Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions with Shavata Brow Studio (Review)

I have heard many great things about Shavata Brow Studio so you can imagine how delighted I was to be offered a chance to get some semi-permanent lash extensions* just before Christmas. Shavata Brow Studio specialises in creating bespoke brows tailored to suit each individual and they also offer lash extensions and lash lift services. The founder, Shavata Singh has worked for 25 years in the beauty industry so she knows her onions.The first studio opened in 2004 in Urban Retreat Harrods and several studios have been opened since then in Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, House of Fraser and most recently, Marks & Spencer. There is also a new flagship Shavata Brow Studio in  Beauchamp Knightsbridge where you may be lucky to have Shavata Singh herself do your brow or lash. You can find out more about Shavata Brow Studio here, studio locator and their treatment list.  They offer various brow and lash services include brow shaping, brow tinting, lash extensions, semi-permanent lash extensions, lash lifts, etc. They also make various tools and products to help you maintain your brow and lashes and I am currently trying out the Shavata Brow Strengthener* which I love. It is made from Organic Castor Oil and I would be talking about it soon after I have fully tested it.

If you are a regular reader of my blog or you know me personally, you'd know that I am blessed with super short (ahem, non-existent) curly lashes. Only very few mascaras make a difference to my lashes so I usually opt for strip lashes for special occasions or makeup tutorials. I also have super sensitive eyes and I have been wearing contact lenses for three years now so I am really careful with my eyes and the surrounding area. The idea of semi-permanent lash extensions sounded super appealing as it was the festive season but I was also concerned about my sensitive eyes. However, there was no cause for alarm as the therapiss in Shavata Brow Studio take extra precautions before the lash extensions e.g a patch test and they also asked various questions to ensure the lash extensions were suitable for me.

What I opted for?
I opted for the Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions and there is a choice of a Half set or a Full set. I was open to any option really so I did not make any choice instead I wanted the therapist to let me know what would suit me best. Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are perfect for everyday wear and also for special occasions. Each individual lash is applied one by one to your own natural lash to give extra volume, length and lift and that's why they look so natural. They are also very undetectable and blend well with your own lashes so that no one will ever know. The Half Set means the lashes are added more from the mid section of your lashes to the outer corner to give a nice cat eye look while the Full Set involves adding individual lashes to all of your own lashes starting from end to end. I chose to have mine done in the Shavata Brow Studio in House of Fraser Oxford Street because I love shopping in Oxford Street.

Preparing for the Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions
In Shavata Brow Studio, they take extra precautions to ensure that their clients get the best results and no harm is caused to the clients. Before the lash extensions are applied, you are required to come in for a patch test (at least 24 hours before your appointment) where they ensure you don't have any allergies to what they use for the extensions. The patch test is really straightforward as the lash glue to be used is placed on your skin and covered to prevent it from getting in the way and also to protect it from moisture/water.  I popped into the studio a day before for my patch test and I seized the opportunity to ask some questions about the service for the next day. The therapist was super helpful and she advised me on what to do before the day. She told me to keep an eye on the patch test (on my wrist) and watch out for any untoward effect or irritation. She also advised me to take out my contact lens just before the service but I could put them back in after the treatment. I was given more information on how the half set will accentuate the shape of my eyes while the full set would add the much needed volume and length I craved for. Armed with all the knowledge I needed, I made my way back home to prepare for the next day. I also took some before photos to see the difference the lashes would make to my entire look and I was already excited.

The Service
The next day I popped back into the Shavata Brow Studio for my 3pm appointment and it was brimming with customers as it was on a weekend. Many people were having their lashes and brows done in preparation for the festive season (it was closer to Christmas time). When my appointment was due, the therapist Shiba popped over and introduced herself. She gave me a questionnaire to fill out some information for the records. She also checked my wrist to make sure I had no irritation to the patch test and then we had a chat about the look I wanted. I told her I wanted a noticeable increase in length, volume and lift but I wanted them looking realistic and natural. I opted for something natural because I work in quite a conservative office so I didn't want not look I was ready for a party!!  She assessed my lashes and told me I had quite a lot of lashes but they were fine in texture and quite curly (if only they were longer *wishful thinking*).  We eventually settled for the Semi Permanent Lash Extensions (Full Set) with a natural look. I love how she was able to customise the lash extensions to my taste and I was seriously obsessed with the results. Once we had agreed to the service, I took out my contact lenses and got on the reclining chair.

