Jurlique Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial Review

I was introduced to Jurlique as a brand last year  following the launch of their UK flagship store and I have really enjoyed their events and the products I was kindly gifted. You can check out my post on the Jurlique here and here. I whip out my Jurlique products whenever I want to pamper myself because they just do the job so well. I also incorporate them in my regular skincare routine every now and then but I do save them for my special pamper days and nights. Last month, I was invited to try out the Jurlique Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial* and there was no way I could turn down such a brilliant offer. I already had a brief taster session of a Hand Massage during the Jurlique UK Flagship Store Launch event so I knew I was in for a treat. I cannot think of a better time to have had the Jurlique Rose Indulgence Facial because I was quite stressed. I was seriously looking forward to this Facial and it delivered above and beyond what I expected. If you want to read more about Jurlique and their ethos, head on over to this post. I will just jump right into my experience with the Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial.

My appointment was in the evening which worked out so well for me because I knew the facial will be the perfect way to end my day. I am sure you may already know but Jurlique UK now have a flagship store in the UK. The address is 489 Oxford Street , W1C 2AU London. It is in a prime location on Oxford Street (Oxford Circus) and you can't miss it. It's just opposite Dune and a few shops away from Urban Outfitters, Zara and Selfridges. The nearest tube station is Bond Street. The Jurlique Flagship store is just so beautiful. I love the ambience of the store and it is well lit so you can see all the lovely products well laid out. At the end of the store is the Spa/Massage room which looks so relaxing and it is so much bigger than it looks. The lighting in the spa room is quite dim which is perfect for zoning out and enjoying the massage. There's a lot of storage space to store your personal items and a mirror as well. I decided to take photos first because I knew I'd be too relaxed after the facial/massage to even bother. I even made a couple of videos for Instastory.

Jurlique Signature Facials and Body Treatments //Link // from £55
Jurlique have amazing facials called the Jurlique Signature Facials which feature Jurlique Professional Products. These Signature Facials include the Anti-Stress Facial (£55 for 45 minutes), the Customised/Signature Facials (£65 for 1 hour), the Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial (£75 for 75 minutes), the Ultimate Signature Facial (£90 for 1 hour 30 minutes) and the Nutri-Define Touch of Luxe Facial Treatment (£100 for 1 hour 30 minutes). They also have Jurlique Face and Body Treatments including the Best of Both Worlds, Touch of Heaven and Mum-to-Be Face and Body Treatment. These treatments and facials can be booked in bulk (i.e. booking a couple at a time) to get a discount. I was kindly offered an opportunity to try out the Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial which was an amazing 75 minutes of pure bliss. I honestly did not want to get up from the massage table.

How to Book
These facials can be booked in person or over the phone (02074999219) to make a reservation.  Alternatively, you can email OxfordSt@jurlique.co.uk. It's also great that bookings can be amended any time but they do request for at least 24 hours' notice for alteration or rescheduling appointments. If it's less than 24 hours' notice, then it may incur a 50% cancellation fee which I think sounds fair and it's the policy in many places. It is also good to come in at least 15 minutes early just to have some time to relax and fill in the health questionnaire. Plus, Jurlique always have some delicious tea waiting for you which is worth coming in early for, if you ask me.

Brief Overview of the Rose Indulgence Facial* // Link //£75 
The Rose Indulgence Facial is designed to give instant hydration results while rejuvenating the skin with the hydrating power of Jurlique's pure rose extracts. As well as discovering fresh and supple skin, the Rose Indulgence Facial also includes a 15 minute warm rose back massage. The entire facial took 75 minutes and it was absolutely worth every single minute and more. I feel like the description of the Rose Indulgence Facial does not absolutely capture how amazing the entire treatment was. I say this because the Rose Indulgence Facial included a Foot Soak/Massage, a Arm & Hand Massage, the Facial Treatment & Massage, Neck & Head Massage and a warm Back Massage. That's almost like a full body treatment!! On arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the team and was introduced to the Jurlique Beauty Expert- Vicky who did such an incredible job. I was offered a cup of delicious peppermint tea which was brewed in store while filling out the health questionnaire. I was then taken into the room where Vicky told me what the Facial involved and gave me some space to get comfortable.

1- Foot Soak and Massage
The first step was a foot soak and massage which was so indulgent. I rarely ever have foot soaks or massages except when I go for a pedicure so I was really pleased with this. I just soaked my feet in a lovely bowl of warm water infused with the Rose Shower Gel. I don't know about you but a foot soak really helps set the mood for a massage. I think the warmth from the foot just travels up the body and helps relax the entire body. I may be making that up but that's how I felt afterwards.

