Weekend Post #6: Desk/Working Space Organisation feat IKEA Micke Desk

Hi my Lovelies,
If you remember my post on behind the blogging scenes, I mentioned that I blogged in a variety of places with my bed being my favourite which it still is. But let's face it, hands up if you are able to work efficiently and productively on your bed? Yeah, me neither; I am not just one of those lucky people who can do so much on their bed which is why I wanted to get a desk. My room is an average size so I was not sure a desk would fit in well but I was rather pleasantly surprised that it did and it really makes my room even cosier. I got the desk from IKEA and it's from the Micke Range. Thank goodness Le BF drove me to IKEA because their locations are just always so out of town which is really annoying if you have to take public transport. I already knew the model number of the table so I just picked it up and took it straight to check out. I had no time for wandering which would have bankrupted me if I did because IKEA just has so many beautiful things *sigh*.

Sadly, Le BF had to leave early so there was no time for him to help me assemble it (he promised to do it next week) but the excited little DIY girl in me could not wait. So, I got down to business and I prayed first because I really didn't want to mess it up as I have seen a few examples of "dislocated and disjointed" IKEA furniture. The assembly instructions were pretty straightforward but you have to be careful and follow it to T. When it was all done, I felt so proud and super accomplished. I know it's silly right but it just meant a lot that I actually put it together all by myself. I have never, ever assembled anything major...(I once put together my IKEA clothes rack though but that was biscuits compared to this). Next on the list was organising my desk. I personally like an organized spacious space because an organized space greatly influences my mood and work demeanour. The main reason for buying this desk was to have a personal space to do some work/reading both on my normal job and for blogging.

With this at the back of my mind, I was able to plan out my personal desk staples which include the following:
1. Laptop: That's where all the work needs to be done including blogging, editing my photos, browsing, doing some research for work and just planning. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a laptop.. Nah!! I can't even imagine it right now.
2. iPad: It's essential for my blogging as I can always check out a few things while still working and iPads are just so beautiful to browse on.
3. Lamp: There is just something relaxing about having a lamp rather than a big bright light.
4. Candles: I like the idea of having candles in a room because it is very calming but I find it really hard to splurge on really expensive candles (Diptique and Jo Malone, I am looking at you) so I settled for one from IKEA (95p) and a small Yankee Candle which was £1.
5. Flowers: To be honest, I have not always been a flower girl but towards the end of last year, I had to buy some flowers for an occasion and I fell in love with flowers. They are so beautiful and can really change the atmosphere of a room. However, I decided to get artificial ones for now which look really pretty and you can't even tell (I know it's silly but I put some water in the vase...don't judge me)
6. Vase: I wanted a nice long and simple vase and I chose this one from Wilkinson because it just appealed to me. I tested the flowers inside it and it looked amazing so I got it.
7. Pen Holder: I got mine from Wilkinson to store my pens, pencils, scissors and other random stationery.
8. Power Sockets: The best location for your table would ideally be near a power source so you can charge and connect your laptop, lamps and other devices.
9. Notebook/Diary: I love to write and take notes, in fact, my mum calls me secretary..lol. I have always loved writing with a pen and paper because it just makes me happy :-)
Other random things on my table which are not really essential but can make a desk look really snazzy.
1. Magazines: I love to have my magazines near me because they also add some inspiration when I am blogging and they could act as props as well.
2. Makeup and Storage: Yes, I love to put my makeup and storage on top of my desk (I have also started doing my makeup here too)  because it looks nice there and it also makes a good backdrop for pictures. All storage are from Muji and the red box on top was from a Lancome Gift set I got last year and I have converted it to a box for samples that need to be tested/used. My brush holders are just normal glass cups which I have had for ages. I think I got them from Sainsbury and they have come with me through my many moves across the UK and this is one way to ensure they never get broken.
3. Teacup and Saucer:  The Teacup and Saucer are from TK Maxx and it cost only £1 altogether. I love to have a cup of green tea when I get back from work because it has many health benefits including boosting the body's metabolism and it makes me feel relaxed. I just love how it tastes especially when I add some honey and lemon. That's it folks!! My desk space is now one of my new favourite places to be and it has helped me stay more focused and organised in more ways than I imagined. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and see you in my next post...x


  1. Your makeup table though...envy! Lol


    1. Hahaha, thanks a lot..it's nothing special, I promise :-)


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