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I remember the first time I saw Cover FX Custom Cover Drops on YouTube and how much I wanted to try it out because it looked incredible. I think it was only available in the USA at that time so I just kept an eye out for it hoping some day it will be available in the UK. I believe it was one of the first few brands to launch the highly pigmented liquid foundations which could be mixed in with any skincare or makeup product to make a base. You can imagine how delighted I was to be invited to the Cover FX Makeup Masterclass with Cover FX Lead Makeup Artist Trevor O'Keeffe at Harvey Nichols to get matched and learn the best way to apply Cover FX products. It was such a lovely intimate event and I enjoyed watching the tutorial on how to get a flawless beat. I love smaller makeup masterclasses because I find that I learn better in them.

There were also other makeup artists who did one-on-one tutorials with us in the masterclass and I thought that was absolutely brilliant. The makeup artist who taught me was amazing and I learned some valuable makeup application tips from her which I still use. I was so glad to finally find the best shade for my complexion and also try out some other products. After the event, I was kindly sent my favourite products from what I tried out- Custom Cover Drops (G80)*, Correct Click Stick (Orange)* and Custom Enhancer Drops (Candlelight)*. I have tried them for a pretty long time and they have even come travelling with me on a city break.  I will be sharing a full and detailed review on all the products I tried out.

Brief Overview of Cover FX
Cover FX mission is to give everyone their perfetc match when it comes to makeup.This is totally evident in their products as they have a wide range of shades to choose from starting out from fair to quite dark and I love that!! They have over 40 inclusive shades to ensure that all ethinicites find something within their wide range. They also come in different formulations including fluid, cream and powder formulations.  All Cover FX products are clinically tested and free from Paraben, Fragrance, Gluten, Mineral Oil and Talc and are suitable for even sensitve skin types. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. What's not to love? You can read more about the brand here.

I think one of the things that stand out with Cover FX makeup products particularly their Custom Drops is the packaging. It is absolutely gorgeous, sits pretty on any dresser and photographs like a dream. I feel like it will still look so aesthetically pleasing even if I took a picture of it on my kitchen counter with cutlery and utensils. That's how pretty it is and I love it. I particularly love any product that comes with a pipette. I don't know what it is about a pipette that makes me feel like a product is extra special. It is definitely true in this case for these gorgeous Cover FX products. I have another foundation that has a pipette-like packaging and it is super messy but the Cover FX ones are way less messy and easier to clean. The advantage of a pipette is that you can control how much product you use each time and it is very necessary for highly pigmented formulas such as the Custom and Enhancer Drops. I already mentioned they came with me on a city break and they were perfect. Although the bottles are made from glass, they are quite light due to their cute size. They were no accidents or spillages with them and I know I will be travelling with them next time. The Custom Cover Drops and Enhancer Drops contain 15ml of product each which may sound small but they will last forever due to their intense pigmentation.

Custom Cover Drops (G80) //Link //£36
Let's just say that way before the Customer Cover Drops made its way into my stash, I was already in love with it. I am very glad to report that it did not let me down when I got to try it. Cover FX describe the Custom Cover Drops as a flash fusion technology formula which allows pigments to transform other makeup/skincare products to a custom finish without altering their texture or finish. It truly offers a weightless coverage regardless of how much you apply. There are about 24 shades which is very impressive and they run from very fair to dark with neutral, pink and golden undertones (Well done Cover FX!!). My shade is G80 which I think is also suitable for anyone in the MAC NC45 region. I won't say it is a dead on perfect match but it is a really close enough match which I have enjoyed using. As the name suggests, it is designed for creating a custom foundation or base. The Custom Cover Drops are super pigmented and you need the lightest hand when it comes to application. It can be used on its own or mixed in with a moisturiser, primer, day cream or even another foundation. It all depends on what kind of coverage you are after. I tend to use it alone because I love a good medium to full coverage. If you love a light base, you are better off mixing the Custom Cover Drops with other skincare or makeup products.

I tend to use 1-2 drops for my entire face and believe me, it is more than enough because it is very, very pigmented. If you use a lot of it, you will end up with a super cakey/mask-like face so it is very important to use way less than you think you need. You can always build it up with an extra tiny drop if need be. I rarely ever use a concealer with this (except the Correct Click Stick when I want to be extra) because the CCD just covers all my blemishes. The best tool for the Custom Cover Drops, in my opinion, is a good buffing brush like the Sephora Multi Task Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I tend to use buffing motions to work it into my skin and I then finish off with my Beauty Blender for an even more flawless finish. The coverage and lasting power is seriously outstanding and I rarely need to touch up.

Once it is applied and buffed in, it sets to a demi matte finish which is my absolute favourite finish. This finish and coverage lasts almost all day and I haven't needed to blot except on a very hot day. If you have combination-oily skin, you'd love this foundation because it is excellent at controlling oils. If you want a dewy finish, you can always mix it in with other products for the finish you want. It's not called the Custom Cover Drops for nothing because you can use it in so many ways depending on what finish and coverage you want. I usually set with a powder but to be honest, I don't think it is needed but I just love powders. If you want an everyday easy look, I suggest using a tiny amount or mixing it with other products. If you are a lover of a polished medium-full coverage look, I'd suggest using it on its own but don't use too much. If you do use too much, a damp Beauty Blender can help blend it out. I cannot recommend the Custom Cover Drops enough!! I love it!!