2- Back Massage
After the foot soak, I took off my clothing and got into the towel ready for the massage table. There was lovely music playing in the background and I honestly could have slept off right there. The next step was the Back Massage which lasted for 15 minutes. The Rose Body Oil was used and it was already warmed up in the cabby so it felt so indulgent. Vicky (the Jurlique Beauty Expert) is such an amazing masseur and she could pin point all the stress areas in my back. Her massage was firm but very pleasant and the warm Rose Body Oil was just perfection.

3- Facial Treatment
After the back massage, I turned over ready for the facial treatment. My skin had been behaving fairly okay but I could tell it felt dehydrated due to the change in weather. I always try to keep hydrated as much as possible but nothing feels as good as having a proper hydrating facial. All the products used for the facial were well arranged in the room and some were already warmed up in the cabby. The facial started with removing makeup residue and dirt using the Jurlique Replenishing Foam Cleanser. Next step was the hot towel compress using the Jurlique Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate. This concentrate contains a blend of purifying extracts which is designed to help open the pores, release impurities and prepare the skin for deep cleansing. I really enjoyed this part because my skin just felt so clean after using this and I am considering treating myself to a bottle for my skincare stash and pamper session. A facial steamer was then used on my face and I thought it would be so uncomfortable. However, it was not bad at all and I got used it it pretty quickly. I am not sure how long the steamer lasted but it was not too long. I believe this step can be skipped if you are not comfortable with a steamer which is good to know.

4- Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage
After the amazing facial, I had the facial, neck and shoulder massage. She started out with a gentle face massage and then moved to my neck and shoulder. My neck and shoulders are the most stressed parts of my body. I think it must be the same for many people especially if you work with a computer or at a desk. Even when I am at home, I find myself hunched over my laptop or iPad working away. The neck and shoulder massage was incredible and it honestly helped me relax. I knew there was already some tension around these areas but I had no idea how stiff they were making my neck, shoulders. As usual, the massage was really firm and I don't even know how she could find the really tensed areas but she did. She also gave me some lifestyle advice to prevent accumulating too much tension in these areas which I have tried to incorporate in my everyday life.

5- Mask
After the massages, it was time to pop on a mask and the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask was used. It is a gently hydrating mask that works to soothe and soften dry skin, leaving it looking revitalised. It also contains Kaolin which helps draw out any form of impurities which may be lurking around under the skin. The mask was left on for some time while we proceeded to the Arm & Hand Massage.

6- Arm & Hand Massage
I already mentioned that I'd had a brief introduction to the Hand Massage during the UK Flagship store launch and I absolutely enjoyed it. This time around it was a combination for the Arm & Hand Massage which I loved. As you would have guessed, the Rose Hand Cream was used and it was so good. Just like everyone, I tend to use my hands and arms a lot but I definitely take care of my hands more than my arms. Having an arm massage was very relaxing for me and I loved it.

7- Mask Removal & Hydrating Skincare Routine
The mask was removed after the Arm & Hand Massage and she used the Activating Water Essence* to take it off. I love the Activating Water Essence and I love to use it before my toner (you can read my review here). It feels very hydrating and preps my skin for the rest of my skincare routine. The Herbal Recovery Eye Cream was used to hydrate my under eye area while Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum was used as my face serum. To moisturise my face and to lock in all the hydration, the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion was used. To keep my lips moisturised and supple, the Rose Love Balm was used. Of course, the best selling Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe (limited edition in a gorgeous bottle) was used to spritz my entire face and it felt super refreshing. I had some time to relax on the massage bed/table before changing back into my clothing. I was offered more tea and water while I wrote down all the products used on me. I already have a wish list of products I am looking to try at some point because they were all fantastic.

Overall Thoughts
I have to say the Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial will make the best gift ever because it is a complete face and body treatment in my opinion. I got a bit of everything in this facial and if I paid for it myself, I would say it was more than worth it. I cannot even fault it at all!! I loved the experience, it did not feel rushed at all and the Beauty Expert Vicky was incredible. My face felt super hydrated and I maintained this hydratiion by increasing my water intake. The facial made me want to use all my Jurlique Skincare products more.. I know I will be back maybe for the Anti-Stress Facial (which is £55) as a treat to myself after my professional exams (by God's grace I should pass in flying colours!!). I will highly recommend checking out the Jurlique Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial because it is excellent value for money. It will also be a wonderful gift for any special woman/female in your life. I think even men will love this because everyone deserves a pamper. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next one. Have you tried the Jurlique Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial?
*The Ultimate Rose Indulgence Facial was offered to me free of charge however all opinions and images are mine. Read my full disclaimer here.


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