London Fashion Week with Body Shop

I am pretty sure everyone has forgotten about the London Fashion Week by now but I thought I may as well still post on it because I had a nice time.  It is always exciting for me to attend these shows because I love watching the catwalk.  I would talk about the shows I attended in a separate so do make sure you check back tomorrow  for all the photos.

I was kindly invited by the Body Shop who were the official sponsors of the London Fashion Week Fashion with Fashion Scout*. The event was held in September in Freemason's Hall London and I know I am a super bad blogger for posting this really late.  I love London Fashion Week because it gives me a chance  to see amazing street styles from attendees on the day.  It is also an excuse  for people to wear anything they want (including me bwahahaha) and no one will bat an eyelid. I made my way to Freemason's hall so I could get some nice shots backstage before I went in for the shows I wanted to watch. I also had an amazing time with other bloggers and we had a nice chat.

I met a lovely blogger called  Charlotte (The London Blog) who is seriously the sweetest soul ever. We kept each other company and helped with pictures as well. It's always so nice to meet someone you get along with in these kind of events because you know you won't be bored at all. I also met another lovely blogger called  Zara (Zara Barouch) who has an amazing blog over here which you should check out!!

Within the same area, there were some lovely upcoming designers who displayed their amazing creations for everyone to admire. Honestly, I was so impressed and it just makes one appreciate how talented people are out there. The best part is that many of their designs are actually wearable and looked so on trend.  I can't remember all their names which is such a shame but I am sure you can appreciate their designs. They are all upcoming designers and you can tell they are set to take on the world in the nearest future.

I felt so grateful to Body Shop for inviting me because it meant I did not have to queue at all for any of the shows; we (other bloggers as well) were taken to our almost front row seats (actually second row) which had such an amazing view. Seriously, I felt like a proper VIP!!. I was so delighted to attend and watch all the shows I was interested in with choice seats where I could get amazing shots.

After each show, we had a chance to go to the amazing Body Shop area where we got pampered and some real good down time. The Body Shop had a large section backstage where they offered various pampering sessions to everyone who was interested. You can imagine that it was packed full because everyone wanted to try something.

There was a Spa Massage section where the masseur used all the products from the Body Shop Spa of the World range which you all know I love. I have a post here on some products I was kindly sent to try out. I did not have a chance to try the massage session out but everyone who tried it came out looking so refreshed. I was jealous but I knew I could come home and get one (albeit unprofessional) with the products I had (Hehehe.).

There was also another section for Skincare where there was a side range of Body Shop products to try and also a skincare consultant was at hand to provide expert advice. Of course, I had to pop in to see what was new because I am absolutely obsessed with skincare. I am totally loving the new skincare offerings from Body Shop and how well they have revamped their packaging. The skincare consultant was so friendly and willing to answer all my gazillion questions. I tested out the Body Shop Oils of Life range which I love and I may be picking some up for Christmas (a treat for myself). I love that there was a selection of oils and a selection of gel-like moisturisers (the same texture as the Vitamin C Glow Booster which I am totally obsessed with). I loved everything about the set up and it felt really comfy.

 The next stop was a makeover section where there was a makeup artist (or  two) to do mini makeovers for anyone who was interested. I am always so intrigued by makeup set ups because you can always find MUA secret weapons in their kit. I spied the new Body Shop Foundation Range which has a wide selection of shades and I am super excited for its launch. The best part of the range is that they have two other offerings- The Shade Adjusting Droppers (Lightening and Darkening options). The premise for creating these drops is to enable people get their absolute match in their foundations. I think it is an amazing idea and it is quite similar to the Cover FX drops although these drops are not foundations in their own rights but rather they need to be used with a foundation to either lighten or darken it. I am really keen to try it out when it is launched because I think it may be the answer to many foundation dilemmas if it works out well.

My last stop was the Nail Bar where I was lucky to be the next on the queue. It was one of the busiest sections backstage because nails appear to be quicker to do than skincare or makeup. However, the lady who did my nails took extra care and I was really pleased with the results. She started off with a mini manicure to ensure my nails were in tip top shape before she applied the colour. I opted for the Body Shop Colour Crush in Red My Mind (130) which was so flattering on my skin tone. I have never tried any nail polish from Body Shop and I can say that I am seriously impressed. The formula was not too thick or thin and it applied really evenly. The best part was it dried pretty fast so I could get on with the rest of the shows. I was really pleased with the colour and many people opted for the same shade because it looks stunning on everyone. Soon, it was time for me to go home and I was sad to leave although I was offered a chance to watch all the shows that day.

I had such a lovely time and I feel incredibly lucky to be invited by Body Shop to experience London Fashion Week with Fashion Scout. I felt really special and the Body Shop Team and Fashion Scout Team ensured we were well taken care of and sat in the best seats available for us. A huge thank you to Rakuten for organising for me to attend via Body Shop. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I will see you in my next post tomorrow showing all the pictures from the Cat walk so make sure you check back...xx
* I was invited by Body Shop to experience the London Fashion Week with Fashion Scout but I was not obliged to blog about it. I am just obsessed with taking pretty photos and it's a crime not to share them with you.


  1. I love you and your blog, and your writing, but I'm not gonna lie...
    I came here for the pictures, and pictures I got so woohoo! Great ones at that!
    You could easily go into professional photography :)))))
    Sal xxx
    UmmBabyBeauty | @ummbaby

    1. I love you too and your blog my sweetpea!!! Thank you for coming over to check out the photos!! I love taking photos as you know and even more so when people like you appreciate it!! Thank you so much!!! I do some professional photography already from time to time but I have not really been very serious about it at the moment...xx


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