Winter Candle Collection

I am a huge fan of candles and my stash has expanded in the past year. I love how relaxed I feel when I have my favourite candle (s) burning. I have picked out four candles from my collection which I've been burning during this period and they are perfect for Winter. They are also amazing for  pamper session because they are just so lush.  I also enjoy knowing I can make good use of the candle packaging when I have burned it all. Right, let's just get right into it...

Fake Bake Beauty Cashmere Me Hug Me Candle*// Link  // £20
Last year, I was sent this lovely Fake Bake Beauty Candle along with their amazing Christmas Gift Guide offerings. I am super impressed with their Cashmere Me range because it is designed for pamper and relaxation sessions. The Hug Me Candle smells sweet (but not too sweet) and I love how it gradually releases its fragrance. It is infused with creamy vanilla, bergamot, warm musk, amber, Moroccan jasmine and soft coconut so you can imagine how beautiful it smells. I love the glass packaging and I know it would be amazing for storing some beauty tools when it is finished. I honestly wish this had a body fragrance as I would be all over it in a second. It burns evenly and does not tunnel although it is always best to ensure you give it at least two hours to burn before putting it off. It also takes a little while to solidify back to the solid wax so you need to wait for it to cool down before moving it or storing it. I love the size and I think it has such a reasonable price because it has lasted me a good while.

Rathbornes Candles- Cedar, Cloves and Ambergris*// Link //£30
I was also sent this lovely candle last year and it was featured in my Christmas Gift Guide and it's seriously a perfect Christmas Gift (or house warming gift). Rathbornes Candles are the oldest candle brand in the world which is absolutely insane and I feel so delighted that I own a candle from this brand. Everything about it is so elegant from the packaging down to the way the candle burns. I received the fragrance- Cedar, Cloves and Ambergris and this was the candle I burnt the most during Christmas. It just has a beautiful Christmas vibe to it and now when I burn it, it brings back good memories. I think this is a true winter candle because it just suits the season to a T. The fragrance fills my entire room and lingers even when I put off the candle and I love that. It also burns very evenly. All I have to do is trim the wax edge and it's ready to burn. I believe they have various sizes and fragrances which you can check out here. Mine is the Classic size with two wicks and it's gorgeous!

Jo Malone Red Roses Candle (Mini)// Link // £22
I have always wanted to try Jo Malone Candles especially as I have tried a good number of Jo Malone Colognes. After dilly dallying for a really long time, I decided to treat myself to one. I got a mini size because they are quite pricey and I did not want to splash out on a full size without having tried it. I know I always say this every time but Jo Malone's packaging always gets me weak in the knees. I mean this candle was only £22 but the way it was packaged, one would think it costs so much more than that. I chose Red Roses because I had a little sample of the fragrance and I fell in love with it (although I have not purchased it yet). I thought they made candles for all their fragrances but they don't.  I am glad they have one for the Red Roses fragrance and I need to check if they have one with Tuberose in it as that's my other favourite fragrance.  Red Roses smells exactly like roses but it is quite subtle which I like because I find roses a little annoying if it is too strong. I call this my relaxing and zen candle (R'n'Z) because it just makes me really calm. It burns so well and there is also no tunnelling whatsoever. I am quite excited to use the jar for storage although I don't want this candle to run out. I am also pleased with the complimentary matchbox containing black long matchsticks. I would purchase this matchbox again in a heartbeat if it's sold separately.

Diptyque Tubereuse Candle (Mini)// Link //£20
What would be a candle collection post without Diptyque? It would just feel like something was definitely missing. The hype around Diptyque candles has been around for a good while and I am so pleased I own one now. If you are wondering if the hype is real and true, the simple answer is YES! Are they overpriced? Well, I think the full size is ( and same goes for the Jo Malone Candles). However, I feel they are indulgent candles that you buy as a treat to yourself. I chose the fragrance Tubereuse (It's not spelt like the usual Tuberose we know and love) because it is my favourite fragrance note ever. If a fragrance or anything at all contains Tuberose, I would definitely love it.  I call this my Feel Good candle. If I am having a bad day, I can guarantee that this candle would uplift my mood. There's just something about it that makes it so special to me. The way this candle smells and fills my room is phenomenal and it lingers even into  the next day after it was burnt. Would you believe it made my entire wardrobe smell amazing just because I stored it in there? I don't know if it's down to this particular fragrance or if all Diptyque candles smell like this but I am very impressed with it.  It burns so perfectly (super evenly), not a single tunnelling in sight and it sets back to solid wax in a jiffy after you put it out. What else can I say? I am plotting to purchase the full size. Don't get me started on what I intend to do with the jar when I run out *rubs palms together*.

Overall Thoughts
That's pretty much all the candles I am currently love. They are perfect for winter, valentine, pamper sessions, etc. I love all of them and I reach for them depending on my mood. Just to round up- The Cashmere Me Hug Me Candle is perfect for a relaxing session, the Rathbornes Candle is perfect for Autumn/Winter, Jo Malone Red Roses is perfect for a pamper and zen session and Diptyque Tubereuse is perfect for feel good pamper sessions. Have you tried any of these candles?
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  1. Lovely post, your photos are really nice.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

  2. The Jo Malone candle sounds amazing! I love the look of their candles and I would love to try this one out :)

    kathy xx

    1. Jo Malone candles are absolutely swoon worthy and quite pricey but they are totally worth it as a treat to yourself. You should check them out...xx


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