MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

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I think my blogging mojo is gradually coming back to me and the weather has also added an extra oomph to my mood in a way that makes me want to take pictures which you all know i love to do. Sometimes, I feel there are too many photos in a single blog post but I can't really help it... I am guilty of taking many pictures and finding it really hard to delete the ones i don't need...tehehhe.
I recently did a little shopping in MAC, not just for me, but for my sister and also my friend . I am not sure if this is common in the MAC Counter in Selfridges London but I got a sample without asking..AT ALL. You all know I am very big on getting samples especially from high end brands but MAC is one of the few that are a bit difficult to get samples from. The only freebie i get is when i return 6 packs of Back to MAC empties for a free lipstick so you can imagine my shock when the lovely sales lady put in the Mac Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Primer in my shopping bag. I did a double take and she just smiled and said she hopes I like it when i try it out. To be honest, I was extremely pleased and surprised ,if i may add, because I really wanted to try out the MAC Prep +Prime Primer for a long time but I could not justify spending so much on it especially if i don't end up liking it. So here goes my little review of this sample which, by the way, has lasted for a good time for me...Yahhh!

I can't really comment on the packaging as this is a sample size but i must say i love when brands take their time to have really decent packaging for their free samples and MAC is one of the brands that ensure their samples, howbeit few, make that cut. Although, this is just a tiny sample, it has gone a really long way and you need only a little for a perfect face. The tube does squeeze out a little more than required but I am not sure the proper full size does the same but you really do need a little. I have read a few reviews where people preferred for the primer tube to be transparent which makes sense as one will like to know when it is about to run out.

After getting over my excitement, i proceeded to try this out. My usual routine is -moisturiser, primer , concealer/foundation and powder. It felt really smooth to touch and applied easily alongside my moisturiser. I think i really liked how smooth it applied on my skin without any hitches. Although it looks white, it appears clear on application and you can't tell that you have it on as it is very light as expected anyways. Next, I applied my foundation/powder as normal and it helped my foundation glide even smoother and the finished look was fab. I have not noticed any scent to it, maybe a very slight scent but not sure, I can't trust my nose... :-0

Longevity/Wear Time
Primers are meant to help your foundation last longer and prevent it from sliding off your face in hot conditions. This definitely does what it is meant to do as my foundation lasted a little longer than when i used my Collection 2000 Primer (check out the review here). I suspect it does have some slight moisturising action in it because my skin felt really softer and the name does say Prep and Prime so maybe it does have some moisturising properties inside it but don't quote me on that. This does not have any SPF in it for all you SPF lovers but I guess that's still okay as you can use a moisturiser or foundation with SPF with it.

I will definitely pick the full size up when the samples completely runs out. It retails for £18 in any MAC counters strewn all over the world and online as well. I think it is a decent amount for the quality and quantity you get. The big decision for me will be to decide between the MAC Prep + Primer Skin Base Visage and the Benefit Porefessional Primer because i do really like both of them but I think i may be leaning towards the MAC Prep +Prime only because it cost slightly less :-)))

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks as always for stopping by..see you in my next post which should be pretty soon...x...If you have any suggestions for any post/review, do let me know...toodles...x


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