The Process
I got comfy on the reclining chair with my eyes closed. The therapist gave me a quick run down of what to expect during the treatment and let me tell you, I am so glad she did. If she hadn't told me, I probably would have panicked during the service. She told me to ensure I kept my eyes shut all through the service until she told me to open them. Next, she said I may feel a slight stinging on my eyes so I should not be alarmed as it was to be expected but it would go away after a while. Not everyone experiences the stinging feeling but my eyes are super sensitive so I did. She proceeded to put some eye pads/tapes to ensure my lashes were set at the correct angle and to prevent the glue from getting in the way. She applied the lashes one by one to each of my individual lashes. Obviously I could not see her as my eyes were shut but I could feel the little lashes as she applied them. 

My Experience
At first, I did not feel anything at all which was all well and good.  I think she must have been half way on my first eye when I felt some slight irritation which I told her about and she said it was fine. She had told me it would happen so I was not too worried. The irritation or slight stinging feeling did not last long at all and soon it went away (phew!). I think the whole process took slightly over an hour or so. The timing varies for different people I feel but it is usually anywhere between 1hour- 1hour and 30 minutes and it depends on the look you opt for. After she had appplied the individual semi-permanent lash extensions, I was allowed to open my eyes and behold, I finally had realistic beautiful long lashes. They looked amazing and I am so glad she got the look I was aiming for. No one could tell they were not my lashes at all because they looked incredible. Thankfully, the slight stinging feeling had stopped and I popped back my contact lenses with no issues. I was given an after-care card to let me know how to take care of my lashes to ensure they last longer. I received such an amazing service and I am so grateful to Shavata Brows for having me.

As you can see from the pictures, the semi permanent lash extensions totally brought my eyes to life and it changed up my entire appearance. I could not stop staring at them at all. It is so funny to think that lashes could make such a dramatic difference to my look. It also made no makeup days so easy and I was really pleased with them. Semi-Permanent lash extensions last anywhere between 2-8 weeks depending on how you take care of hem and how your natural lash cycle works. Mine lasted for 2 weeks before I noticed some shedding and then I started twiddling with them (very naughty of me). I was surprised at how long they still lasted despite this and when I eventually had them removed, they still looked good. There is an option of having in-fills or top ups if they shed or become sparse but I just took mine off. It is always advisable to have them removed by professionals and Shavata Studio Brows will remove them free of charge if you had them done in one of their Studios. I did not have any reactions to the lash extensions and I hardly ever noticed they were there because they felt like my natural lashes. 

As you would imagine, they are slightly expensive as they are semi-permanent. The Half Set  Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions cost £60 while the Full Set (which I had done) cost £110. I have never had them done elsewhere but many places do them for around the same price range or slightly cheaper. I would always prefer to have them done with professionals/therapists like the ones in Shavata Brow Studios as they really took good care of my lashes. I never want to put anything dodgy near my eyes so I would not mind paying for this, perhaps for a special occasion. 

I have put together some FAQs which I thought would be useful and I got a few questions from my friends who were interested in getting lash extensions. If you have any other questions do let me know in the comment box.

1. Can you wash your face and eyes regularly?
Yes, you can but in the first 24 hours you are advised not to let water touch your eyes as the glue is still getting dried. After the first 24 hours, you can wash your face and eyes as normal although I did apply some caution just in case.

2. How long did the lash extensions last?
I think it depends on the look you go for and how you take care of them. Plus everyone has different body systems and lashes so it's all different. However, I can only share my own experience. My lashes lasted for 2 weeks before a few started falling off and then I just decided to take everything off. If you take care of them well, I feel they can last for about 2-8 weeks. It really all depends on you.

3. Do these lashes feel heavy?

Not at all; they are as light as air and I did not notice them at all. Of course I knew they were there but it was not the usually feeling you get when you wear some regular strip lashes. It felt super light just like my real lashes!!

