English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Home Fragrance Collection

I got a really exciting invite to preview and learn more about the English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Home Fragrance Collection last month. They recently expanded their range to include a Home Fragrance Collection consisting of Candles, Diffusers, Room Fragrances, Drawer Liners and Wardrobe Sachets. The entire collection will be available to shop this July and I know many people would love it. I will update this post with links of where to get them from once they become available so do bear with me.

The exciting thing about this collection is that Woods of Windsor teamed up with English Heritage to create this amazing collection. The event was held in the beautiful Wellington Arch which I had no idea had a gorgeous space inside. All the while I just thought it was a historic site so you can imagine my shock when I was ushered inside through a door I have never noticed. It felt like I was being shown somewhere secret and I loved it. I was just very impressed by the choice of location!!

We were welcomed with some delicious breakfast and tea/coffee while networking with other beauty enthusiasts. There were also two presentations by representatives from Woods of Windsor and English Heritage who talked us through the collection and collaboration.

It was a beautiful event and I was gifted with a wide range of products from the collection to try which I am so grateful for. It was a morning event so I had to scurry back to work but it was an amazing highlight to my day.

English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Collection
English Heritage are  proud custodians of over 400 historic monuments, buildings and sites across England and they bring the story of England to over 11 million excited visitors each year. I think that's incredible and although I have never been to any of these sites, I am more than intrigued to visit especially after trying out this collection. Woods of Windsor has been around as far back as the 18th Century and they specialise in creating amazing bath, body and home fragrance products using natural beauty from the gardens in England. As a quintessential British Brand (who has won the Queen's Award for Export a few times), their collaboration with English Heritage is just spot on. The English Heritage by Woods of Windsor is inspired by three English Heritage's historic English landmarks- Kenilworth Castle, Elizabethan Garnden and Osborne and Eltham Palace. I loved listening to the stories behind each of the fragrance which I will be sharing snippets of below. You can tell a lot of detail, time and dedication went into the production of this collection and I love the results. The collection consists of Tudor Rose, Citrus & Basil and Sea Spray & Freesia and they are really gorgeous although my absolute favourite is the Sea Spray & Freesia range.

Tudor Rose
The Tudor Rose range is inspired by the castle in the Elizabethan Garden which has the most beautiful love story behind it. Apparently, Robert Dudley created this garden to woo Queen Elizabeth I and it had the most beautiful flowers ever inside. Over time, this garden was lost to the world for almost 400 years but it was re-created and is now flourishing with Tudor Roses. The notes in Tudor Rose include Green Leafy Top notes, Tudor Rose, Lily, Iris, Peony, Violet, Soft Woods and Vanilla. I feel this is one of the few Rose fragrances that both Rose lovers and non-lovers would adore because you can tell it has roses in it but it's not overpowering the other notes. It's a really beautiful feminine fragrance but with some character as well which is why I love it.

Citrus & Basil
The Citrus & Basil range is inspired by the Art Deco period which can be seen in elements of the Eltham Palace interiors including the door. This is a very energising and uplifting fragrance and I think it fits in so well with Summer. The notes include Aromatic Citrus, Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Zingy Basil, Bay, Jasmine, Patchouli and a Woody Base. It absolutely reminds me of Jo Malone's Lime Basil & Mandarin fragrance but a much more affordable option. I think the Citrus & Basil is definitely the strongest fragrance in the entire collection and it's perfect for the living room where you want a positive vibe going on.

Sea Spray & Freesia
Let's just put it out there- This is my favourite fragrance in the entire collection and I look forward to expanding my collection. It is inspired by the rolling coastal gardens of Osborne where Queen Victoria created her peaceful seaside retreat. I can only imagine how peaceful her retreat was if it smelled anywhere similar to this fragrance. This is my calming fragrance and an instant stress buster for me. It's such a fresh fragrance with beautiful notes including Sea Spray, Citrus fruits, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Geranium, Violet, Tea rose, Musk, Sandalwood and Seaweed. I have this in the candle form and I adore it. I think I may have to burn it again when I get home today. It's absolutely gorgeous and at the event, it was everyone's favourite fragrance.

What does the Collection consist of?
As mentioned above, the English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Collection consists of 5 products which include Candles, Room Fragrances, Diffusers, Drawer Liners and Wardrobe Sachets. I was super lucky to be gifted a wide range of these products to try out and I can finally share my thoughts on them with you. The only product I have not tried is the Diffuser but I do plan to purchase it when it becomes available. One thing that stands out in the entire range is how long lasting the fragrances are. The bag these products were housed in still smells of these products even after I have removed them.

