Aveda Tulasara Skincare Launch

I have never been to an Aveda event so I was thrilled when the invite popped into my email asking me to join them for their new skincare launch. This was back in August and if you follow me on my Instagram, you'd have already seen photos and a cheeky little Instastory.  I have always associated Aveda mainly with hair care and I know many people do as well so I was really curious to know what this new skincare range was. It's called the Tulasara range which is inspired by Ayuverda and it's really so different from any skincare range I have tried. I will have a full review of the products later but I just thought to share some photos from the event as I know people enjoy them.

Aveda's parent company is Estee Lauder so naturally the event was held in the Estee Lauder Headquarters in London and it was really a wonderful sight to behold. Honestly, if I worked in that office, I would be the first one at work and the last one to leave because everything just looked incredible. I booked in for the 12 noon session so I could have a lie in before popping down there and this time I didn't go from work as I had the day off. I rarely ever attend day events so it was different for me and I quite enjoyed the change. The set up for the launch was so beautiful and I felt very zen even before the event started. There were other bloggers as well and we had a quick bite and a drink before the presentation started.

The first part of the presentation was a brief introduction of the brand by the Aveda representatives. The second part was by Dr Deepa Apte from Ayuverda Pura who gave us an overview of what Ayuverda meant for the body. I have always heard about Ayuverda and read one or two things here and there but I never had anyone explain it so I really enjoyed the presentation. According to Ayuverda, we are all composed of five elements: infinity, air, fire, water and earth and moving towards balance between these elements is key in achieving an optimum state of wellbeing. The beauty of Ayuverda lies in the fact that it considers the mind, the body and the spirit assessing what we individually require on all levels in order to move towards balance. Stress, lack of sleep, fatigue (and might I just add living in London or any city in general?) takes a toll on the mind, body and skin and as such the desire to live a more balanced lifestyle has never been greater. That's where the new Aveda Tulasara range comes in. If you are wondering about what the name means, I have you covered. Tulasara means "moving towards balance" and it is an experiential skin care collection inspired by Ayuverda.

After the beautiful presentation, I completed a little form on the table which talked about Body Types (Dosha)- there were three which include Vata, Pitta and Kapha. What astonished me the most was when I had a little chat with Dr Deepa and she told me (without looking at my form) that I was a Pitta (which was correct). She just took my pulse and asked me a few questions and she knew instantly. I was very, very impressed. She also shared some amazing tips to help with my body type and other issues I had with my skin.  I really enjoyed my chat with her and learnt so much as well. Soon it was time for my mini facial (the Tulasara Awakening Ritual) with the Aveda Tulasara range.

I was really keen to learn the best technique to use these products so I can get the most from them. The lovely Aveda representative took off my makeup and then gave my face (completely dry by now) a massage with the Aveda Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush*. She started at my decollete with gentle circular motions in an anti-clockwise way. She gradually worked her way up my neck and onto my face (in the same anti-clockwise way) to gently sweep away dull cells. When she got to my eye area, she went from the inner to outer corner before sweeping the brush in downward motions from the sides of my face to the collarbone. This was done to help encourage lymph drainage.  The next stage was restoration of radiance and nourishment with the Aveda Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil*. She massaged this gently into my skin and left it on for about 5 minutes before cleansing my face. Lastly, she applied the Aveda Tulasara Firm Concentrate* to give my skin a good lift and firm and my skin never felt better. There are two other Concentrates- Bright* and Calm all depending on what your skin needs. I had my makeup done as well and I was really pleased with my mini skin and makeup makeover.

I absolutely enjoyed the facial and I could not wait to test them all out in my own bathroom. I have been doing just that for over a month and will be reporting back on how we got on in a separate post. I was very kindly gifted the a complete Tulasara Skincare range which I already love. I headed back home feeling very refreshed. A massive thanks to Aveda and Handpicked for inviting me. I had such a lovely relaxing time. Have you tried the Aveda Tulasara Range?
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