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I was always intrigued by the little sidebar adverts on some blogs showcasing smaller or lesser known bloggers. I think it's such a good idea especially when it is affordable. I have advertised a few times with some bloggers when I first started out blogging. Some bloggers prefer to just give shout outs (free of charge, I think) to bloggers  they love (sometimes they also talk about lesser popular blogs) on Instagram or their blogs which I think is such a brilliant way to support each other. Still, some bloggers do prefer to pay for side bar adverts which is kept on a blog for a longer period (like a month) . I thought it would be useful to talk about some tips on what to look out for before you advertise on a blog.

Before I ever advertised on any blog, I did some research on these blogs that were offering advert slots. It was not difficult at all because I was already following (and loved) these bloggers so I kind of knew what to expect.  However, there are some things to look out for before taking the plunge which goes beyond how much you love the blog. I have not advertised with bloggers in over 2 years or so but I really think it is a good way for gaining exposure especially if you are just starting out. I don't think advertising on other bloggers' sites are as popular as it used to be a few years ago. However, people still use this method to gain exposure. I hope you find this post useful and I am keen to hear your experiences on advertising on other blogs (if you have). Right, let's get started.

What do you want to achieve from advertising?
I know it seems pretty straightforward; you want to create more awareness about your blog. However, people want different things from advertising but they all come down to increasing exposure to your blog. Some people may want exposure on a wider platform; others may want more readers. Some people may also want an increase in page views or monthly views as a result of this exposure and the list goes on. For me, I wanted more people to find my blog and I knew advertising on a well known blogger’s platform/website was one way to do so among other ways. Once you establish what you want to achieve from advertising, it is easier to look for a suitable blog to advertise your blog on. I think it is super important to know what you want to achieve as that would influence what blog you choose to advertise on. For example, if you just want a wider reach, you may choose to advertise on a popular blogger's website  bearing in mind that this blogger may not necessarily update often. 

What is being offered?
Most bloggers offer various packages for advertising depending on what you are prepared to pay for. They range from small packages to large packages and they have varied costs as expected. Most bloggers will ask for a small clickable widget/image to be placed on their sidebar so readers can click through to your blog. Some bloggers will also include a mention (it may be rotated) within their blog posts for the month and some may include shout outs on their social media pages. At the end of the month, some bloggers also do a round up of their advertisers which I think is really good. If you choose a large or exclusive package, it may mean that you get the chance to do a spotlight interview (like a guest post) on the blogger’s website. These spotlight interviews usually give readers so much more than a glimpse into your blog and personality and it's a good way to get more exposure.  Other times, you may have a post written by the blogger about your blog. I personally prefer the latter because it means the blogger has actually taken the time to read my blog and may genuinely like it so it does not seem like an advert. Whatever is on offer, I think it is important that it matches or at least closely matches what you want to achieve.

Does the cost of the advertising slot match with your budget?
I think this is one defining factor for advertising and it is super important to choose a package that suits your budget. The first time I advertised, I only paid £5 and it was absolutely worth it. I had a small slot on the side bar of a popular blogger's website and I got increased page views, etc. She also did a #FF on Twitter which sent some new followers my way which was lovely. More often than not, the larger packages cost more but you also get more for your buck. I always suggest starting out small and see how it affects what your initial goals were. If it was useful, then you can always advertise again. Some bloggers' advert slots go really fast but don’t fret as I think it’s good when you space out your advertising with a few months or so just to measure the impact it has had on your blog (and people won't get bored)

How frequently does the blogger post?
The truth is I prefer to advertise with bloggers who post frequently. I once advertised with a blogger who only posted around 4-5 times a month which I thought was a little annoying, to be honest. Mind you, she posted regularly before she announced she was accepting adverts. It's possible something happened but she seemed fine as she was posting frequently on Instagram so I think she was fine. I am not sure what happened there but I feel if you are offering advertising slots to other bloggers, then you should take the time to publish frequently. You don’t have to post everyday but I think it is important to let your advertisers know how frequently you will be posting to manage their expectations. That's why it is super important to also ask blogger's questions on what you would be getting with the offer and how frequently they plan to post.

Do you plan to update your blog frequently during this period?
It works in the same vein for both the blogger offering advert slots and the blogger placing advert slots. I think it is so important to ensure that your post is regularly updated (not everyday per say but a little more than you normally would do) if you are going to be advertising on another blog. I have clicked through to many blogs advertised on other bloggers' websites and these blogs have not been updated for weeks. I am not usually compelled to follow them but if they are outstanding, I still would. I think it's a good time to make your blog as presentable as possible with new content ensuring your site is easy to navigate in preparation for new visitors. Remember, first impressions always counts.

Would the blogger help with your logo/clickable image for the advert?
I know this is so petty but not everyone can make a logo or clickable link. I don’t have a problem making them as they are really easy and there are tons of tutorials on how to make them. However, some people may struggle with making them. If you can’t be bothered learning to make them, then you need to be on the lookout for bloggers offering advertising slots who are also willing to help out with the advert widget.  Most bloggers I have advertised with have offered to help me make a nice clickable image which was great. They usually tell you what the best dimension for their side bar is (mostly 200 x 200 or 250 x 250). If a blogger says they can help with this, they get on my good books immediately.

Evaluate and Monitor
This is obviously what you do at the end of the advertising period; usually one month. It’s time to see how useful the advertising was and the impact on your blog stats. You need to see how much your goals and objectives were achieved (I know that sounds serious but you paid for it and need to evaluate any returns on investment). It’s important to check your blog stats to see the degree of referrals that came from the site you advertised on. You can also check to see if your page views increased at any point during the advertising period and if your followers count increased. This is important for you to determine if advertising on blogs is a good fit for your blog. It is also nice to thank the blogger you advertised on their site, etc even if you paid for it. I always do that because some bloggers go above and beyond.

Overall Thoughts
That’s really it. I am pretty sure I may have missed out on some points but if you have any suggestions and comments,  please leave them below. Advertising on other bloggers’ websites is a good way to increase exposure on your blog but remember it is not the only way. I hope you found this post useful and I will catch you in my next post....xx


  1. These are great tips! I never thought much about advertising on other bloggers pages but I'll have to look into it.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

    1. Awww thank you so much and I am glad you found this post helpful. I think some bloggers still offer advertising but it is no longer as popular as it used to be in the past. It's still an amazing way to get your blog out there...xx

  2. Wow, I didn't even know this was a thing!.. Sounds like a good tool- particularly if you are a new blogger. Very informative as always!! xxx

    1. Aww thank hun and I am glad you found it useful. It is indeed a thing!! Thanks for stopping by...xx


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