Foreo Luna Review (Exclusive for All Skin Types)

I am sure anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I am a huge fan of the Foreo devices. I was so lucky to be gifted with a couple of Foreo devices and I have absolutely enjoyed using them. I have a Review of the Luna Mini here if you would like a quick run through. Last year, I was invited to the Foreo Launch Event where they showcased some of their new launches including the Foreo Iris Eye Massager* and the Foreo Cleansers*. I've had a good chance to test out these products and I am sure you would have seen them featured on this blog on a few occasions. Today's post will focus on the Foreo Luna For All Skin Types* which I have been using for the past five months.

I really like the packaging of Foreo devices as they are very compact and quite sleek,  if I may add. Inside the Luna packaging, you get the Foreo Luna for All Skin Types, Charging Cable, Instructions Manual,Travel Pouch and Warranty Card. I always register all my Foreo devices immediately I get them because it's a good thing to do and you can get your warranty started. I already mentioned I received the Foreo Luna for All Skin Types and it's in the colour Magenta which contrasts really well with my Foreo Luna Mini in Petal Pink*. I am so pleased with the Travel Pouch because it's really handy for storing my Luna during my trips.

What does Foreo describe the Luna?
According to the Foreo website,  the Luna For All Skin Types is designed to provide a professional standard of skincare in an invigorating two minute ritual. The Foreo Luna uses a rich combination of T-sonic (Transdermal Sonic) pulsations combined with resilient silicone touch points which means skin cells are targeted gently yet efficiently. The ultimate goal for using the Foreo Luna is to allow the pores become unclogged and ensuring the skin is thoroughly cleansed. In addition, the Foreo Luna has an anti-aging surface which delivers lower frequency pulsations to the skin to help naturally reduce fine lines and other signs of aging  I believe the Foreo Luna for All Skin Types comes only in Magenta but I may be wrong. There are other Foreo Lunas which come in other colours including the one for Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin, Luxe, etc. With this Foreo Luna, you get 2 year warranty and a 10-Year quality guarantee.

How does it work?
The Foreo Luna has two main surfaces; one surface has the silicone touch points which helps thoroughly cleanse the skin and the other surface is the anti-aging surface. I really like how gentle the silicone touch points are because they are rounded and do not feel abrasive at all on the skin. It delivers up to 8000 T-sonic pulsations to help the skin feel super clean without feeling stripped. It has 8 speeds which allows you to adjust the speed to whatever you feel comfortable with. I usually have mine on speed 4 because it feels best on my skin. It has an on/off button in the centre while the speed buttons are by the side. Once you switch it on, it goes into the cleansing mode and you can adjust the speed to your preference. If you press the power button again, it goes into the Anti-aging mode where you can flip the Foreo Luna to the anti-aging surface for a massage. If you press it the third time, it switches off. There are detailed instructions on how to use the Foreo Luna both on their website and in the packaging.

How I use the Foreo Luna?
The first thing I did when I received the Foreo Luna was to charge it fully which was easy. I just plugged the charging cable in and left it to charge until it was full. Once you start charging it, it starts to blink. When it is full, it gives off a steady glow so you can unplug it and it's ready to use. It is recommended to fully charge your Foreo Luna immediately you receive it. Don't worry about charging it frequently because a full charge guarantees you up to 450 uses. I was a little sceptical about this claim but it's totally true. I know this because I use mine every morning and I've not had to charge it since September 2015!! (I have not charged my Foreo Luna Mini either since August 2015 and I use that every night).  I use the Foreo Luna every morning because I prefer using the Luna Mini at night. All I do is splash my face with some water, wet the Foreo Luna, massage some cleanser to my face and use my Foreo directly on my face. You can also use the cleanser directly on the Luna if you wish but I prefer to use my cleansers directly on my face. I start off with 30 seconds on the left half of my face, another 30 seconds on my right and the remaining 1 minute is used on the top, bottom and corners of my face. I rinse the Foreo Luna and leave it to dry while I rinse off my face and continue with rest of my routine. Viola!! No stress at all and it's super easy that I don't even think about it. The good thing is it indicates (by momentarily pausing and blinking) when you have spent 30 seconds on each section so you can move to another section of your face and it would switch off after 3 minutes (super handy!!).

I already mentioned that I have seen huge improvements to my skin since I started using the Foreo Luna devices and I can't imagine cleansing my face without them now. They are perfect for everyday use and I always look forward to cleansing my skin because I get to use them. I personally feel the Foreo Luna for All Skin Types feels a little more gentle on my skin  than the Foreo Luna Mini. It leaves my skin super smooth and so soft. It really helps all my other skincare products work more effctively. I feel like this particular Foreo Luna would work best for everyone because it is super gentle and you can always change the speeds. I can't really comment on the anti-aging side as only time can tell (when I grow old and grey) but it feels so soothing and calming whenever I use it. I have also used the anti-aging side with some of my serums and it works amazingly well. Foreo advises that silicone based products, clay-based, grainy or exfoliating scrubs which makes sense. 

Cost// Link
As you would imagine, it is quite an expensive device but with good reason. It retails for £149 which may seem rather steep at first but when you consider that you don't have to purchase any replacement brush heads, it's quite reasonable. The Foreo Luna, unlike other cleansing devices which have brush heads, uses silicone rounded touch points which don't harbour bacteria or germs. This is very handy as it means you are sure your face is being cleansed when it is and you are not reintroducing germs to your face from leaving your cleansing device exposed in the bathroom. Apparently, the Foreo Luna is 35 times more hygienic to use than the standard sonic cleansing brushes in the market. It is also 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower. I feel it is also super travel friendly because I don't need to worry about fully charging it or taking my charging equipment or batteries like other devices may require. I particularly love how quick drying it is as I have used it in the morning and it was dry for me to still travel with that same morning.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I got a chance to try the Foreo Luna and I always tell everyone who cares to listen about it. I have combination oily and acne prone skin and the Foreo Luna, in addition to lifestyle changes and other products, has really helped my skin a whole lot. It has not exacerbated my acne because it is so gentle yet effective and it always feels like a spa treat whenever I use it. That's pretty much it!! I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried the Foreo Luna?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate links used above, read my full disclaimer here


  1. This sounds really interesting, definitely something i would love to try!

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Blog SEO Tips

    1. It really is and it's worth investing in. They had some 25% discount during the sales and Black Friday so it is worth watching out for their discounts directly on their site...xx


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