Collection 2000 "Primed and Ready" Smoothing Make-Up Primer Review

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I hope you have been enjoying my regular posts this week. Most of the posts this past week has been beauty and make up reviews but I have more varied posts up next week so stay tuned :-)

Today, I am going to be reviewing the Collection 2000 Primed and Ready Smoothing Makeup Primer(Phew! that was quite a mouthful!). A primer acts like a base for your face before application of foundation or any other facial makeup. It basically acts like a barrier between your foundation and the oils from your skin to prevent your foundation from sliding off your face and promoting longevity of your overall face makeup. Primers generally :
  1. Allow foundation to "stay put" in hot weather.
  2. Help prevent skin from absorbing talc and pigment from your foundation as well as preventing talc from drawing oil from the skin.
  3. Diminish the appearance of pores and prevent foundation from seeping into these pores or fine lines on the face
I have not tried many primers, in fact, I have only tried one which is the L'Oreal one. Anyways, back to this review. I caught sight of this primer on Youtube and I quickly checked it out online for any reviews. To my delight, the reviews were good so I went ahead to get it.

It comes in a Black tube with dark pink inscriptions which actually caught my eyes. Pink against black definitely looks good. There is not much to say about the packaging. It is pretty basic. It has a nice lid on the tube which allows a sizable amount of product to be dispensed. I hate products which let out more product than you need. 

Although, there is not much details about its formula on the packaging, i have a feeling it is a silicone based primer because it has the smooth texture of a silicone based formula. It is in a clear gel-like form which appears clear and almost invisible when applied on the skin. It dries clear.


Normally, the steps I take are as follows; I moisturize my face and wait for a few seconds for it to get absorbed before applying the primer. I focus the primer to my T-zone which is where i get really shiny towards the end of the day. I actually think I may have combination skin which is having both normal/dry skin and oily skin in different areas of your face. I actually only get shiny around my T-zones. Foundation glides across my face easily after using my primer. Asides that, my foundation and all other make up actually last longer on my face especially around the T-zones which is amazing for my skin.

This bottle retails for £5.99 in any local beauty and drug store. However, you guys know i love deals. I got mine from Tesco for £4.00 which i think is a bargain compared to its normal price. Although, it is appears to be cheap, it is very good quality for a drug store brand. For £5.99(or £4 in my case), you  get 18 ml of Primer which I think is very good value compared to a high end primer e.g. Benefit's Porefessional Primer retails for about £24.50 for 22 ml tube. 

Overall, I have to say it is a good primer but i have not used any high end primer brands yet so I can't compare it with any. I think it's good quality for the price..

Hope you enjoyed this post...more posts coming up soon!!!


*DISCLOSURE: I have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in this post. All Opinions are mine and the products were bought and paid for by me.


  1. To be confirmed, I have just got this one from drugstore nearly my accommodation and love it as the texture feel smooth and clear on my face when applied. Compare to Benefit's primer, i think the result appear almost the same.

    1. Awww that's really lovely and I am glad you like it...You know what? I think i may be picking up another tube as I have run out...Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to know if this primer smooths out pores, like the one on the nose.


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