Beautonomy Eyeshadow Palette Review (Customized Eyeshadows)

If you are regular reader of my blog, you'd know that I am a certified eyeshadow lover. I love eyeshadows but only eyeshadows with great pigmentation and textures. I was very kindly contacted by the Beautonomy PR team who asked me to try out their customized eyeshadow palette. Before then, I had not heard about the brand but once I got on their website I was intrigued. I read a few reviews and watched some IG videos and YouTube videos and I was sold. I got on the website, customised my palette and it arrived a few days later. I have used these eyeshadows for a few weeks and I finally want to share my thoughts on these eyeshadows. 

Brief overview of Beautonomy
Beautonomy describe themselves as are a beauty brand with a mission of giving everyone the tools to create their own beauty products exactly how they want it. I think this description is so apt as they give everyone the chance to customize their beauty products. The eyeshadows themselves are vegan and cruelty free which is a big plus. The best part is that they are made in Italy and I think I saw somewhere on one of their ads that they use factories similar (or the same) as other high end beauty brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath. You can find out more about them here.

Creating your Customised Eyeshadow Palette
I love how simple, easy to navigate and intuitive their website is and this is very needed if people are meant to use the website to create palettes. It is well categorised and I could pick the eyeshdows I wanted easily by filtering them based on their finish and colour. The first step is to choose what palette you want to create. I chose the 8-pan eyeshadow palette and I filled it with different eyeshadows with various finishes including matte, shimmer and glitter. The next step was to name the eyeshadows and I loved doing this so much because I put in a lot of thought (I think) into it. I chose places that I had lived in and places which had a lot of impact on me both growing up as a child and now as an adult. These places are both in Nigeria (my birth country) and the UK. 

The final stage was designing the palette and there are various designs to choose from. You can also upload your own design. You can add a name to the front of the palette but I just chose to keep it simple. There are also different fonts to choose from when designing the palette. I loved that you could always see a preview of the eyeshadow palette as you were creating it. It took about 3 working days to get to me and I could track my order online. I was so delighted when I received my palette and of course, I filmed a first impression video which I will link here and above. I would love if you subscribed to my channel here.  In the video, I showed the actual eyeshadows and their swatches. 

The package came in a flat cardboard box and it was well wrapped which is very essential for protecting eyeshadows. I like that the box was flat and could possibly fit through the post box and even if it was dropped, the eyeshadows were well wrapped so there would be no minimal damage (mine was not dropped but this is me just speculating based on the way the entire package was wrapped). The palette itself was wrapped well and the eyeshadows also came in their own individual packaging. I particularly liked that I had the joy of inserting the eyeshadows into the palette myself.

For my palette design, I went with a simple animal print (tiger) which is paying homage to my rich African heritage (as you do). Inside the empty palette, you get a decent sized mirror and it has an overall white packaging. The names of the palettes are inside the palette and in this case, it was the names I had chosen. The quality of the palette in comparison to the price is pretty good. I have not traveled with yet but I do think I will give it some extra protection because it does not feel as sturdy as some of my other palettes (it might be but I am not willing to take chances on this precious palette of mine).

It is made from cardboard but one with good quality. I love that the mirror folds all the way back and it has been such a delight using it. The only issue I have is that the interior of the palette is white which means that there is a high chance of stains from fall outs. The great thing is it is easy to clean but you have to remove the eyeshadows if you want to thoroughly wipe the palette. I always clean all my palettes (in fact all my makeup products after use); I just can't deal with messy palettes which is why I was concerned with it being white. I have cleaned it quite a few times and that's when I noticed that the inscription of the names of the eyeshadows is pretty good as they have not faded. I love that!! 

Another issue with removing the eyeshadows (if you are OCD like me) to clean them is that you have to be careful as I made a little dent in one of the eyeshadows but thankfully it is still looks good. Lastly, I would have loved it if the eyeshadow pans themselves had the name of the eyeshadow (or even a code) behind it.  I guess if I wanted to reorder, I would have to go back to my email to search for what shades I originally chose before I changed their names.  Overall, I think it is great and I really enjoy using my palette.

