Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range Review

Back in October, I was very kindly invited for a Hydro Boost Facial with A-List Celebrity Super Facialist Nuz Shugaa (check out her Instagram). I was excited because I love facials (who doesn't?) and it was going to be my first Neutrogena Facial. I chose the Tokyo Hydroboost Facial and I had such a great time. I loved the venue and I felt  super relaxed despite having a somewhat stressful/manic day at work. Nuz Shugaa is such a lovely lady and I absolutely enjoyed my facial with her because she made me feel at home. We chatted away like old friends even though we had not met before.

I can't remember all the steps to the facial (even though she explained each step all the way) . However, I know a good facial when I am fully relaxed and that's exactly how I felt. After the facial, my skin felt very hydrated and supple and I just wanted to go straight to bed. She used all the products from the Neutrogena Hydrobost range and I could not wait to try out the range for myself.

I was very kindly gifted almost all the products from the range. I also purchased a few more products so I could fully experience the entire range. I have been trying out this range for a while and I want to share my thoughts on each product. It's going to be a long post and I hope you enjoy this long read with a nice cup of your fave drink......

Brief Overview of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range
As the name suggests, the Hydro Boost range is designed to boost the hydration of your skin and maintain it through the day. According to the Neutrogena website, the range replenishes water and helps improve the skin's moisture barrier resulting in smooth hydrated skin. To achieve this claim, the range is infused with a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix which instantly locks in intense hydration in the skin and releases it through the day. Of course, I was intrigued by this description and I dedicated an entire month incorporating as many products as possible to see how well the entire range worked for my skin. For reference purposes, my skin is combination-oily, dehydrated and prone to blemishes and hyper pigmentation. I love how there's a good number of products within the range to help you stick to a complete skincare routine. The products in the Hydro Boost range include the Hydro Boost Gelee Milk Cleanser*, Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser*, Hydro Boost Exfoliator Smoothing Gel*, Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser*, Hydro Boost Gel Cream Moisturiser*, Hydro Boost Micellar Water, Hydro Boost Cleansing Facial Wipes*, Hydro Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion* (with SPF 25) and Hydro Boost Eye Awakening Gel Cream. I wish they had a toner or essence and a serum as that would have completely nailed this entire collection. However,  I am still happy they covered many products that are used in a regular skincare routine. The range has a slight fragrance which I actually really like but I think it is important to always mention that in reviews for people who are sensitive to fragrances. I do have to mention that it is not overpowering or overwhelming at all; it's just a lovely subtle scent.

Can we just give a round of applause to Neutrogena for the lovely packaging for this range? I think anything blue makes me feel serene and relaxed. The blue shade reminds me of a blue ocean or maybe a blue sky in Spring. The individual packaging of each product is very practical, travel friendly and non-messy. My favourite packaging has to be the Water Gel and the Gel-Cream. They are sturdy and well made yet very light and travel-friendly. The pumps on the cleansers have a lock system to prevent any mess when you are travelling or if you have small kids who want to play with your skincare products. I really like the packaging and it feels a little more luxurious than the other Neutrogena products I have tried.

Hydro Boost Cleansing Facial Wipes* //Link // £4.99 (on offer for £2.49)
I had to actually purchase a second pack of the wipe because I really enjoyed it. I only like about 2 or 3 Makeup Wipes out there and this has now entered the list of my favourite makeup wipes. Neutrogena describes it as a soft wipe infused with a cleansing lotion that removes makeup including waterproof makeup while quenching the skin with a vital boost of hydration. I absolutely agree that it is great at removing my makeup including my waterproof eye makeup. It does not leave my skin stripped or dry which usually happens with some makeup wipes. I do have to use at least two wipes to take off my makeup and eye makeup. However, I think one wipe may be enough if you don't wear eye makeup. I love that the seal/lid at the top sticks well to prevent the wipes from losing their moisture. I find that some wipes have a weak lid/seal so the wipes end up losing their moisture and become a pain to use. However, that's not the case with these Neutrogena wipes.