Custom Enhancer Drops (Candlelight)* //Link //£34
I believe this was a more recent launch and I know many beauty bloggers, YouTubers and beauty enthusiast went crazy for the Custom Enhancer Drops. I can totally see why!! They are absolutely stunning!! The packaging and the actual content are just so beautiful. I believe there are about 9 shades from the Custom Enhancer Drop range. I can't imagine anyone not finding at least one shade from the range that they love. I have not tried the other shades but I think the best one for my complexion has to be the shade Candlelight which is the one I have. I love everything about Candlelight including its gorgeous rose gold packaging and pipette. Cover FX describe it as a formula which allows customisation of your favourite beauty products by adding a radiance or a bronze tint to them. The result is either a subtle or dramatic finish depending on what coverage of finish you want. Basically, it is just an incredible highlighter that just looks incredible on the skin.

The pigmentation is absolutely out of this world and if you are a warmer skin tone like me, you'd adore Candlelight. I use it mainly as a highlighter on its own rather than mixing it with other products. However, I feel like during summer I would be mixing it a lot more with my foundations for that extra bronze glow. It has a watery texture just like the other drops but on application it sets to a beautiful texture. It's not too matte or dewy; it's just that perfect balanced texture that will work well on all skin types. I usually apply one or two drops at the back of my hand and either apply directly with my fingers on the high points of my cheeks or use my Real Techniques Fan Brush to apply it. Either ways, it looks beautiful. Whenever I am using for everyday and work, I use a tiny drop which is enough for my face and I tend to blend it out a little bit more. On the other hand, I go full throttle when I am going out or during weekends when I am not working. I highly recommend trying this highlight out if you are after a multi tasking highlighting product.

Correct Click Stick (Orange)* //Link // £15
The final product is the Click Correct Stick which totally blew me away during the event. I have tried quite a few correctors but only few have been the right shade of orange/peach to cancel out my dark pigmentation. The Cover FX Correct Click Stick in Orange is one of the few that have worked so well on my complexion. According to Cover FX, the Correct Click Stick is designed to help even out your skin tone by cancelling out different shades of discolouration. There are about 6 shades in the range including Green & Yellow (to cancel out redness) and Peach, Orange & Brick Red (to cancel out dark blemishes, hyper pigmentation, etc) and Lavender (to cancel out dullness). I have the shade Orange and it is the perfect shade of orange for my skin tone. I find that if you choose the wrong shade of orange corrector, you tend to look like an oompa loompa and it could even end up discolouring your foundation. Correctors help your foundation application look flawless as it evens out your complexion hiding away any discolouration. This way, you don't need to apply extra foundation or concealer around these problem areas.

I know the Click Correct Stick looks small but it is very pigmented (as with the other Cover FX products) so you need a teeny tiny amount. It is actually really good value for the quality you get. I tend to use a small brush to apply it rather than swiping it across my face. With a brush, I have better control and there's no chance of me going overboard. I only apply the corrector to the problem areas and I just dab directly on them rather than using spreading actions. The dabbing action helps keep it in place and allows me pinpoint precisely around the area. Once I am done with correcting, I apply my foundation in a similar dabbing or buffing motion rather than spreading/wiping motion so I don't shift the corrector. It does take a little bit of time to master but the results are absolutely worth it and I find that my foundations/concealer lasts longer. The texture feels like a lipstick (like a MAC Lustre kind of texture) so it is quite easy to apply and does not cling to dry patches on my face. It is not greasy at all so if you have combination/oily skin, you'd also enjoy using it. It has really changed the way I apply my foundation and I am so pleased with my overall makeup beat.

Where to Buy //Link 
I am delighted that the days when Cover FX products were not sold in the UK are well and truly behind us. We can now purchase Cover FX products directly from their websites or from other retailers such as Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Beauty Bay, Fabled, etc. Their Harvey Nichols counter is so swoon worthy and the makeup artists are so lovely and ever ready to help. I feel like their prices are very reasonable given the quality of the products, how pigmented they are and how long they last. I have had these products for well over a month and I still have a lot left despite using them quite regularly.

Overall Thoughts
I am sure you can already tell that I love all these products. I think it's down the fact that I got to try them out by applying my makeup in store and narrow down my favourite products. That's why I think it is so important to give products a try whenever possible before investing in them.  If I could choose just one product from the above line up, it'd be super difficult because they are so amazing but I'd go for the Custom Cover Drops because it is very versatile. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd see you in my next post...xx. Have you tried any products from Cover FX?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate links used, read my full disclaimer here


  1. Oh wow the Candlelight drops look insane! What a gorgeous shade. Lets just take a moment to appreciate your stunning photo's!

    1. Awww thank you so much Emma; it means a lot to me!! Candlelight is absolutely stunning!!..xx

  2. That does looks like a fun class, i have actually not used any of their products but i just might try it next.


    1. It really was and I had such a good time with the makeup artists!! I suggest trying out the Custom Cover Drops or the Enhancer Drops but ensure you do a god swatch in natural lighting so you get the best match for your complexion..Thanks for stopping by...xx


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