orange product from Roger & Gallet with my first being the beautiful hand cream which came in a Christmas Cracker (I love it so much because it fits perfectly  in my clutch). The Bois D'Orange Fragrant Wellbeing Water is inspired by the Andalucian garden and as the name suggests it's a citrus fragrance.  Roger & Gallet describe it as vibrant, flowery, soft and woody and this is illustrated in the ingredients used. Its Heart notes include Orange Extracts blended with distilled precious essence of Petit Grain, Cedar, Patchouli and infused with the effusive notes of Bitter orange and Mandarin. As you would imagine, it's quite an unusual blend (well, among all my fragrances) and I don't think I own anything similar to it. At first, I was not sure if it because it comes off slightly strong when you first apply it and I was already obsessed with the Fleur D'Osmanthus which is softer. However, I decided to give it another chance (and many more after that) and guess who now loves it? Yes, you guessed right! The initial vibrant citrus notes gives way to the Cedar and Patchouli which are woody fragrance notes and that's what I smell through the day. It's still a very citrus scent but I love the way the woody notes meshes with the citrus one. I don't wear this as often as the Fleur D'Osmanthus but I do find myself reaching for it more for summer nights.

Cost// Link //Where to Buy
They retail for £24 each and they come in 50 ml as mentioned earlier. I believe they also have it in 100ml which costs £32 and I think it even works out more cost effective. I don't know if the 100ml ones are the actual Fragrant Wellbeing Waters or another version but they do smell the same. The good thing about Roger & Gallet fragrances is that they have become more widely available than they were before when you could only get them across the pond. If you prefer shopping in-store, you can find them in Marks and Spencer Stores (the larger stores), John Lewis and House of Fraser (Oxford Street is the only branch who I believe stock it for now). If you prefer shopping online, there are so many online retailers who stock it including  DermacentreM&S, House of Fraser, Escentual, etc

Personalising your Roger & Gallet in House of Fraser
Roger & Gallet can now be purchased from House of Fraser online and in-store (Oxford Street as far as I know). I have not been to the counter yet but I will be popping over tomorrow as I am at an event around the area. The exciting thing about their launch in House of Fraser is that you can get your Roger & Gallet fragrances personalised with your name/initials or maybe a loved one's name/initials. The bottle is already pretty but having my name or initials on it will just be absolutely incredible. I think it's only available for a limited time only so hurry up if you want it. I will fill you in with details on the service once I try it out tomorrow.

Overall Thoughts
I already mentioned that I am a huge fan of Roger & Gallet Fragrances and I think they are fantastic quality for the price they are sold. The good thing is you can always get discounts from the various retailers like M&S, Dermacentre and Escentual when they have their beautiful offers and that's when I stock up on my favourites!! Between Fleur D'Osmanthus and Bois D'Orange, I have to say the Bois D'Orange lasts longer. However, I do reach more for my Fleur D'Osmanthus because I think it captures Summer more for me and I reserve the Bois D'Orange for summer nights or days when I need something very vibrant. That's pretty much me for today. Have you tried the Roger & Gallet Fragrant Wellbeing Waters?
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