Hydro Boost Micellar Water // Link  //£7.99 (on offer for £3.99)
I purchased this product because I love Micellar waters. I do have my favourite Micellar Waters but I was keen to try out the Hydro Boost one especially for its hydrating properties. Neutrogena describes it as a unique cleanser that gently removes makeup while quenching the skin with a boost of vital hydration. I love how slim the packaging is and you get a decent amount of product in it (200ml). I find it very hydrating and refreshing to use which is just what I need after a long day at work. I never use a micellar water or wipe as my only cleanser as I don't believe my skin can feel clean with just one method. No matter how tired I am, I always opt for a double cleanse. However, this is a good makeup remover. It is not great at removing my waterproof eye makeup but it does a pretty good job at removing the rest of my makeup. I have to use quite a few cotton pads to take off all my makeup and I only ever use one or two. I would say it will work best for anyone who does not wear makeup or a lot of makeup. With the added hydrating boost it gives, I think it is worth a try if you have dry skin.

Hydro Boost Eye Awakening Gel Cream // Link // £12.99 (on offer for £8.66)
I was looking out for a new eye cream so when Nuz Shugaa used this on me during the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Tokyo Facial, I was completely sold. I went straight into Boots after the facial to purchase this and I am such a big fan. I love the compact packaging and it lets out the right amount of product I need. Neutrogena describe it as a shot of instant hydration that instantly replenishes the skin around the under eye area using their Hyaluronic Gel Matrix. I love the gel texture which feels really refreshing on the skin. It is lightweight (which is expected for eye creams) and applies smoothly around the eye area. It feels very silky and it definitely provides much needed hydration to my under eye area. When I use it in the morning, it really helps my concealer apply smoother with less creasing. For the price, I think it does a good job and I have been reaching for it a little more than my regular eye creams.

Hydro Boost Gelee Milk Cleanser* // Link // £7.99 (on offer for £5.33)
I was excited to see that Neutrogena had included two different cleansers in the Hydro Boost range. They do look quite similar especially as they come in very similar packaging. However, they work for different purposes. Neutrogena describes the Gelee Milk Cleanser as an innovative cleanser which combines the lightness of a gel with the efficacy of a cleansing milk. It is basically a gel/cleansing milk hybrid and I found that very interesting. I tend to reserve this cleanser for my morning cleanse as it really soothes my skin leaving it very fresh, soft and ready for the day. I don't think it is great at removing makeup compared to the Water Gel Cleanser which is why I prefer it for mornings or pamper days. I love how it feels against my skin and I tend to use my fingers compared to my usual beauty tools. With my fingers, I am able to work it into my skin and massage my skin. I rinse off with either warm water or cold water and I am ready for the rest of my skincare. It does not leave any greasy residue on my skin which I love because some cleansing milks tend to do that. I actually enjoyed using this more than I thought I would. If you like the Glossier Milky Gelly Cleanser, you would totally love the Neutrogena Gelee Milk Cleanser.

Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser* // Link //£7.99 (on offer for £5.33)
This is one of my favourite products from their entire range. I love the simple and practical packaging complete with a pump. Whenever a cleanser has a pump, it totally wins my heart because it means I have greater control of the amount of product I need to use. Neutrogena describes this cleanser as an innovative lightweight gel that activates with water to lather away dirt and makeup while providing a boost of hydration. I absolutely agree with this description because it really captures how this cleanser works. I am all for gel cleansers because I personally feel they are better suited for my combination-oily skin. Although my skin is combination-oily, it tends to feel dehydrated so I prefer hydrating cleansers that don't strip of my skin of any moisture it has managed to cling onto. I am so pleased with this cleanser because it is easy to use and it works well with both my fingers or with a cleansing device (mainly my FOREO Luna Mini). It lathers well (but not in a crazy way) and it feels great on the skin. My skin always feels clean and hydrated after each use and I look forward to using it everyday. I tend to use this more in the evening because I feel it works slightly better at cleansing my skin than the Gelee Cleansing Milk which I use in the morning.

