Weekend Post #5: Anker Astro Mini Portable Phone Charger Review

Hi Lovelies,
I hope your weekend was fab. It's almost Monday and I have no idea where the weekend went. If you own a smart phone be it a Blackberry, Samsung or iPhone, you would understand that having your battery run out when you are on the move is an absolute nightmare. At least for me!! I do so much on my phone and I always take my charger everywhere with me..well until I got the Anker Astro Mini portable charger. Now, having my battery run out is a thing of the past. The Anker Astro Mini basically acts like a power bank to charge your phone and it can be used for a variety of phones including the iPhone (4-5S), iPad, Samsung Galaxy (S3-S5) , Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One X, etc. It is really versatile. The lightning cable for charging iPhones are not included though but that's not really a problem for me because I already have mine.

Packaging and Contents
I particularly like its compact lipstick-like shape which makes it really easy to just pop into my bag. Of course, it is much heavier than a lipstick but it's not too bad especially if you have a massive handbag. It comes with a smaller net pouch which you can place the charger inside so it is safe and protected and you don't have to be fishing for it in your handbag. It also comes with its own USB cable so you can charge the device itself before it is used.

How does it work
All I do is charge the Anker Astro Mini with its USB cable which came with it and that's all it needs as that holds more than full charge for my phone. Charging it does take a while but it's all worth it when you are enjoying your phone with its charge. I usually charge it overnight because I get back in the evening from work and it is still charging when I am off to bed. It has a light indicator which turns orange/yellow when it is being charged and green when it is fully charged. When it's time to charge my phone, I just connect it with my lightning cable and switch the tiny button on and it charges my phone. It actually charges it really well;  I think it's as good as the original charger my phone came with. When I am done, it automatically switches itself off which is really handy and it also does the same if the phone gets disconnected so you don't have to worry about its charge being wasted.

I am really impressed with this little device and it has really helped me and my phone a lot. I even use it to charge my iPad and it is still able to charge both of them really well. If it is fully charged, it can  fully charge an iPhone at least twice a day (based on my experience) and I think that's really amazing. Of course, if you are using your phone at the same time as you are charging it, then it may not be as fast as you would expect. I honestly don't know why it has taken me so long to buy it. It was only £14 and it is one of the best £14 I have ever spent for real!! You can purchase it here on Amazon  That's the weekender folks and see you in my next post..x


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