London Fashion Week Shows (Rohmir, Judy Wu and James Kelly)

I already wrote about my experience in London Fashion Week with Body Shop yesterday which you can check out here. If you love having a nosey at the backstage and all that happens in between shows, you would enjoy it. Today’s post will focus on the shows I attended back in September. I was lucky to be invited by Body Shop who were one of the official sponsors of Fashion Scout- London Fashion Week*. I had the most incredible time there because I was treated like a proper VIP and whisked to choice seats in the shows I wanted to watch. I did not have to queue and I felt really special and of course, it meant I could take amazing shots to share with you all. I was given the option to stay for the whole day and attend all the shows I wanted to but I had other commitments so I watched three shows. I chose to watch Rohmir, Judy Wu and James Kelly because I was keen to see what these amazing designers had in stock for us for SS16.

I loved everything about Freemason Hall which is the usual venue for Fashion Week (Fashion Scout). The building and interiors including the high ceilings provided the perfect backdrop for these catwalks. I and Charlotte(The London Blog) made our way to our seats ready to snap away when the shows started. It’s always lovely to meet other bloggers in these events because you have someone to have a nice chat with.

This was the first show I watched on the day and I have to say her designs were my favourite because they are pieces I could personally rock if I could afford them. They are all very wearable, elegant and chic and I am sure many people who watched the show would absolutely agree. Rohmir has made several appearances in various fashion shows. The label Rohmir was founded by Olga Roh who is of Russian nobility. I looked at her profile on Fashion Scout London’s website and I was really impressed that she is well learned with a PHD as one of her degrees. I love women who pursue their passion, intelligent and academic. Her SS16 Collection “Cherry Blossom Dreams” channelled the Japanese culture which is such a rich culture as you would imagine. The models even mimicked the Japanese sacred tradition of gift giving when they exchanged accessories during the catwalk. I loved it!! The fabrics used were a good mix of elegance and opulence and I just loved all the colours she used. Within her collection, you could find silk, lace, luxurious prints, tailored pieces, etc. I love the way she combined all the colours which ranged from monochrome, nudes and rich jewel tones. The collection had evening gowns, day to day wears, tailored jackets, lace skirts, kimon-esque, etc. It was an incredible show and you could tell her passionate she was about her designs by the look of excitement (amidst a resounding applause) when she came out to take a bow. I was equally excited and grinning from ear to ear after witnessing such a beautiful collection.

Judy Wu
The next show I saw was the Judy Wu Collection which I really enjoyed. Judy Wu (as you would have guessed) is the founder of Judy Wu designs and she was raised in Shanghai where she developed  a deep love for painting and all things artistic. This passion led her to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and you can see her artistic touch in her designs. Her collection for SS16 called Gaia, #FeminineStrengthJudyWu, embodied feminine strength which I love. Her signature style embraces bold prints, intricate modern embellishments and sharp tailoring which was well incorporated in her SS16 Collection. I love how fresh and aesthetically pleasing her designs were. In her collection, you could find chiffon, organza, silky and floaty materials which made the models look like Greek goddesses. I think her pieces are also wearable because they are feminine, sensual yet sophisticated. She used amazing colours which brought the fabrics to life especially the way she added beautiful water colour inspired shades to white fabrics. There were also other rich colours like Jade, Turquoise and Coral which just looked perfect for Spring/Summer. The floaty garments, pleats and frayed edges just made me want the warmer season to come right back. I look forward to seeing more designs from her collection because they were outstanding!!

James Kelly
This was my third and final show I saw and one I had heard so much about was the James Kelly show. James Kelly was the winner for the February 2015 Fashion Scout Merit Award and he was making another appearance in the September Fashion Week. James Kelly describes womenswear as a myriad of elements combined together to create something new. His signature style is drawn from strange, dreamy and ambiguous style inspirations. His SS16 Collection incorporated earthy, fresh looks with military and grunge undertones. I loved how he juxtaposed fresh white fabrics with khaki and muddy earth and moss greenery. It was quite extraordinary and the entire atmosphere created by his designs were a testament to his style. As you would expect, his show was full of drama down to the music used (a little eerie in my humble opinion) and the facial expressions of the models who walked the runway. I know some of the SS16 Collections designs may not be particularly everyday wear (well, I can only speak for myself) but I guess they were created to showcase his amazing talent. It’s very hard to deny how extraordinary his collection was and it was very different to all the shows I had seen. I quite enjoyed it as well!!

Overall Thoughts

I really had such a lovely time watching these shows and the designs of very talented designers. I left after the James Kelly Show which was in the afternoon. I heard the others shows were equally amazing. Thank you to Body Shop for inviting me to such epic shows and ensuring that I had an incredible time in the shows and in between shows. I hope you enjoyed the post and pictures and I will see you in my post. What show was your favourite?..…xxx
*I was kindly invited by Body Shop to attend this event but I was not obliged to write about it.


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