Roger & Gallet Perfumed Soap Review

If there's one brand that knows its onions when it comes to body care and fragrance, it has to be Roger & Gallet. I have used various products from their collections and they have always been impressive. Their perfumed soaps are one of the best I have ever tried. Roger & Gallet don't play around when it comes to perfumed soaps because they are really intensely fragranced. Of course, they do the job of cleansing the body, too. I was sent a lovely surprise package from their PR a few months ago and you may have seen them featured on my Instagram a couple of times. I really wanted to share this post about these gorgeous soaps because I know they will make great gifts without breaking the bank.

In addition to how amazing the fragrance in these soaps are, they come in such dainty pretty packaging.  The box in this post is a PR package one however these soaps are sold in either individual packaging (mini box) or in a gift set and gift box. The great thing about these boxes is that they can also be used to store the soap when you are travelling and still look cute.  I love the design of the PR package I was sent because it is reminiscent of Paris. It is colourful, feminine and playful. Everything down to the inner wrapping paper is so gorgeous. The fragrance from these soaps even comes through the packaging so you don't have to guess what these soaps smell like before purchasing. Most importantly, they make such incredible gifts and you don't have to do any extra wrapping as they are ready to go.

Brief Overview of the Roger & Gallet Perfumed Soaps
I believe there are 11 perfumed soaps in the entire collection and it's so difficult to pick one fragrance because they smell so good.  Initially, I purchased the Jean Marie Farine Set (which came with a matching perfumed soap). I was kindly sent the Fleur de Figuier Perfumed Soap along with the matching Body Cream. A little while ago, another lovely package arrived so beautifully presented and it contained 3 more perfumed soap. I felt very spoiled but grateful!! I have the following perfumed soaps: Gingembre*, Rose*, Cedrat*, Fleur de Figuier* and Jean Marie Farina.

According to the Roger & Gallet website, these perfumed soaps are produced using a unique manufacturing process which combines an intense fragrance with an infinite softness. I can't even begin to tell you how well made these soaps are and they have such incredible quality for the price. One thing that stands out to me is how long lasting these soaps are. I grew up using soaps instead of body washes/shower gels so I have used many soaps including fragranced ones. However, I find that many soaps get really messy after a few uses and it makes it quite difficult to enjoy using them as they become slippery. The Roger & Gallet Perfumed Soaps never get messy no matter how careless I am in the bathroom. They retain their shape all through and that's why they are my favourite soaps ever. The best part is that they are so intensely fragranced that you may almost think you are bathing with a perfume (I know that sounds exaggerated but that's really how I feel). Some of my regular body washes/shower gels don't even smell half as good as these soaps. The fragrance in each soap lasts the entire lifespan of the soap. These soaps lather well and give my body a nice cleanse. It just beautifully ticks all the boxes for me and I will highly recommend trying them out.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Range* //Link //from £6.50
I just had to include this collection in my review because it is my favourite collection from Roger & Gallet. It smells so heavenly and every single time I use the perfume, I get loads of compliments. I have written a review about the Fleur de Figuier Perfume here which incidentally is the first EDP from Roger & Gallet. The rest of their fragrances are EDTs but believe me, you can't tell because they al last for such a long time. I was sent the Fleur de Figuier Body Lotion*, Fragranced Soap* and Precious Replenishing Balm* at different times through this year. I may have featured them in separate reviews but I just wanted to talk about them all in one post. The Fleur de Figuier Fragrance is one of my all-time top 10 fragrances. This is actually my second bottle so you can imagine how much I reach for it. The Fleur de Figuier Body Lotion smells so luxurious and it's long lasting just like the fragrance. It has a lovely light texture and I used it all through Summer because it gets absorbed quickly into my skin without any greasy residue. Now that it is Winter, I have switched to the Fleur de Figuier Precious Replenishing Balm. It smells exactly like the fragrance and it lingers so beautifully on my skin for a good while through the day. I have almost finished the entire tub and will be restocking soon. I have not used my Fragranced Soap yet because I am saving it for my next city break. I love that it comes in its own separate packaging which makes it travel-friendly.

Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina // Link //from £6.50
My other favourite collection from Roger & Gallet  is the Jean Marie Farina. I got this set from John Lewis and I loved having the fragrance in a set with the matching perfumed soap. It was not a fragrance I instantly fell in love with but it totally grew on me and now I reach for it a lot. It is one of those fragrances that is unisex and I love that. I find myself reaching for it now that the weather is colder and I prefer richer fragrances. I would describe this fragrance as very refreshing, zesty with a tinge of sexy musk. It has a strong citrus vibe which is why I tend to reach for it now that it is Winter because it reminds me of Summer. The top notes are Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are Neroli, Petitgrain and Rosemary while the base notes are Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Myrtle, Cedar, Vetiver, Musk and White Amber. I can see why it can work as a nice unisex fragrance. It smells very sexy without being in your face.  I love the design of the bottle and it feels like a blend of vintage meets modern design. The red theme makes it such a perfect gift for Christmas.

Where to Buy // from £6.50
The great thing about Roger & Gallet is that they are easily accessible. There are affordable and make one of the best gift sets (beautifully wrapped, if I might add). You can check them out on the Roger & Gallet website however I don't think you can purchase directly from them. Instead, you will be linked to other retailers to purchase. I usually purchase my Roger & Gallet from the following websites: John Lewis, Escentual, M & S, Feel Unique and House of Fraser. I am sure there are other retailers but these are my favourite ones. They always have offers on so make sure you look for those offers.

Overall Thoughts
Now that the festive season is here, I know many people are either finishing off their Christmas shopping or maybe starting theirs. I personally prefer to buy gifts that are already well wrapped or beautifully packaged.  If you are like me and prefer ready-to-go gifts which are beautifully packaged, I will highly suggest trying out the Roger & Gallet gift sets. If you are after stocking fillers, these perfumed soaps will make an incredible gift. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next one.
*PR Samples + Affiliate links used, read my full disclaimer here


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