Affordable Statement Earrings from Happiness Boutique Jewellery (Review)

I am a huge fan of jewellery and many people who know me personally (from Nigeria) remember me for the jewellery I used to sell. It's one passion I learnt from my sister who has such impeccable style and taste in everything she does. These days I just stick to simple jewellery especially stud earrings. I shared some of my stud pieces in this post and how I store them with my stackers jewellery box. However, I have been missing really statement earrings that are unique. There are so many brands these days but I find that their pieces are kind of the same and don't stand out to me. I was thrilled when the lovely folks from Happiness Boutique asked me to choose statement earrings from their website. I had a quick browse of the website and I was very impressed. As you would imagine, they had a wide array of jewellery pieces to choose from including Statement Earrings. I eventually settled with two earrings which I knew were not similar to anything I owned. I was very tempted to choose studs but I resisted because I have quite missed wearing proper statement pieces.

Brief Overview of Happiness Boutique
Happiness Boutique stocks a wide variety of jewellery, accessories and clothing which all look amazing and they are based in Europe (I think Germany) . I only tried out their jewellery so I would focus on them in this post. I adore the style of their jewellery because they all chic with a vintage twist to them and I find that this type of style never seems to go out of fashion. When it comes to Jewellery on their website, I can assure you that you would get lost because there are so many lovely choices on there. They stock amazing Statement Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, etc. If there is a name and style for it, you would probably find it on there. I love jewellery generally but I am more inclined to earrings because that’s my thing. I do have to mention that their jewellery pieces are mainly costume jewellery but they have such amazing quality. Their products have undergone strict laboratory testing for lead, nickel and cadmium and they are certified by the Societe General de Surveillance based in Switzerland. When I read this on their website and saw the certification, I was rest assured by their quality. I particularly love that their prices are very affordable and with the quality, I think they are an amazing bargain. After trying them out for more than a month, I can tell you they really stand out from regular costume jewellery.

I am a sucker for packaging and I like the cute packaging of the jewellery. It is quite a simple packaging but very practical and I always store my jewellery inside when I am not wearing them (My Stackers Jewellery box is now full, hehehe). The white and pink colour scheme (which I think is their signature design) looks rather lovely and feminine as well. I would have loved if each of the earrings came in separate boxes although I don’t know if they just packed it this way for me or if this is the usual way if you buy more than one piece. There was also some information about the earrings inside the box and how to take care of them which I thought was a good touch. I think the packaging is good and the box is a sturdy one that has stood the test of time. 

Sparkling Lucky Star Ear Jacket* // Link // £11.88
I already mentioned that I tried my best not to order any stud earrings because I have so many of them. Well, I cheated a little because this beautiful Sparkling Lucky Star Earrings is a 2-in -1 piece. It can be worn as a stud and it can be worn as a complete set (*wink*). The first section is a stud and the stopper for the earring is the second part of the earring (the longer part) hence the name ear jacket. I have worn this pair of earrings so many times that I just had to give it a rest for this week. They are made from Zinc and all the materials used in their production are free from Nickel and Lead. They also have tiny rhinestones which are embedded so well that not one has dropped off after wearing it for so long. It gives me that beautiful urban chic look and I have worn it both to work and to events. I love it so much and I am very delighted that the classic gold tone colour has remained the same. There is no single fading in sight with these earrings. I do have to mention that the stopper got a little loose last week so I am looking to tighten it because I think I may cry if I lose these earrings (seriously, I would because I have not come across any similar style and quality).

Floral Inspired Statement Earrings*// Link // £12.63
This earring totally captured my heart because it reminded me of some jewellery I used to sell a long time ago. It looks like multiple leaves entwined together and I love it. It is made of Zinc and all the materials are Lead and Nickel Free as usual. There are also tiny rhinestones on it which have also not fallen off and I am really impressed. It has such a beautiful vintage gold colour that makes it look so much more expensive than it is. I wear this when I want to make a proper statement and have all eyes on my face. It is slightly heavy especially for a regular stud earrings wearer like me however, I don’t notice its weight any more after a little while. If you are into statement earrings, you would love this piece and I am sure you would not think it is heavy at all. Most importantly, it does not give me a headache or drag down on my ear lobes and I am truly obsessed with how pretty it is. It has maintained its design and colour and has not faded at all which is very common with other costume jewellery pieces. You can definitely tell it is amazing quality and I am so pleased I now have it in my collection.

Website and Ordering Process
Although I received these items for free, I always ensure I go through the website and see how easy it is to navigate and order. I love how beautiful their website is and it's super easy to navigate. Yes, there is a wide variety of products to choose from but they are all well categorised so it’s quite straightforward to narrow down your search. I also love that there is a good description of each item including what material it is made from and dimensions which I think is important for jewellery shopping. Most importantly, the pictures are very clear and you can see the detail of the product and how it looks on the models. I definitely highly rate their website.  I have purchased some jewellery from some websites which looked nothing like what it was on the site.

They offer free world wide shipping (without tracking) for all orders and there is no minimum amount to spend which I think is incredible. If you prefer to have a tracking number, you just pay 4.50 Euros and that’s pretty much it. I think it is a fair amount to pay considering how expensive shipping is from other retailers. The shipping within Europe takes around 4-7 days depending on your country while for the rest of the world it is between 6-14 days. I received mine within 5 days or so and I was so thrilled to get it. It was well packaged and there was no damage even to the outer packaging to my delight.

Reward Programme, Competition and Discount Codes
Now the best part- Happiness Boutique has kindly offered everyone a 10% discount on all orders over 19 Euro using the code "Fashstyleliv" and it is valid from now until 18th May 2016. With free shipping as well, I think it is such a good offer and please note I do not get any commission/compensation for the discount code. Happiness Boutique also has a lovely Reward programme designed to say thank you to their customers for their patronage. Essentially, you get 1 point for every Euro you spend and you get 5 points for every review you write on your purchase. If you share photos on their social media channels (using the hashtag #happinessbtq), you also get 5 points and 50 points once you open an account and sign up to their newsletter. You can learn more about their reward programme here and how to redeem your points. Lastly, they run Competitions twice a month which you can find out here and they announce the winners on their website as well. If you are after more information about their discounts and offers, do give them a follow on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They also have a YouTube Channel here.

Overall Thoughts
I am very impressed with these earrings and they are totally my style. They have not irritated my ears at all which I am very pleased about. Although they are not based in the UK, they do deliver worldwide. I can’t fault these earrings at all and I would be checking out more styles now that I have tried them out. I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried any Jewellery from Happiness Boutique?
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  1. I love both your choices and I'm so glad you mention the quality of the products. It's quite difficult to know with jewellery if you are purchasing online. The Star pair is calling to me Liv! I don't have any earrings like that and I've always wanted some. And I love stars. So perfect. Thank you for reassuring me about this company with such a detailed post, and of course your little discount code is appreciated ;) xxx

    Sal UmmBaby Beauty

    1. Thanks a lot Sal!! I am totally with you when it comes to purchasing jewellery online as it is a quiet a gamble but I am well impressed with the ones I tried from the Happiness Boutique. I love the Star one a lot as well and I can imagine it suiting you so well!! Thanks for stopping by Twinnie...xx

  2. Both of these earrings are lovely but I think I may prefer the star ones! You suit them both! xxx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Thanks darlyn and I have to agree that the lucky star ones would definitely suit you especially for everyday wear.....thanks for stopping over...xx


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