January 2016 Favourites

I am really delighted to see the end of January because it was a super long month for me. I know many people can't believe we are already in February but I totally can. You see, January has always been a long month for me because I look forward to pay day more than ever. This is mainly because I am paid early in December to allow for Christmas festivities and it seems like almost 6 weeks before January comes to an end. So, yeah, I am super delighted it is over, yahh!! However I did enjoy January as it was my birthday month so I got so many amazing birthday gifts . I also tried a few products from the sales and they were all so lovely that I had to sit myself down and pick out my absolute favourites. Right let's jump right into it. P.S. sorry the pictures all look different; I did not have a chance to gather all my favourites together but I had several pictures of them!! Plus, I wanted this post to go up today...:-)

Body Shop Polynesia Range// Link //from £5.00

I picked this up in the sales and it was somewhat a nostalgic purchase for me. I used the Polynesia Miracle Oil last in 2011 and I was obsessed with it. I can't remember now why I stopped repurchasing it but my flat mate uses the Body Balm and it rekindled an old love. I popped to Body Shop and picked up both the Hair Oil and Body Balm. They were on sales so I only paid £7 or less for both of them which is such a bargain.  I use the Miracle Oil mainly for my hair and it makes it look super healthy especially with my current new hair style. The Body Balm feels so nourishing and I feel like it just melts into my skin. I absolutely love both of them and have used them almost everyday last month.

Hourglass Ambient Palette Edit//Link//£65
Of course, this had to make it into my favourites and it would be a regular favourite because I freaking love it. I plan a separate review soon so keep your eyes peeled for it. This is my first Hourglass product and I can't think of any better product to start with. It feels and looks lush and it performs incredibly well. Surprisingly, I have not seen many dark skinned girls reviewing it yet but I can confirm that it works well across many skin tones including dark skin. I think there is only one shade which may not work well if you are darker than me but I love all the products inside. It contains six products including Two Ambient blushes (Mood Exposure and Luminous Flush), two Ambient Lighting Powders (Dim Light and Diffused Light), one Bronzer and one Highlighter (Iridescent Strobe Light). Although it is the perfect palette to travel with, I have not travelled with it yet. Yes, judge me all you can but if it gets smashed, I would totally cry,  so it's No for now!!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette//Link //£38
I have a whole lot of palettes and in January, my collection grew exponentially. I think I may have added at least 5 Eyeshadow Palettes to my collection which sounds crazy (and it is). I have put a spending ban on eyeshadow palettes because it is getting a little ridiculous. The Naked 3 Palette had been on my wish list since it was launched so you can imagine the speed at which I snapped it up in the Boxing Day sales for £27. I really like it and I am so pleased it's finally made its way into my collection. It's perfect for everyday looks, soft feminine looks and even a soft smoky look which I really like. Again, I would be reviewing this on its own when I get a chance (pictures have been taken so it's half way complete).

Body Shop Drops of Youth Range*// Link //from £14.00
I was lucky to receive some products from the Body Shop Drops of Youth range which I had heard they were expanding last year. There has been quite a lot of hype on social media particularly Instagram on this range and it's totally worth it. I was sent the Youth Essence Lotion*, Youth Concentrate Serum* and the Drops of Youth Moisturiser* and they all are so beautifully made. Their packaging is totally amazing and I love the shade of green they chose. It looks and feels very fresh. The products themselves get absorbed quickly and leave my skin smooth, soft and hydrated. I plan a complete review once I have used it a little longer but these are my initial thoughts for the past 3 weeks I have been testing them. They are totally worth checking out!

Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Set// £64 (now discounted to £25 in-store only)
My sister always spoils me and she sent me some birthday money to treat myself (she always treats me like a baby which I am-don't judge me; I'm the last child). I was so delighted because I did not expect her to keep doing this but I am also so grateful for everything she does for me. Anyway, I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Set which was discounted from £64 to £25 (say what???!!). I was super pleased with myself because I have been eye balling these brushes for ages but I did not want to fork out the cash for full price £64. They are super, super, super soft and I love all of them. My most used is the triangular shaped one which matches  and fits well with my Hourglass Ambient Palette so well (all hail the rose gold fam!). I never want these brushes to get dirty but of course they do when I use them. They are so beautiful and work really well so if you find them, I would highly recommend checking them out.

Michael KORS Watch
This was a gift from the man and I am totally obsessed with it. It's a very sentimental gift for me because there is a back story behind this watch that we both share. I was so surprised and shocked to receive it because I did not expect it. It's a the Silver MK5165 Watch and I love it so much. It was slightly heavy at first when I got it but I guess it's because I had gotten used to the JORD Wood Watch which was super light. Right now, I can hardly feel it on my wrist because I am accustomed to it. It's the perfect accessory to add some oomph to my outfit. I love big watches and this one ticks all the boxes for me and it's a delight to wear everyday!!