Eyeshadow Choices
I already mentioned that there are different eyeshadow finishes including matte, glitter, shimmer and duo-chrome and they come in beautiful colours. There is a wide range to choose from and I am impressed with that. I am sure they will also look to expand these shades as I would like to see more shades in the shimmer and duo chrome range. I picked out 3 matte eyeshadows and the rest were a combination of shimmer and glitter. As mentioned already, I gave the eyeshadows different names which I absolutely love. I will put the actual names of the eyeshadows and add the names I gave them in brackets in case you wanted to order similar shades. 

Le Brie (London) // Link  // £2
This is a light peach matte shade which is so perfect as a brow bone highlight shade for my complexion. I think it would suit many complexions and could possibly be used as an inner eye highlight shade.

Wild Eyes (Manchester) // Link  // £2
This is a muted medium to matte warm toned orange shade which I use as a transition colour and a crease colour depending on what look I am going for. I am not one to use matte eyeshadows on my actual lid but if I did, I would not hesitate to use a shade like this because the texture and pigmentation is great.

Dusk (Southampton) // Link // £2
This is a medium to dark mauve matte shade which I always reach for as my crease colour and it also works well as a transition shade. It can be used in the outer crease to intensify an eyeshadow look. It reminds me of MAC Swiss chocolate but it definitely feels more pigmented. 

Golden Sun (Lagos) // Link  // £2
This is a medium yellow golden glitter shade. It can can be quite tricky to use but I find that it works best when used with a moist eyeshadow brush. It is also best to pack it on the eyelid (tapping it on) as opposed to swiping it across the eyelid. 

Moonset (Falkirk) // Link  // £2
This is described as a cool medium metallic bronze shade with a silver shimmer. I think it is more of a rose gold champagne shade and I absolutely love it. This is one of my favourite shades in this palette. 

Centre Stage (Abia) // Link  // £2
This is described as a dark green glitter eyeshadow with golden shimmers. I love green eyeshadow and it could be tricky to use but once you get a great green shade, it looks so beautiful. This shade suits my complexion. 

Neptune (Imo) // Link  // £2
This is described as a medium dark blue shade with silver glitter. I think this shade translates better when used wet as with the other glitter shades. 

Nebula (Winchester) // Link  // £2
This is described as a medium dark purple with silver glitter and you all know I love purple eyeshadows. Again, this is best used with a wet eyeshadow brush. 

Eyeshadow Quality (Pigmentation and Wear Power)
I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. I personally prefer the shimmer and matte eyeshadows as they are incredibly pigmented and very easy to use. The glitter shade is great but mainly when used wet which is not odd for many glitter eyeshadow formulas. I was particularly impressed with the matte eyeshadows formula because they felt very creamy to use and well pigmented for a matte formula. I had fall outs with the matte eyeshadows but that's not uncommon with matte formulas. There was also fall outs with the glitter eyeshadows but nothing too messy. I use all my eyeshadows with primers and these ones lasted almost all day which was impressive. I am love the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows. I still remember being pleasantly surprised at my first swatch. 

Cost and Discount Code // Link // £19.99 (for the customized palette)
The single eyeshadows retail for £4 each but they are currently on offer for  £2 which is so affordable for the quality you get. For the customized eyeshadow palette, it retails for £19.99 and there is a shipping cost of around £3. I think it is really affordable considering how much choice you get with customizing the palette. Th great news is that the kind Beautonomy Team are offering all my readers a 20% discount code "FASHSTYLELIV20". For full disclosure, I will gain a small commission if you use my code or link. 

Overall Thoughts
I am sure I don't need to repeat how much I love the Beautonomy customized eyeshadow palette. I have quite a few eyeshadow palettes that I have put together myself but I think the Beautonomy customized palette takes it a step further by giving you the option of designing the palette in itself and naming the eyeshadows as well. I think that's very impressive and I had so much fun creating my palette. Of course, in the future, I would love it if one could choose another colour for both the back of the palette (currently a standard white) and the interior of the palette (which is also white). Nevertheless, it is a precious palette of mine and I am so glad I had the chance to create my own customized palette. Have you tried the Beautonomy customized palette? Let me know in the comments box below.
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