My Juicing Experience with Raw Press Organic, Cold Pressed Juices

I have always rolled my eyes at juicing but I secretly wished I could follow through. It just looked like a fad that would pass away soon but believe me,  it is here to stay (and good for the body). I think I may have been put off after tasting a couple of nasty juices (especially those sold in Grocery stores) and I felt it was not for me. In recent years, there has been a focus on healthy living and social media (particularly Instagram and Blogs) have been a huge influence. My colleague (actually my manager but in my organisation we call everyone colleagues) started juicing last year and I saw such massive improvements with his energy levels and overall well-being. He sits beside me so I could see first-hand the positive changes he was experiencing. I and my other colleague even got to taste one of his impressive juices. This made me really interested and I made inquiries about them. He pointed me to Raw Press. I was actually attracted to the beautiful glass bottles that his juices were housed in and he told me he got them (and some of his juices) from Raw Press. I popped on the Raw Press website to make some inquiries about the juices and I was promptly given all the information I wanted. We (I and my friend/flatmate) decided to incorporate them slowly into our lifestyle and there has been no going back. We absolutely love it and I have been juicing for breakfast for the past month.  It’s been such an eye opening experience and I thought I had to share it with you all.

Raw Press Cafe
I popped in to the Dover Street Store in Mayfair, Central London. I absolutely loved the ambience of the store/restaurant which is situated below the Wolf& Badger Store.The Raw Press staff were so friendly, answered all my questions and I got to take some photos as well. All the beautiful juices were well arranged and so were the meals and snacks. I did not take too many pictures because I did not want the guests to feel uncomfortable but I tried my best. I love how clear the menu is against the wall of the kitchen which was super clean.

The Courgetti Salad looked so enticing and there were also some delicious nachos waiting to be devoured (but I restrained myself). There was also a large fridge which housed all the juices, snacks and breakfast bowls and they looked so delicious.  I could totally sit in the Raw Press Cafe all day and it would be a perfect place to blog as there was WiFi (and healthy food as well). They were so kind and incredibly generous to gift me some lovely juices. I also purchased the bigger bottles of juice (500ml) and a tiny juice (100ml) because I wanted to have all the sizes of the bottles. I am still absolutely in love with the bottles and I use them to store the juices I make myself.

Brief Overview of Raw Press
Raw Press was founded by two cousins Jack and Toby Graham who recognised a gap in the healthy food/drink market in London. Raw Press is London-based with two outlets - Dover Street, Mayfair (beneath the Wolf & Badger Store) and Ellis Street in Chelsea. Their products are also sold in the Wolf & Badger Store in Notting Hill and in Brown's Hotel. If you are unable to reach these places easily then you can always download the Quiqup App which helps with delivery I have not used the app yet so I don't know how it works. I know Raw Press would deliver  to offices if you are buying a crate (up to twenty 250 ml juices) but I think it is around certain areas and postcodes so do check out more details here. 

What are Cold Pressed Juices?
I often wondered what exactly Cold Pressed Juices were for a long time until I did some little research on my own. Cold Pressing Juices have exploded and are quickly replacing coffees and soft drinks. Cold Pressing is a juicing method that works without the use of a rotary blade centrifugal machine. Regular juicing utilises rotary blade centrifugal blades which may result in the loss of some essential enzymes as a result of the heat created by the friction of the blades. Cold Pressed Juices are made with the use of a hydraulic system which utilises slow pressure to drain the juice from the fruit and vegetable. The resulting juice is a cold pressed one which retains these sensitive enzymes, with minimal oxidation and zero heat. Cold Pressed Juices usually have higher nutritional value than other kinds of juices and they tend to last longer because there is minimal air (and germs) introduced during the juicing process. You would be pleased to know that all Raw Press Juices are Organic and Cold Pressed using high quality cold pressed juicing equipment.