Guess Wallet
This was another birthday gift from my lovely friend and flatmate. She knows me so well and realised my previous Ralph Lauren Wallet had indeed seen better days. I was absolutely surprised and delighted to open this on my birthday because it is such a thoughtful gift. It has so many compartments in it that I am still discovering new things about this wallet. I recently found out it had a detachable mini pouch at the back which I did not know it had!! How cute is that? It's perfect for taking with me on short trips to the grocery store or when I can't be bothered taking my wallet. I really enjoy using this wallet and it fits all the silly things I hang on to without looking bulky. It shuts super securely as well and the monochrome design makes it perfect for all my outfits and bags!!

Diptyque Tubereuse Candle// Link //£20 (mini candle)
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me yapping on about the Diptyque Tubereuse Candle. It's only a mini but I am totally convinced I need the big size!! Like seriously, it smells too incredible for words. I know it is well hyped in the blogger world but it is well worth every penny spent. It burns so evenly and there is no tunnelling in sight. Best of all the fragrance fills my room even when it is not burning which is just so lovely. I love the aesthetics of the jar because I would be using it once I run out to store little beauty items or props for blog photos!!I am planning to show the candles I am currently enjoying so that post should be up in good time (I have so many posts to write up!!)

Sachajuan Hair Care range *// Link //from £20
I have been trying out the Sachajuan Hair Care range and I am absolutely in love (a full review will be posted shortly). You know when you find a hair care range that makes you want to put more effort in your hair, you know it's a pretty good one. I have actually been testing these products since last year and they have seriously upped my hair game. First off, the Intensive Repair Shampoo* and Conditioner* is exactly what my hair needs and leaves it super soft and easy to manage. Plus the entire range smells so fresh that I always look forward to using it. I can't quite place what it smells like but it reminds me of the sea, ocean or beach side mixed with a sexy cologne. I don't even know what I am saying but I really like how it smells. The good part is it works so effectively on my afro and I really did not have any high expectations because some products don't work for my natural hair. The Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume is my absolute favourite and it can also double as a body fragrance, too! The entire products I have tried from this range is amazing and I can't wait to write my full review.

Overall Thoughts
As you would imagine, it was a lovely month where I got to test so many lovely beauty and fashion gems. I would be sharing more favourites in another post. I do plan full reviews of some of these products particularly the Naked 3 Palette, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette, the Body Shop Drops of Youth range and the Sachajuan Hair care so keep your eyes peeled for them. If you want any particular one first, do let me know. What was your favourite beauty (or non-beauty) product in January 2016?
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  1. Great post! Love the Hourglass pallet. Sophie xx


    1. Thanks a lot lovely!! I am obsessed with the Hourglass Palette too!..x

  2. I need the Hour Glass palette, everyone's raving about! I've so many good things about Sachajuan hair care, I'm going to keep an eye for it. I've been loving the EX1 Foundation and my Zoeva En Taupe palette :) xx


    1. I would highly recommend the Hourglass Palette especially if you are like me and have never tried anything from Hourglass. It's totally worth it. And Sachajuan is super amazing and feels so lovely on my hair which I did not really expect!! I need to check out your favourites- EX1 foundation and Zoeva Taupe Palette too!!...xx

  3. This is such a lovely post! :) The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection is such a steal - I wish they still have it in stores right now! I've heard some great things about the Body Shop Drops of Youth skincare range, I've always been such a fan of the Body Shop! Definitely going to check this one out soon :) xx

    Kayleigh | http://kayleighmakesup.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Awww thank you so much!! I do know that they still had the Bold Metals Collection in some Boots in South West London (Zone 5) which was amazing!! Alternatively, you can call the Boots stores and ask them where it is available if they can reserve one for you (never tried this but Boots CS are quite helpful). Yahh to Body Shop all the way!!...xx

  4. I've got the Naked 3 palette and it's one of my faves year round. I'm a sucker for pink eyeshadows! Love your faves :)


    1. I am totally with you on Naked 3. I would love to get Naked 1 but the felt packaging totally puts me off. I wish they would just change the packaging!!...xx

  5. I really like the Body Shop Drops of Youth range at the moment :) I've been hearing a lot about Sachajuan lately so can't wait to read your review! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I love BS Drop of Youth as well but then I have never been let down by any Body Shop skincare especially their newer skincare range!! You would totally love Sachajuan haircare because it's so lovely!!...xx

  6. I totally agree with you on the Naked palette 3! I think everybody needs this palette in their life. And I absolutely love the Real Techniques brushes! For £25 too, that's crazy!


    1. Yes to the beautiful Naked 3 Palette!! I can't think of anyone hating this palette as it cuts across several complexions and skin tones. There is something for everyone!! The RT Brushes are just fantastic and I am sure they may be some lurking around in-store!!..xx


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