4. Can you use Mascara on them?
Unfortunately, it is not recommended to use Mascara on them because the mascaras may weaken the lashes, glue, etc. I heard there is a special mascara for it but seriously the lashes look fabulous on their own. I was very tempted to I won't lie but I held out till the end.

5. Can you use regular eye makeup?
Of course, you can use everything else except mascara. I use eyeliner and eyeshadows and everything else I used before the lash extensions. However, I had to be careful when removing my makeup and I did not use bi-phase eye makeup removers which could sometimes contain oil. I did not want anything interfering with the glue.

6. Did you use eyeliner?
Of course, that actually made the lashes look even more fantastic than ever.

7. Were they itchy?
I don't recall them being itchy except when it was being applied but it was for a really short time. I would not say they were itchy but I think the glue was still in the process of drying. The "itch" only lasted for a super short time which is why I can't remember much about them. It was not significant at all.

8. How long did your lash extensions last?

Mine lasted about 2 weeks only because I kept  playing and fiddling with them. Very bad!! It's funny because only a few lashes fell out which surprised me a lot!! I am sure if you don't fiddle and play with them, they would last for more than two weeks. They can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how you take care of them and how much your natural lashes fall out. The lashes may fall out along with your own lashes in your natural lash cycle.

9. How did you take them off?

This is super, super important and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have them taken out by a lash specialist. I know it may be tempting to pluck them out yourself but you would only be damaging your lashes. Shavata Brow Studios will take them off for you free of charge so you have no excuse. The glue is dissolved with some oil mixture (I think)and it comes off super easily so you have no snags or pain.

10. Did you lose any lashes?
I did not lose any lashes as a result of the lash extensions. The lashes that fell out when I had them on were a mixture of the fake lashes and my own lashes (which fall out as part of my natural lash cycle shedding). At first I thought my lashes seemed less full than before but that's because I was used to having the beautiful lash extensions (hahaha). I went back to my before lashes picture and they were exactly the same. If anything, they seemed a little fuller and curlier.

Overall Thoughts
There you go!! That's my first experience with semi-permanent lash extensions and I am so pleased I had a chance to try them out. I wish my lashes looked like that always as I won't ever have to buy strip lashes at all. I could even think of ditching mascara altogether but that's wishful thinking. That's pretty much my review. A massive Thank you to Shavata Brow Studio and Imagination PR for these beautiful lash extensions. I absolutely loved them!!  Have you tried Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions?...xx
*I was given a complimentary treatment to have these semi-permanent lash extensions but the pictures and results speak for themselves as they were fanstastic


  1. Wow...quite interesting.I enjoyed reading this except where you said it only lasted for two weeks,being semi permanent one would think it will last for at least one month or more without looked beautiful on you trust me,I won't mind getting mine done but my eyes are over sensitive. Sometimes I get a bloodshot eyes from mere makeup, have tried changing makeups to get the exact ones that won't irritate my eyes so much,I settled for the gel eye liners which has proved worthy and chanel mascara.I really do not mind trying this out,if only I can get the exact treatment and experience u got in any of the studios here in California.
    Good job dear,I enjoyed reading this. Very well detailed

    1. Awwww bless!! I totally get you and I am glad you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I feel it could potentially last for more than two weeks but I was forever fiddling with it and I guess along with my natural lashes shedding cycle, some lashes started coming off. I did get some shedding around two weeks and while the lashes still looked amazing, I just decided to remove them. I am glad this post was helpful to you and lash extensions are so worth trying out perhaps for a holiday or wedding. I know I would be back for another set soon...xx

  2. I can't get over how natural these look! I really want to get these done because I just can't seem to get strip lashes to stay on :(( Would definitely be great for a holiday! I love that they remove them for no cost also. Great post and lovely pics as always! xxx

    1. Seriously they looked like they were growing out of my eyes!! I really enjoyed having them in and would definitely revisit for a holiday or a big event. I am totally like you when it comes to strip lashes; they are a right pain in the ass but I think with practice and a lot of mistakes I am getting better. Thanks for stopping over...xx

  3. Wow, those semi-permanent lash extensions sound fabulous! Thanks for the informative post.


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