What Juices do they make?
 Raw Press make a total of 10 juices the last time I checked. I was lucky enough to try a good number of juices from their range so I can share my thoughts on them. As mentioned, I purchased a few and I was gifted a good range to try which I am so grateful for. The juices you can find include: No 1  Super Green, No 2 Green, No 3 Sweet Green, No 4 Deep Rooted, No 5 Uprooted, No 6 Citrus, No 7 Coffee and Mylk, No 8 Chocolate Mylk, No 9 Almond Mylk and No 10 Coconut Water & Matcha. All the ones I tried out were amazing although I naturally enjoyed some much more than others. I would share my thoughts on my juicing experience below.

What Juices did I try?
I and my friend/flatmate purchased Almond Mylk (500ml), No 3 Sweet Green (500ml) and Muchias Grassia (100ml). I was gifted with the following juices in 250 ml- No 1 Super Green*, No 2 Green*, No 4 Deep Rooted*, No 5 Uprooted*, No 6 Citrus*, No 9 Almond Mylk*. Their packaging is absolutely stunning and they make the juices very enticing. They come in glass bottles which are clear and so easy to clean. They have white lids which also add to its aesthetically pleasing look. I kept all my bottles and I use them frequently for my own juices and they make me want to drink these juices. It's best to keep them refrigerated always and drink them cold and the glass bottles make it easy for them to get chilled. The beautiful colours alone just made me want to finish all the juices and knowing they were good for me was even more amazing. Now, adding juices to your meals is not too much stress but replacing a meal or meals with a juice requires a lot of thought and plan. It's always good when you are doing a juice cleanse with someone so you can support each other. I was lucky to have my friend join me in juicing.

 My Experience
I am not an expert in this juicing malarkey but one thing I knew before I started was that planning is key. Well, planning is key in many things in life but I feel it is even more important if you are making a change (even the slightest) to your lifestyle. Now, I did not have any particular goal I wanted to achieve but I just wanted to know that I could do it. I did not plan a complete juicing journey; all I wanted was to slowly introduce it into my meal plans and lifestyle. It is always recommended to slowly introduce juicing and that’s what I followed as opposed to going from 0-100. My colleague also lent me the Joe Cross Juicing 101 Book which was really useful. My ultimate aim was to make one meal a day a juice while the other two remain regular meals (but healthier options where possible). I also wanted to reduce my bloating and I have experienced such a significant difference.

Day 1-  No 9 Almond Mylk // Link
I can't even count this as Day 1 because I drank this juice immediately I got home from Raw Press. I and my friend tried this and we were not really sure on how to feel about it. I guess my sweet tooth thought it would be very sweet but it was not. Generally, I am not a fan of Almond Milk per say so please don't go by my recommendations. However, my friend loves Almond Milk and she was not overly impressed with it. I have a sweet tooth and it was my first juice so I guess I should have tried the Chocolate Mylk instead. If you love Almond Mylk and you don't have a sweet tooth, I think you would absolutely adore this juice. I do have to say it is quite filling and I was quite surprised about that. I had my regular meals alread on this day so I don't think this day really counts.

Day 2- No 1 Super Green (Link) and No 4 Deep Rooted (Link)
Today, I planned to replace my breakfast with two (250 ml) juices - No 2 Green* and No 4 Deep Rooted*. It was a Friday which is the day I always get tempted the most to have a dodgy breakfast. I go for lectures on Fridays and I need three trains to get to school so it's always a long day. However, I stuck to my decision to replace breakfast with Raw Press Juices. I had the No 1  Super Green Juice in the train and I was absolutely shocked at how lovely it tasted. I have never liked Green Juices because I feel they taste nasty. I could not have been further from the truth. I had to look at the ingredient list to find out how on earth a green juice could taste so good. The No 2 Green Juice contains Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach and Lemon. I was surprised that it contained these fruits and veg that I would not normally eat on a good day yet it tasted so good. It was very filling and I felt so good about myself. I didn't even have to drink the second one until much later.

