Celebrity You Natural Hair Care Review

I have been taking care of my hair a little more than I used to a few years ago and I have seen a lot of changes. I am not too precious about sulfate free and non-sulfate free per say but I do gravitate towards natural products where I have the option. Over time, I have come to understand my hair and what it loves/hates. One thing it always seems to love is any product that helps it retain moisture as it can get quite dry which is not uncommon with afro texture hair. I was incredibly lucky to be gifted with these lovely natural hair care products from Celebrity You Natural. I came across this lovely brand back in December 2015 when I attended the First Lady Conference (where I was a Guest Speaker on blogging). I was privileged to meet the founder of the brand, Elizabeth, who is also a Pharmacist. The crazy thing is we actually went to the same University in Nigeria but she was a few years ahead of me. I was really pleased and proud of her and her brand. I have enjoyed using these products for the past few months. I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on these natural hair care products and how I use them on my hair.

Celebrity You Natural Overview
The Celebrity You Natural range is a subsidiary of Celebrity Premium Hair which was also founded by Elizabeth Salami. She was inspired to create hair and skincare products from naturally derived ingredients as they worked incredibly well on all hair and skin textures. Whenever I have the chance to use naturally derived ingredients, I always try to choose them because I know they are good for my hair and skin in general. I love that all the products within this range don't contain Parabens or Mineral Oils and they are made from 99%  Organic and Natural Ingredients. They are also suitable for all hair textures and for children as well. You can imagine how pleased I was to try out some products from this brand. I was kindly gifted with the following products: Soy Protein Nourishing Leave In Conditioner*, 3-in-1 Moisturising Detangler*, Triple Action Hair Food Repair Treatment* and the Castor and Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment*. You can check out their website here and their social media channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) where they post about discounts and offers. They also stock hair extensions in different textures and wigs which you can check out here.

Celebrity You 3-in-1 Moisturising Detangler* // Link //£7.99
If you have curly or frizzy hair, you would definitely be a huge fan of anything that can help easily detangle it. I don’t have massive tangles in my hair because I always ensure I take care of it and comb it from root to tip. I know many people take great care of their hair to prevent detangling but still get tangles happens especially with Afro hair. The worst kind of tangles are the single strand knots which are absolutely soul destroying because they would inevitably lead to your hair coming off. This is where this gorgeous Detangler does an amazing job. When it is wash day or hair day (which takes up almost my entire day), I start off with detangling my hair. I love that this detangles sprays an even mist which coats sections of my hair really well. You all know I cannot deal with products which have terrible spray mist systems and I am very pleased with the way this detangler sprays. I  usually part my hair into four sections and work my way through each section. In each section, I make smaller sections and I spray the detangler from root to tip. I also run my fingers through these sections while I spray them. Once this is done, I get a wide toothed comb  and comb through each section. The detangler leaves my hair thoroughly detangled, soft and smelling nice (even though I am just preparing it to wash). It has helped make my hair more manageable and I have been getting less shedding. I am really pleased with it and highly recommend it if you deal with unruly or frizzy hair of if you have kids with frizzy hair. 

Celebrity You Soy Protein Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner* // Link //£9.99
The first thing I noticed was it has a pump which I absolutely love because it means that I can dispense a sensible amount of product. I think this is actually my favourite product from the range because it works really well with my hair no matter what hair style I am wearing. It promises to moisturise, restore and strengthen the hair and I can tell you it does what it says on the tin. It is enriched with Avocado Oil, Pataua Oil and Shea Butter which are well known for keeping the hair in the tip top shape. This leave- in conditioner came in very handy during the winter season when my hair kept getting dry and it helped retain moisture and sheen. I also love that it does not weigh my hair down like some leave in conditioners I have tried in the past (you do need the littlest amount).  I love to use this at night so that it works even better while I sleep and I can wakeup up to soft and moisturised hair (which reduces the amount of time I need to spend on my hair in the day). Whenever I want to wear my hair in a curly style, I just apply this leave-in conditioner from root to tip and do a little braid. My curls are absolutely popping in the morning after using it the night before. I have even used it a few times in the morning and my hair still had a nice curl to it. If you suffer from dry hair or you use a significant amount of heat on your hair, this leave-in conditioner would really help restore and hydrate your hair. I absolutely love it.

Celebrity You Triple Action Hair Food Repair Treatment* // Link //£14.99
When I first saw the texture of this Hair Food Repair, I thought it would be so thick and we won't get along at all. I was very wrong and I am glad I was because it is a really fantastic product. Yes, it does look quite thick but it has a unique way of melting into your scalp or hair and you would hardly notice it. It is designed to repair, strengthen and encourage hair growth and to back these claims hair loving ingredients have been used in the formula. Some of them include Castor Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Peppermint Oil. I know from my little hair research that Castor Seed Oil is amazing for hair growth (not just on the scalp but also for lashes and brows) so I was really pleased to see it in the ingredient list. Shea Butter is amazing for moisturising the hair and Peppermint Oil is also know to stimulate hair growth. I am not too crazy about Peppermint Oil but I am glad it's not too overwhelming in this product.  I use the Hair Food Repair mainly around my hair edges which are currently having a mind of their own. I have seen very good improvements and I would report back once I am done. I need to be more consistent with its use but I usually forget because my edges are currently hiding under my extensions. (Note to self- remember to use this more often). Apart from my edges, I use it when I have cornrows as it keeps my scalp fresh and it does not clog it up at all. The Hair Food Repair can be used in any capacity and I am sure it would work fine. It also contains other ingredients such as Carrot Oil and Aloe Vera which have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help fight any scalp issues like dandruff. It really feels soothing when used on the scalp and that's the beauty of peppermint oil.

Celebrity You Castor and Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment* // Link //£8.99
Last but certainly not least is the Hot Oil Treatment which is such a treat to use on my hair days. Honestly, I feel using this hair treatment just makes my Pamper Day complete because it has such a calming effect on me. As the name suggests, it is a hot oil treatment which means you need to add a little amount in a bowl and place it in another bowl of hot/warm water to warm it up. The instructions are on the bottle which I found really handy and easy to follow. You need to ensure the oil is not too hot as it may burn your scalp; I suggest a little warmer than body temperature (you can test it at the back of your palm/hand). Once you have the desired temperature, massage it across your scalp and tips of your hair, pop on your favourite shower cap or hair cap and relax for 30 minutes. When the 30 minutes or more if you like is over, you simply wash your scalp and hair and say hello to a fresh and sexy hair/scalp. My hair ends sometimes look a bit crap especially when it needs a trim, this hot oil treatment makes them look alive and very refreshed. It contains impressive ingredients including Castor Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and Essential Oils (Frankincense, Rosemary and Lavender). I really recommend trying this especially if you have had a tough week as it is very relaxing.

Overall Thoughts
I am very impressed with all the products I was kindly gifted and even more with how affordable they are. Most times, I always think that Natural/Organic products could be expensive but this range has kept it really affordable. I feel like anyone can afford this including students on a tight budgets who want to maintain their hair. They are definitely worth checking out. I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried any products from the Celebrity You Natural range?
*Gifted PR Sample, read my full disclaimer here


  1. These all sound so lovely, especially the leave in conditioner I have been wanting to invest in some more natural hair products so thank you for sharing! xx


    1. Yes, they truly are and the leave-in conditioner is my absolute favourite of the lot because it transforms my hair!!...thanks for stopping over..xx


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