Yardley London English Bluebell Event

I am really pleased I am getting my blogging Mojo back. I am sure you may or may not have noticed I was off for the good part of September. I will do an update post soon telling you a few reasons for it and new plans going forward. I always feel so lucky that I get invited to many lovely events and I always enjoy attending them. In September, I feel like I attended the most events and I will be sharing most of them on here. I do hope you like them and the pictures; I think that's the best part for me.. I always go crazy and take loads of photos as you would imagine so please bear with me.

Last month, I was kindly invited to the Yardley English Bluebell Event  which was held in Grace &Thorn Flower Shop London. I was particularly excited when I saw the invite because the event involved making my own terrarium. I know right, how exciting?!! First off, I have never made a terrarium or done any gardening/flower making at all so I was really looking forward to it.

Grace & Thorn Flower Shop are an amazing flower shop who specialise in making beautiful flowers  and floral designs for  homes, events, etc. They also hold various classes for making flowers and terrariums like this one. It was so appropriate that Yardley London was holding this event in a flower shop which fits perfect with the English Bluebell theme.

It was a really cosy venue and I saw some bloggers I have met in other events. It's always nice to see familiar faces in these kind of events. We were warmly welcomed by the lovely Yardley London PR team and we had a chance to have a bite and a drink.

Next up, the brand manager for Yardley London UK gave a really good presentation on the brand and also on the new  fragrance launch (English Bluebell) which is part of their Contemporary Classic Fragrance range. There were also videos talking about the launch and we also learned some fun facts about the English Bluebell. I had no idea that England was one of the top places where authentic Bluebells are grown which is amazing.

Some fun facts about the Bluebell include:
1. Bluebell Flowers are a protected specie
2. Spectacular Bluebell fields are only found in Northern Europe and Britain contains more than half of the world's population of these Bluebells.
3.In Folklore, the Bluebell is known as the "fairy flower" and one is compelled to speak the truth when wearing Bluebells.

I really liked these fun facts and it made the presentation very interesting. The video ad for the English Bluebell was shot in an English Bluebell field which made it look super whimsical. I loved it and if I can find a link, I would update this post with it. 

I am sure you may have heard about Yardley London at some point.  It is a quintessential British Brand which has been around for years and they specialise in making classic fragrances utilised in body sprays, perfumes, soaps, lotions, shower gels, hand washes, etc. I have always classified Yardley London as a brand for a classic or mature audience/market. However, they are redefining things and have relaunched the brand to also appeal to a younger market which I am so pleased about. Yardley London also have the Contemporary Classics range which I love because the fragrances are so fresh and feminine with classic fragrances such as the Lily of the Valley, English Rose, Lavender, April Violets and of course, English Bluebell. These fragrances surprisingly last quite well for an Eau de Toilette (EDT) and I am really impressed with the range.

The English Bluebell is part of this Contemporary Classics range and one of my favourite fresh scents to throw in my bag and refresh myself through the course of the day. It comes in a Eau de Toilette (50 ml and 125 ml)  and a Deodorant Body Spray (75 ml) as well. I would be reviewing it in a separate post so keep your eyes peeled for it. They are also very affordable as the 50 ml retails for £9.99, the 125 ml for £14.99 and the Deodorant Spray for £2.49. They are available on the Yardley London website as well as Boots website and in-store.

After the lovely presentation, it was time to to make some Terrariums. In case you are not very familiar with what it is, I would offer a brief description. A Terrarium is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown. They can be opened (or have an opening) for maintenance and to access the plants insde. They are often kept as decorative or ornamental items.

One of the ladies from Grace &Thorn Flower Shop was on hand to demonstrate how it was done and also help us create ours. I was really excited about this because I mentioned earlier that I have never made anything like this. After the demonstration, we all had a go at making our very own terrariums.

We all took our places on the sturdy work table which had an assortment of supplies for us to create our bespoke terrariums. I had a glass globe which had a nice opening at the top for easy access. It reminds me of a little Gold Fish bowl.

1. The first thing we did was to add some soil into the vase. It is important to add a level amount at first and then tilt it to the side to make it look a little more natural. The amount of soil to be added depends on the size of the plant you want to insert. You want adequate soil to provide support for the plant.

2. Next step was to choose the little potted plant to insert into the soil. She advised us to give the plant a little trim as well to ensure it fits well into the vase. It is also important make a nice hole in the middle of the soil for the plant to be inserted.

3. It was time to insert the plant into hole made in the soil and make sure it was well secure. We also patted some soil around the plant for reinforcement. This way it ensures the potted plant has ample room to movement and access to water and nutrients.

4. The next step was to add some moss to make it look more natural which we looked so lovely. I did not add too much into mine because I wanted space for other plant accessories. These additonal items give the terrarium a more natural and beautiful look.

5. We were allowed to decorate our terrarium in the making with pebbles, toadstools (so cute) and of course, the star of the show- The English Bluebell. It totally brought the terrarium to live with its vibrant yet soft blue shade.

6. Some minor adjustments were made here and there to ensure the terrarium looked as natural as possible. Sometimes, you may even need to cut part of the potted plant to create exctra room inside the vase which was what I had to eventually do to mine.

7. Of course, I made mine after I watched the very helpful demonstration and viola!! my terrarium was ready. I can't believe I actually made my own terrarium. I felt super proud!! And of course, I was snapping away as you do when you have created something you never dreamt you could

The lovely ladies from Grace & Thorn gave us some advice on how to care for our terrarium and helped us package them into a beautiful carrier bag for easy transport. Honestly, I was so impressed and felt very lucky to be invited to such a lovely event.

We all posed for more pictures and had time to play around with the Yardley London English Bluebell fragrance. We also had some lovely little English Bluebell inspired cupcakes complete with English Bluebell decorations. The Yardley London Event was so well put together and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was also sent home with a generous goody bag containing the Yardley London English Blue Bell Eau de Toilette*, Yardley London English Bluebell Deodorant Spray*, a selection of samples of the Contemporary Classic Fragrances* and the most incredible Bluebell Necklace from Alex Monroe Jewellery*.

It was such a lovely evening for me especially as I was having quite a tough day and week in general. A big thank you to Yardley London for inviting me to this event and to Dowal Walker PR for putting together the most thoughtful and creative event I have been to. That's pretty much it for today. Have you tried any products from Yardley London? See you in my next post...xx
* Gifted PR Sample + I was kindly invited to this event but not obliged to blog about it. I am just a crazy girl who likes taking photos,,,,that's all!! (Read my full disclaimer here).


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