Around 11am, I was beginning to get a little perkish so I fished out the No 4 Deep Rooted Juice*. I knew I would love it because the colour is super attractive and I was right. It contains Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Fennel, Celeriac, Horseradish and Jerusalem Artichoke. This was very refreshing and tasted sweeter than the Green Juice I had earlier. The mix of ingredients used in this juice provides the most delicious taste you can imagine. The colour definitely helped and I now realise how visually pleasing foods automatically taste better. My energy levels were super high all through the morning which definitely surprised me.  I had a normal lunch and dinner and I honestly did not want eat anything nasty especially having had a good start to the day with the juices

Day 3- No 3 Sweet Green (Link) and No 6 Citrus (Link)
Today was the day I decided to replace two meals with juices and thank goodness, it was a Saturday. I find that I eat less when I am at home compared to when I am at work or Uni. I think it's the brain work that diminishes all my food stores (that's my excuse). I started off the day with No 3 Sweet Green and it was incredible. Seriously, if you absolutely hate all things green and green juices, this juice would totally convert you. I am more than obsessed with it. It contains Pineapple, Apple, Kale, Spinach, Ginger, Mint and Lemon. I have not tasted anything as delicious and filling as this. Luckily for me, I had the 500 ml bottle so it went a mighty long way. My energy levels were super high and I was able to do some blog work and other chores I wanted to do. For lunch, I decided to try the No 6 Citrus Juice* which was definitely the sweetest and tastiest of all the juices I tried. It contains Grapefruit, Orange, Apple, Lemon, Thyme, and Lime. This is the best juice to slowly ease yourself into juicing or if you just want a nice snack. It made me super hungry and I could not wait to have my dinner. It made quickly realise that all the Green Juices would always have a special place in my heart because they are more filling. The Muchas Grassias was also very delicious and I think I finished it in one gulp (greedy me!!). It was only 100ml and I won't lie; I purchased it because the bottle is so cute. It's a really good snack especially when you are tempted to reach for some biscuits or anything that would derail you from your juicing.

No 2 Green (Link) and No 5 Uprooted (Link)
My friend and flatmate tried out the No 2 Green Juice* and No 5 Uprooted* and she loved them. She used them as meal replacements for breakfast and she shared her thoughts with me. Just like me, she thought the Green Juices definitely made her feel so much fuller than the others she tried. She also said she did not expect the Green Juice to taste nice but it did which was a similar experience as me. She also loved Uprooted Juice which contains Carrot, Ginger, Fennel, Argan Oil, Orange and Tumeric. It looks pretty and the ingredients line up were definitely down her alley. She totally agreed with me that the Green Juices were definitely more filling but the brighter coloured juices were more attractive to drink and tasted slightly better.

Cost // Link
The 500 ml juices retail for £7.50 and the 250 ml juices retail for £5.50 which I think are reasonable given the quality of the juices. You are sure of getting wholesome and organic products which are so good for the body. Plus you get to keep the beautiful glass bottles. I won't lie the bottles are so pretty complete with a white lid and they are so easy to clean. I know they may sound expensive but if you always buy breakfast from Starbucks and Greggs every morning, you would be better off with these juices which are much healthier.

Overall Thoughts
Would you believe I have been totally converted to juicing? I cannot believe I who laughed and teased my colleagues about Juicing is now juicing everyday. I owe it all to the wonderful experience I got from Raw Press Juices and my manager at work. It just goes to say you should never write off anything until you try it. I make my own juices with the ingredients from the Raw Press website. They don't taste 100% the same and I would choose buying Raw Press Juices over making mine because I am a lazy ass. However, it is quite a distance from where I live and work but whenever I am in the area, I would definitely treat myself. I can't even begin to tell you all the health benefits I have felt from juicing. My breakouts are lesser, my bloating is well reduced and overall, I feel so good. I would encourage anyone to give it a try or at least pop into Raw Press if you are around the area. The members of staff are so friendly, patient and the ambience in the Cafe is so inviting. Everyone in my team at work have tried Green juices and they love it. That's pretty much my review. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried Raw Press Organic and Cold Pressed Juices?
* Some of these juices were Gifted to me and I purchased others. Read my full disclaimer here.


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