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Hi My Lovelies,
I feel like i have massively neglected this blog for a long while and i apologize for that. Not for not publishing new posts but for not letting you, my lovely readers, know that I would be taking a hiatus for a short while. I am tempted to say I have gotten my blogging mojo back but I have not got it back completely and I will be the last person to put up a half-baked post when I can skip it altogether. Having said that, I have missed blogging and I see myself completely back in a short while. Thank you so much for always stopping by and leaving all the love on here; it really goes a long way. I have quite a few blog posts planned in my drafts which i will be whipping out when I get back to my lovely blogging self but in the mean time, I will leave you with a lovely little purchase i got from Primark which i think is perfect for the Fall/Autumn Season. I must say Primark aka Primarni is really stepping up their game both in quality and price. Oh yeah, gone are the days when you could walk into Primark with a tenner and come out with a bag of goodies. But I must say the prices have gone up almost in proportion to the quality and style they have got in there which is bang on trend!!

Primark Red and Gold Embossed Wallet
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the super posh name I christened my beautiful wallet. Hahahha, this is what the other big brands do and attach hefty price tags to their products. Note to Primark: Thank me later for this wonderful name!! To be honest, I do love wallets and I will like to have a fancy pancy one someday but for now, most of my wallets have been from normal high street brands like River Island and Dorothy Perkins and I do use my wallets for a really long time, sometimes, as long as almost 2 years. My last one was properly battered and i will spare you any pictures for fear you may click off this page prematurely. Anyways, I went into Primark and this wallet totally caught my eye!! it was very cute with its gold plated little bow and it had a variety of colours but I was attracted to this rich red colour because it seemed to call out to me. I promptly snatched it up before it went away.

It is a pretty decent wallet and it appears stronger than some of the other Primark Wallets that were on display. I have to say Primark has quite a few lovely designs with better than average quality so I was quite pleased to see this wallet in this rich red colour complete with the gold plated bow which also doubles as the clasp for the wallet which you can twist to lock it. The outer material is made of soft faux leather which feels, surprisingly, like good quality leather but i know it is not. Anyways, time will Inside the wallet houses various compartments for cards, notes and coins. It also has a separate compartment with a zip where you can store additional cash and other bits and bobs. I never carry cash especially here in the UK as i prefer to use my cards so this is excellent for me. The zip feels really sturdy and does not snag or act dodgy when zipping as some really cheap wallets do. I am also happy to report that the card compartments fit your cards properly; not too tight or loose and it is quite easy to pull your cards out when you need it. I once bought a wallet a little while ago on sales, which has been promptly returned if i may add, but it would not fit my cards properly; what's the point in that? Now, I always make sure i test if my cards fit before purchasing any wallet.

As usual, this was very affordable which is the reason why i always pop in every now and then to Primark. This wallet set me back by only £5 and i think it is pretty lovely for such good quality but I can only say time will tell how long and hard wearing this wallet will be but I won't stress myself too much if anything untoward happens to it. I totally doubt this wallet will let me down because my sister has another lovely wallet also from Primark which she has been using for almost a year and it looks the same way as it was when she bought it. I had been scheming earlier to get (tiff) that wallet from her but my plans have failed and I think with this new wallet, I have decided to bury that plan...for now!! You can pick this up in any Primark nearest to you hehehhehe.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to be back with more posts during this week. So say a little prayer to get my Blogging Mojo back...toodles...xx


  1. I love how pretty this purse is..excellent purchase.

    Becka! :) x

  2. Hi Becka, thank you so much for a lovely comment!! I really do love this purse and fingers crossed it does not let me down...xx


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