Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil Review

I have featured this lovely oil a couple of times on the blog but I thought it deserved its own review. I have enjoyed using it during Winter and now in Spring and it has quickly risen to become one of my favourite oils. I am sure everyone (and their mamas) have definitely heard about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which has such a cult following. It can be used for addressing many skin issues. I was rather intrigued to hear that they had formulated an oil version of this miracle product- Elizabeth Arden Eight Cream All Over Miracle Oil*.  I said Yes immediately I was asked to try it out. It did not disappoint me at all and it was love at first spritz (yes, it actually sprays in a mist which is totally new for me).

I am a big fan of packaging as you all know but I get totally weak in the knees when the presentation and packaging are amazing. I received this lovely package just before Valentine’s Day and my heart skipped several beats when I unwrapped it. It came in a red and white packaging complete with a bow and I almost never wanted to unwrap it. It even came in a red envelope and that’s how much attention to detail was put behind this press package and I love it. Inside the box lay the gorgeous Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Oil among the white tissue/straw wrapping. It’s just one of the boxes I won’t be throwing away as it would come in handy for makeup storage. There was also a small card detailing the various ways the oil can be used which I found very handy (it can be used as a post shave oil, massage oil, cuticle softener, etc ). I am very impressed with the overall packaging. Elizabeth Arden usually has really lovely and practical packaging so I was not surprised that this oil was amazing as well. I have never seen an oil that comes in a spray mist bottle so you can imagine how curious I was to give it a try. I have tried quite a few oils but this has to be lightest I have ever tried and it almost does not look like an oil. It sprays a nice mist which makes it really easy to use on the face, body and hair. The pump is also quite secure and it also has a lid which prevents any spillage issues when travelling with it.

Elizabeth Arden’s description of this Oil
They describe this oil as a versatile multi-tasking formula for the face, body and hair. It is infused with Tsubaki Oil (which is also known as The Japanese Camellia Oil) and it’s excellent for quick absorption and permeating deep into the lower layers of the skin. It is also enriched with a blend of oils including Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Olive Oil which have amazing skin and hair benefits.  Some other added benefits of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil include cell growth, support and flexibility as well as anti-aging. According to the Elizabeth Arden website, the Eight Hour Oil is designed to soothe and calm redness while combating uneven skin tone leaving the skin rejuvenated and comfortable. With these powerful claims and description, I was very delighted to see if it lived up to my expectations

I seriously cannot get over how amazing the texture of this oil is. It is super light (like when I mean light, I mean very light in texture). Sometimes, I even forget I am using an oil but it still retains all the benefits you would get from using an oil sans any unpleasant sticky or thick texture. It also sprays as a light mist which is incredible and makes it a delight to use. It’s one of the few oils I can use in the morning as a result of its beautiful texture. The formula also feels quite hydrating especially when I use it as the last part of my skincare routine. It just helps lock in the moisture to my skin. A few people have asked if it smells like the Eight Hour Cream and I have to say it does not. Instead, it has a light pleasant fragrance that you would not notice unless you were looking out for it. It certainly does not have the typical smell of an oil but it has a nice light scent that does not interfere with its use.

Application/How I use this Oil
I have combination oily skin and I generally prefer to use my oils at night but I have attempted this on a few mornings and it was actually fine. I did get slightly shiny under my makeup compared to when I had a regular moisturiser but it was not as bad as I feared. I feel it would be so much better if I did not wear any makeup. Also, if you have dry skin and you are struggling to get a glow, you would actually love a light spritz of this oil as a moisturiser before you apply your makeup.  However, I used it consistently on my face every night for a good while and I enjoyed using it.   I don't spray it directly on my face; instead I spray it on my hands and then massage it across my face. It is more manageable that way. I like how warm the oil feels on my face when I warm it up in my hands first. On my hair, it is so easy to use because it sprays as a mist and I can lightly spritz my hair before styling or before straightening my hair extensions. The light texture means it does not weigh my hair down like some other oils I have used in the past (and it does not stain my beddings either). My elbows and knees (and legs in general) tend to get dry when the weather changes and this oil has been instrumental in keeping them moisturised with a natural glow. Overall, you do need the littlest amount at a time and you can build it up if you wish. 

One major thing I noticed with the use of this oil was an improvement in the texture of my skin (especially on my face). My face feels softer than before especially in the morning after I have used it the previous night. I feel like it also helped even out my skin tone although I have been using Glycolic Acid as well. I love the luminous glow I get in the morning especially during winter when I was battling with very dull skin. I love to use oils on my hair (my natural hair and extensions) but I do find that some oils sit heavy on my hair. The Elizabeth Arden Oil is definitely one of the lightest oils I have used and it helps lock in the moisture. I have not noticed any extra growth per say but it definitely has prevented any breakage and damage that may have occurred when I straighten/apply heat to my hair. On my extensions, it is an absolute dream to use and restores the natural shine that hair extensions lack after a while (especially as they are not growing directly/getting any nutrients from the head/body). 

Cost // Link //£29
It retails for £29 which I think is a fair amount given the quality and the amount you get (100ml). Most skincare products usually come in 30 ml especially oils and they last for ages so believe me, this would last forever. I still have a lot left despite consistently using it. I only recently noticed it went down a little after I used it while I was straightening my entire hair extensions. If you buy directly from the Elizabeth Arden website, you also get amazing samples (deluxe sizes) or you can get a gift set at the same price. There are other retailers that sell it including John Lewis, Feel Unique (who currently have it for £21.75), etc. 

Overall Thoughts
I am super impressed with this oil and I am so glad that I got a chance to try it out. I would take it along with me when next I am back in Nigeria  to see how well it holds up in warmer weather. I am sure I won't be disappointed. If you suffer form dry and/or crusty skin and you hate the greasy feeling of many oils, this is the perfect choice for you. If you have acne prone combination-oily skin like me and you want a good oil that does not sit heavy on the skin, this is an amazing choice. I did not experience any breakouts from this oil but it is best to test it out first to ensure it won't break you out. My skin can break out at the slightest instant but this oil did not break me out at all. It's a winner in my books. That's pretty much it!! Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review useful. Have you tried the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil?
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  1. Lovely post! This sounds like a fantastic lightweight oil, I have combination skin too so I might have a look at this one the next time I am in Debenhams x

    Kiran | www.alittlekiran.co.uk

    1. It really is and I use it almost everyday now (at least on one part of my body) as it's versatile. I have combination oily skin as well and it works great with my skin...thanks for stopping by...xx


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