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I am sure everyone must be tired of reading about the Body Shop Spa of the Worldrange but it is one of the best ranges (in my opinion) that Body Shop has launched. I love how Body Shop has totally revamped some of their ranges, packaging and formulas. The Spa of the World range was launched during Summer and I was lucky to get  to try the African Ximenia Body Scrub* and the French Lavender Massage Oil*. Before I got the package, I had been in-store to check the entire range out and I was already obsessed. There is a wide range of products to choose from which you can find here. I hear some of the products are limited edition while others will be permanent. I just hope they make everything permanent because the entire range is fantastic.

Spa of the World Overview
The Body Shop Spa of the World range is designed to deliver a luxurious "me-time" spa experience all in the comfort of your own home. The ingredients used in the formulation of various products within the range have been hand-picked from all around the world which makes it a really exotic range. I am not surprised because Body Shop always uses high quality ingredients and I admire them for that. The range is categorised into various experiences that the products provide. These categories include:
Relaxing- Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay, African Ximenia Scrub, Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath, Japanese Camellia Cream and French Lavender Massage Oil.
Revitalising- Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil.
Blissful- Polynesia Monoi Beauty Oil, Hawaiian Kukui Cream and Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil
Seriously, I have tried all the products in store and they are simply divine and it is very difficult to decide on what to purchase as everything is perfection. The sad thing is these products are not included in the regular offers and discounts Body Shop does so I can't really go crazy and do a large order. However, I know I would be purchasing either the Japanese Camellia Cream or the Hawaiian Kukui Cream. I need to also pick up the Polynesia Monoi Oil  which I had used a few years ago when it was in its old packaging.. They are currently high on my wish list. I feel super lucky to be sent the African Ximenia Scrub* and French Lavender Massage Oil* to try. They were sent back in August and I have enjoyed using them so much. You can find them featured previously here and here.

One winning point for this range is the new packaging that really goes with the whole spa theme. It looks exotic and really encapsulates what a spa product should look like. I love the warm colour scheme and it makes the entire range look so much more expensive than it is. In my bathroom, it just looks divine and add some much needed warmth to an otherwise cool/neutral bathroom. The African Ximenia Scrub is a really large tub containing 350 ml of goodness. The packaging is made from very sturdy material and you can tell it is high quality. The lid is weighted which makes it easy to grip if you have wet hands in the bathroom. It's also easy to clean which I like and none of the inscriptions have cleaned off despite living in my bathroom all this while. I also like the packaging of the French Lavender massage Oil as it looks very cute with a small opening to help control the amount of product.

African Ximenia Scrub*// £18 // Link
This has to be one of the best scrub I have ever tried and I am aware that's a pretty bold statement to make. I currently have three scrubs I am rotating and they all have various purposes, however,  this is a good all-rounder. According to Body Shop, the African Ximenia Scrub is enriched from hand-picked Namibian Ximenia Fruit Seed also known as the "Tree of Life". It is well known for being an amazing body conditioner and this is exactly what makes the scrub one of the best I have tried. It has some granules  in it which aids with polishing the body and they are just the perfect size. I have some scrubs that have granules that are either too small/fine and they don't do much and others that feel slightly abrasive. However,  the African Ximenia Scrub granules hit the nail on the head with its texture and goes on so smoothly. It feel so luxurious on my skin and it's a pleasure to use.

It's very hard to explain these things but I suggest asking for a small sample when next you are in Body Shop (they are always good with giving out small samples). I start off with using a small amount and rubbing it in gentle circular motions around my hands (elbows), knees and my d├ęcolletage. These are the areas that need gentle exfoliation and this scrub has been so helpful in smoothing these areas out. The good thing about this scrub is it also has a moisturising element to it so it does not strip your skin out or leave it oily; it just leaves your skin supple. Lastly, it smells so divine. I know this sounds weird but I find the smell very relaxing and even when I am not using it, I just have a little sniff (sounds so wrong but I am telling myself it's normal). I can't think of anyone saying anything bad about this scrub as it's just so lovely. Plus, it's of African Heritage so I am super proud !!

French Lavender Massage Oil // £14 // Link
I was really delighted to find this French Lavender Massage Oil in the package I received because I was looking to try anything with lavender as I heard it is relaxing (I have since got more products with Lavender which I will be talking about soon). I am sure everyone must have come across Lavender Oil at some point because it is really one of the best/natural essential oils for relaxation. Body Shop have taken it a notch higher by sourcing lavenders from the South of France which I hear has one of the best types of Lavender. Lavender in itself is well known as a naturally calming scent that promotes well-being and helps de-stress body and mind. Lord knows I needed a lot of that this month (I will be updating you all soon). I already mentioned that I like the little opening at the top of the bottle because it allows you have so much control over the product. I only use a few drops after I take a shower and apply it around my pulse points. 

I love how easy the fragrance travels as I can feel its relaxing effects quite quickly. Sometimes, I use a few drops in between my palms and give a little rub and inhale it. It really helps me relax which is why I reserve it for night time and/or pamper session. I don't use it every day but it's always a treat each time I use it. It's also perfect for massaging but massages are only fun when someone else gives it to you. I am not good at giving massages at all but the BF had some pain around his legs and I used this around the area with a damp cloth and he said it was deeply relaxing. Maybe I am getting better or it may just be down to the French Lavender Massage Oil. One thing I really like about it is the texture which does not feel greasy at all. As much as I love oils, I prefer really light ones or dry oils and this oil feels super light (not drying though) and gets absorbed easily.

Overall Thoughts
I am obsessed with the Body Shop Spa of the World range and I am sure I am not the only one in this boat. I have read so many raving reviews about this range and it truly lives up to the hype. I love everything about the range down to the packaging and the quality of ingredients used. I do think most of the products are reasonably priced although the creams are slightly expensive at £23, however you are getting a huge tub/jar which would last a pretty long time. As mentioned earlier, the Spa of the World range is excluded from the usual Body Shop offers and discounts so it's full price all the way!! However, I am still definitely purchasing the Japanese Camellia Cream and the Polynesia Monoi Oil because I have checked them out in store and they are right up my alley. I also love to support brands that support my blog and Body Shop is one brand I love to support even way before they started sending me products to try. They are amazing and I am loving their new approach to redesigning their products. Have you tried any products from the Body Shop Spa of the World range?
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