Hydro Boost Smoothing Exfoliating Gel* // Link // £7.99 (on offer for £5.33)
I am a huge fan of anything exfoliating but I am more into chemical exfoliating lotions rather than physical/manual ones. However, I recently started getting back into gel exfoliators or exfoliating cleansers and I am loving them. I was really excited to try this Hydro Boost Smoothing Exfoliating Gel because it reminded me of the Murad AHA/BHA Cleanser which is my all time favourite cleanser. Neutrogena describes this exfoliating gel as an innovative gel with soft, naturally derived microbeads that gently exfoliates and removes impurities while providing a boost of hydration. I tend to use this twice a week or more depending on how my skin is feeling. The microbeads are very gentle so if you have sensitive skin you would love this as it is not abrasive at all. This is also one of my favourite products because it is easy to use, you can feel results (soft and smooth skin) and it washes off easily. You don't feel any microbeads residue on your face which is plus for me.

Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser* // Link //£12.99 (on offer for £8.66)
This was the first product I was drawn to when I initially heard about the range. It must have been on a USA YouTuber's channel and I told myself I need to try it when it launches in the UK. I am so glad Neutrogena has two options for moisturiser in this range and they are both super hydrating. Neutrogena describes as a refreshing water-gel moisturiser that contains a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix that instantly locks in intense hydration and releases it through the day. I love the packaging so much and it looks/feels expensive. The texture is absolutely beautiful and sinks in so well into my skin. It feels like my skin is having a nice drink of water whenever I use it. My skin feels really soft and smooth and ready for the rest of my skincare or makeup. It does not feel tacky or greasy (it is oil-free) at all; it's just straight up hydration. I prefer to use this during the day because it feels lightweight and does not interfere with the rest of my makeup. If anything, it helps prepare my skin better for my makeup.

Hydro Boost Gel Cream Moisturiser* // Link // £12.99 (on offer for £8.66)
The Hydro Boost Gel Cream Moisturiser is very similar to the Water Gel Moisturiser but they do have different textures. They come in similar packaging which is nice. It would have been great if there was a slight difference to separate them from each other. It has the same description as the Water Gel Moisturiser and I believe they work in a similar way. The main difference is their texture. The Gel Cream feels slightly thicker than the Water Gel Moisturiser however it is lighter than many other cream moisturisers that I own. I love using it at night because I feel it locks in more moisture to my skin. It also feels refreshing when you apply it which is what I need for my night time skincare routine. Although it feels slightly thicker than the Water Gel version, it does not sit uncomfortably on the skin at all and it is also oil-free. If you have extra dry skin and you want any extra boost of long lasting hydration, I will highly recommend checking this out.

Hydro Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion* // Link  //£12.99
Lastly, I have got the Hydro Boost City Shield Lotion with SPF 25 which I was surprised to see because I did not know the Hydro Boost range had a sunscreen. I am so pleased that they do. Neutrogena describes it as a hydrating lotion formulated with hyaluronic acid which replenishes the skin with a boost of hydration that improves the skin's barrier against aggressive external factors. It also contains antioxidants which helps protect the skin from pollution. For sunscreen, it is developed with Helioplex which delivers superior protection against UVA and UVB damage.

The lotion itself has a light blue colour which made me slightly apprehensive as I did not want to have a blue or white cast after I applied it. Thankfully, it sinks in smoothly and I don't get flashbacks or white/blue cast. I am not sure how it would behave if you have very dark skin but I think it would be okay. The reason I love it is because it is non-greasy, non-tacky and does not sit heavy/greasy on my skin. I can apply it in the morning and do my makeup straight after because it gets easily absorbed. If you wanted to get an all in one product from this range, I will suggest checking this out because it provides hydration, moisturises and protects the skin.

Where to buy // Link
You can find out more about the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range on their website and it is sold in various drug stores including Boots, Superdrug, etc. You can also find the range in Sainsbury's, ASDA, etc. I tend to buy any repurchases from any store that has a reasonable offer. Most times, it's usually half price, buy one get one off or 3 for 2. There is always an offer going on so keep an eyeout for them. I just noticed that Boots (at time of posting this) are currently having a 1/3rd off offer which is amazing. This is such a great time to stock up and I have linked to Boots below. Even at full price, I think they are reasonably priced for the quality you get (majority of them are under £10 and a few are under £15).

Overall Thoughts
I love all the products I got to try from the Hydro Boost range but I certainly have my favourites. The Water Gel Cleanser, Water Gel Moisturiser, Smoothing Exfoliator Gel and Awakening Eye Gel Cream are my favourites and will repurchase those when I run out. I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for sticking with me through this long post. Have you tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate Links used, read my full disclaimer here


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