Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Skincare Review

Roger & Gallet are one of my favourite brands when it comes to fragrance and I know many people love them too. I didn't know what to think when I received an email saying they were launching an innovative skincare range. Of course, I was excited, curious and I had quite high hopes for them based on my previous experience with their fragrances/soaps. Well,  the long and short story is that they totally nailed it and went above my expectations. I was invited to the UK Aura Mirabilis launch back in August (you can read about the event over here) and very kindly gifted the entire range. Let's just say August -October were skincare testing months and I was lucky to try out some incredible brands. The Aura Mirabilis range is one range I used a lot through these months. So, I am here to share my thoughts on them as usual...

Brief Overview of the Aura Mirabilis Range
I already spoke about the history of Roger & Gallet in my previous post so I will not go into that again but I will concentrate on the range in itself.  The original Aura Mirabilis formula has been around for many years and was used by royalty. Over 300 years ago, monks created a powerful natural remedy called "Aqua Mirabilis". Of course, it was a secret recipe but at its heart were the rarest medicinal plants selected specifically for their healing properties from a Garden of Simples. This amazing natural elixir could either be drunk to elicit its healing properties or be applied to all parts of the body. Some of its benefits back then was protection against plagues, treating burns/wounds, preserving health and providing beauty benefits. At the heart of the Aqua Mirabilis are 18 Distilled or Officinal Plants that explain the numerous virtues of this remedy. Fast forward to 2016,Roger & Galllet have taken inspiration from the Aqua Mirabilis original formula (which they own) to invent the Aura Mirabilis which also has the 18 distilled or officinal plants to help reveal the aura of perfect looking skin. If you are curious about the 18 distilled or officinal plants, I have you covered.

The list includes Sandalwood (for healing), Neroli (for regeneration), Lemon Zest (an astringent), Lavandin (calming the skin), Bitter Orange (firming), Sweet Orange (anti-aging), Citronella (anti-inflammatory), Damask Rose (reduces redness), Palmarose (smooths out wrinkles), Green Mandarin (hydrating), Lemongrass (an anti-oxidant), Thyme (uplifting), Exotic Vervain (an emollient), Magnolia (an antiseptic), Rosemary (rejuvenating), Bergamot (brightening), Lavender (healing properties for sunburn, cuts and scars) and Geranium (healing). With this delightful list of plants, you can only imagine how gorgeous this range smells and feels on the skin. The Aura Mirabilis range consists of four products which include the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask*, the Beauty Vinegar*, the Double Extract* and the Legendary Cream*.  All the products in the range are tested under dermatological conditions and are Paraben-Free. They are also made from 100% natural essences except for the Extra Fine Cleansing Mask which is made from a 99% natural base formula.

Yes, it's almost impossible for me to talk about products I enjoy without mentioning their packaging. There's no denying how gorgeous the Aura Mirabilis packaging is. First off, I love the soft white and green colour theme which really looks so pretty among my skincare stash. The Double Extract has an innovative design which looks like a corkscrew that allows for precise application and no wastage of the product. It is my favourite packaging from the entire range. I also love that all the packaging are really sturdy and well made but I am hardly surprised because Roger & Gallet have always made such beautiful packaging. Even the outer packaging for the Aura Mirabilis range is pretty.

Aura Mirabilis Extra Fine Cleansing Mask* //Link //£15 (currently £10)
The Extra Fine Cleansing Mask is the first product and step in the Aura Mirabilis beauty ritual and it is inspired by oil-based formulas which was the norm back in those days and now making a comeback. Oil based formulas are known for their numerous virtues and of course, their makeup removing efficacy. The Extra Fine Cleansing Mask concentrates all the natural powers of the 18 officinal plants combined with the extra fine Helianthus Flower Oil. This mask has a dual purpose- it can be used as a makeup remover and as a mask. As a makeup remover, I just apply it on my face (dry) and its beautiful gel texture turns into a fine oil that allows for an easy massage. I love how it feels on my skin and it really does an amazing job at breaking down ever scrap of makeup even my eye makeup. I add some water and it instantly turns into a milky texture and I rinse it off. I actually prefer to remove it with a hot flannel and then do my second cleanse. I absolutely love it and removing my makeup has never been easier. My skin does not feel stripped at all. As a mask, I apply it all over my face (cleansed face) and give my skin a gentle massage. I leave it on for about 7-10 minutes usually while I am doing other things and then I hot towel it off. Viola!! My skin feels really refreshed, soft and smooth. I prefer to use it in the morning as a quick mask just to add some oomph to my face.

Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar*// Link //£15 (currently £10)
Just like everyone else, I had a slightly raised eyebrow when I heard the word "Vinegar" but there's no cause for alarm as that's how toners were referred to back in those days. To be fair, Beauty Vinegar kind of sounds so much more interesting than just a regular toner or astringent so I am loving it. Actually, the use of cleansing vinegars made from flowers, fruit or spices date back to the 18th century and they quickly became a legendary treatment for cleansing and preserving the skin's complexion. Roger & Gallet were inspired by these vinegar-based formulas and this led to their development of the Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinegar. This amazing beauty vinegar is a delicately scented bi-phase texture which concentrates the 18 Officinal plants in the essence phase (oily phase) and fruit vinegar in the watery phase. It is designed to help remove makeup residue, smooth the skin and help eliminate dead cells. I love well made bi-phase formulas because they are the best for the skin especially when they are in a well balanced proportion. The skin is actually naturally bi-phase as it is made from water, oil (well, lipid molecules) and other components. This is why any skincare product that combines good proportions of water and oil in a bi-phase works well with the skin and the Aura Mirabilis is one of the few I have tried that is amazing. I use this straight after cleansing my skin (I give it a good shake to mix the two phases well) on a cotton pad and I dab and press all round my face to get the best benefits. I always feel like wiping my face is a waste of product as opposed to pressing it into my face. The scent of this Beauty Vinegar, although delicate, is so lovely and it makes it extra special. My skin does not feel stripped at all if anything it feels exactly how it should naturally feel. The texture of my skin feels refined, refreshed and just healthy looking. I know this will work so well on all skin types. I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out.  I would highly recommend trying it out if you wanted to try one product and you are on a budget.

Aura Mirabilis Double Extract* //Link //£40
Say Hello to the star product, in my opinion, of the entire Aura Mirabilis range- The Double Extract. I love everything about this products from the unique innovative design to the actual product. The Double Extract also is made from a concentration of the 18 officinal and distilled plants in a unique fluid formula in a bi-phase solution. The high concentration of ingredients in its fluid texture allows it to smooth and penetrate quickly into the skin and provide all its amazing benefits. Some of these benefits include restoring the skin's barrier, correcting wrinkles and irregularities and infusing the skin with radiance. I already mentioned that it has a unique corkscrew design which allows you dispense the correct amount of product you need for one application. It is also a bi-phase formula so I give it a good shake which turns it into a lovely slightly cloudy/thicker in the bottle however it feels so light on the skin. It feels exactly like a serum-oil hybrid but one with a very different texture. It just feels like using both a serum and oil at the same time and with the same benefits. I find that this instantly absorbs into my skin which I absolutely love.

I was scared it will feel greasy but that's not the case at all; instead it just works so well with my skin. This is another product that I think will be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. One of the results I really noticed is overall texture of my skin and its radiance. If you have dull looking skin, you'd adore this Double Extract. Now that the weather has changed, I feel like I see the benefits even more because my skin feels hydrated, supple and exudes a natural glow after I use it. I think it's so brilliant that it has a bi-phase texture especially for a serum because it's like using both water and oil on the skin which our skins love. It may sound pricey for £40 but the packaging ensures that you don't waste the product and it provides excellent value for money.

Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream //Link //£32 (currently £21.30)
Last but not in any way the least is the Legendary Cream. According to Roger & Gallet, the Legendary Cream is the ultimate step of the Aura Mirabilis Ritual. In addition to the 18 distilled plants, the Legendary Cream is infused with the immaculate White Lily Extract. Apparently, the White Lily has been used for many years and is particularly effective at tackling redness and irritation. The Legendary Cream is designed to invigorate the skin, work directly on signs of dehydration and discomfort while boosting the skin's radiance and texture. I really the packaging as it comes in a nice glass tub with a white lid although I don't like dipping my fingers into products. However, the fact that my fingers are already clean from cleansing my skin, I think it's okay. It's quite an elegant tub and it reminds me of a cream my Mum had when I was much younger (and it smells quite similar). When I opened the tub, I thought it would have a thick texture (and maybe greasy) but to my delightful surprise, it feels lighter on application than it looks. It needs to be massaged into the skin for it to get fully absorbed though and you can still feel its hydration on the skin. It also feels quite cooling on application which I love especially as my skin has been taking on different textures now that the weather is changing. Although I use it during the day and at night, I do prefer to use it at night because of its texture. If you suffer from dry skin, you'd totally adore the Legendary Cream.

Where to Buy
You can purchase the Aura Mirabilis range from the Roger & Gallet website. I believe the Aura Mirabilis range was exclusively sold in Marks & Spencer when it was initially launched. However, you can now purchase the range from Escentual who are currently having 15% off the range. Feel Unique also currently have 33% off the entire range which is the best discount I have seen so far. So, if you are looking to purchase, this is the best time to do so.

Overall Thoughts
As mentioned earlier, I discovered two amazing skincare ranges in the past two months and the Aura Mirabilis is one of them.  The range really made me fall back in love with the Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina and they do smell somewhat similar. I have enjoyed using all the products in the range but the Beauty Vinegar and the Double Extract are my favourites from the range. They will most likely be repurchased when I run out. That's pretty much my review. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one. Have you tried the Aura Mirabilis range?
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  1. Ooh I'll have to check out the Beauty Vinegar! I've been obsessed with the Double Extract and really love the mask too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. You'd totally love it and it really works so well with the Extract!! For the price as well, it is such a steal!!!..xx

  2. You're the one who got me obsessed with Fleur De Figuier...I completely trust that these are lovely. The Beauty Vinegar sounds like something I would love to use in my skincare routine xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

    1. I am so glad you love Roger & Gallet. They are a really fantastic brand and I know you'd totally adore the Beauty Vinegar!! xx


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