Scented Candles* //£15.99 (will add links when available)
I have become so obsessed with candles lately and I am honestly thinking of doing a candle collection post. The English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Collection Candles are so beautifully packaged and smell so lovely. The outer packaging of each fragrance is designed based on elements of the English Heritage site it is inspired by. The candles themselves are housed in a simple clear white candle jar with the name of the candle on it. They are very sturdy and slightly heavy but I know they will make amazing makeup brush holders when I have burned them all. They are beautifully scented as you would imagine with each corresponding fragrance (Tudor Rose, Citrus & Basil and Sea Spray & Freesia). I have not burnt all of them because that will be a waste but I did burn the Sea Spray & Freesia and it was love at first burn (if that's even a thing). The candles release their scents so evenly and they linger even when I have put them out. The best part is they burn evenly but you do have to make sure you burn them for at least 2 hours and trim the wick to about 5 mm to ensure there is no soot. For the price (£15.99), it's such an impressive value for money because Woods of Windsor always deliver good quality all the time.

Room Fragrances* // £9.99 (will add links when available)
If you don't have the patience for burning a candle and you want a quick refresh of your room, I find that room fragrances are the way to go. I have tried a couple which I have enjoyed as they work so fast. I received the Citrus & Basil Room Fragrance which is perfect for Summer. It comes in a gorgeous bottle with the Citrus & Basil design (elements of the Eltham Palace Interiors particularly one door) and all the other bottles have a corresponding design. It sprays evenly which I love and I only use 1-2 spritz for my entire room. I love to give my room a quick spritz just before I leave for work and it lingers even when I come home. Sometimes, if I am having a hard time getting up in the morning (especially on Mondays), I give my room a quick spritz just before I go for a shower and it gives my room a really energised vibe when I get back to my room.  It's totally worth trying out especially at £9.99.

Drawer Liners* // £9.99 (will add links when available)
I was mostly intrigued by the Drawer Liners because I can't remember ever owning anything like this. It reminds me of what ladies in 18th and 19th Century would have in their stash and I absolutely love it. Drawer liners are used in drawers as the name suggests but mainly drawers for lingerie and other delicate things. The packaging is so beautiful and it comes in a wallet form. Without opening the wallet, you can smell the beautiful fragrance on the liner and it's even more intense when you open it. I received the Tudor Rose Drawer Liner and I am so pleased with it because is the perfect feminine scent for my drawer. The beautiful pink design tugs at my heart strings and now I have lined all the little drawers in my bedroom with them. My favourite drawer is my makeup drawer and I lined it with these liners and let me tell you, it makes me want to do my make up just so I can catch a whiff of its beautiful scent. Apparently, this would last for around 6 months and once it is completely faded, it can be used as a luxury gift wrap. I think that's a genius idea!! In each Drawer Liner Wallet, you get 5 sheets (35cm X 50 cm) and they retail for £9.99. They are quite long and I only needed less than one sheet to line my entire makeup drawer. I love it so much!!

Wardrobe Sachets* // £4.99(will add links when available)
I have actually never owned a wardrobe sachet but I found it really interesting. Again, I am sure it must be something vintage and it just felt good putting it in my wardrobe. Although they are called Wardrobe Sachets, they can be hung or placed in  drawers, cars, travel luggage, etc. I have the Citrus & Basil one and it really does an amazing job. I do need to clear out my wardrobe so it can have more air to work evenly because it is quite intense. It has a lovely black decorative ribbon on which you can hang it if you wish.

Where to Buy (will add links when available)
The entire collection will be available from this month and you can purchase them online from Woods of Windsor website, English Heritage website, selected English Heritage Sites (Osborne, Kenilworth Castle and Garden and Eltham Palace), the flagship store in Windsor and other department stores. I will update this list once they roll out and add the links as well. For now you can join the waiting list here if you want to be the first to know when they become available

Overall Thoughts
I am really impressed by the entire collection and I am very pleased they are affordable. They would make amazing gifts for anyone. I think the Citrus & Basil fragrance is definitely a unisex one so it can work for both men and women. My favourite fragrance is definitely the Sea Spray & Freesia and I think it's an amazing combination of notes!! I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to experience the collection and it's definitely worth checking out for yourself and as gifts for loved ones!! Would you be checking out the English Heritage by Woods of Windsor Collection?..xx
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