Cult 51 Revolutionary 3D Day Cream Review

I love trying out skincare products and I am so grateful that this blog provides me ample opportunity to try really amazing brands. I came across Cult 51 some time last year and I was well intrigued. I think the name really stood out to me. I was really pleased when I was asked to try out their Revolutionary 3D Day Cream*. Of course, I said yes and I briefly mentioned it in my Mother's Day Gift Guide post. Since then, I have incorporated it in my skincare routine and I am so happy to finally share my thoughts.
Spoiler Alert- I absolutely love it and I'd tell you why, so keep on reading.

Brief Overview of Cult 51 Revolutionary Day Cream
Cult 51 was founded by Richard Mears who is a renowned Chemist with over 20 years experience in developing beauty products. He has formulated beauty products for some of the world's highly esteemed skincare brands. He decided to develop a "one-cream skincare regime" that will cater to all areas of the face without compromising on quality and viola!! Cult 51 was born. You can read more about the brand here. I feel inspired by his story (love when skincare products are developed by scientists who understand the skin). There are only 3 skincare products in the brand which include the Night Cream, Immediate Effect Serum and the Revolutionary 3D Day Cream*. Cult 51 also stocks Candles and Eau de Parfums. I hear that these skincare products are highly sought after by many beauty lovers including celebrities and I can understand why it is called "Cult 51" (totally cult status skincare). The Cult 51 Revolutionary 3D Day Cream* was launched in March and it is the third product (and I believe the latest addition) to the Revolutionary range. It is designed to tackle the usual skin concerns that we tend to be exposed to in the current climate including UV induced pigmentation, pollution, redness, free radicals and dehydration which could all lead to premature ageing.

There's no way I am skipping over any packaging that is purple because I love purple (it's one of my favourite colours). Apart from my love for purple, the Cult 51 Revolutionary 3D Day Cream packaging is gorgeous in its own right. It comes in a glass tub with a lovely silver lid. There are two sizes- 20 ml and 50 ml and I have the 20 ml which is a perfect size especially for travelling. Although it is a glass tub, I find it quite easy to travel with mainly because of its cute size. I am really surprised that my tub has lasted me for almost two months as I thought it will be gone within a month. I think it's great that they have a smaller size so people can try out the brand without necessarily breaking the bank. It fits well into my travel skincare bag and I have actually travelled with it twice with no problems at all. I also love the outer packaging which looks so elegant. I am really impressed that the inscriptions on the tub has not wiped off, despite the humid weather and travelling with it and this goes to show that it is well made. As it's a tub, it means you have to dip your fingers in it which may not be the best but I do ensure my hands are clean before use. I now own a spatula which makes using skincare products in a tub really easy (I also rinse it after every use). 

The Revolutionary 3D Day Cream has an impressive list of ingredients including Tyrosinase (which helps tackle hyper pigmentation), Antioxidants (which tackle the free radicals and protect the skin), Hyaluronic Acid (to maintain and maximise moisture and hydration levels) and SPF15 (to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays). There's a link to the full ingredient list of you want to check it out here. I was more than willing to try this Day Cream because it had ingredients that I know work well for some of my skin concerns.

The formula of the Revolutionary 3D Day Cream is what made me fall in love with it. It is incredibly silky and goes on so smoothly on my skin. It does not feel heavy at all or too light; it's one of the best consistency I have tried in a day cream. Once it gets on the skin, it gets absorbed well without me having to work it in.  The silky texture transforms to a smoothing effect once it is absorbed and whatever I put on my face afterwards glides on like a dream. I can totally see why they claim that it has priming properties. It also has a hydrating effect which I love although I do tend to use a hydrating serum first especially now that the weather is getting warmer. It has a pleasant fragrance which I really love because it reminds me of one of mum's skincare products but I can't remember which one. It's not one of those fragrances that lingers or may interfere with anything but I understand that some people may not like fragrance at all. I don't mind fragrance in skincare in fact I think fragrance makes you feel like you are using a luxurious product. I don't have extremely sensitive skin so fragrance in skincare products does not irritate my skin.

I use the Revolutionary 3D Day Cream immediately after my serum and it just makes my skin feel fantastic. I know it sounds really cliche but the smoothing effect it has on my skin is second to none. My skis is not naturally smooth because I have enlarged pores and bumps from previous acne and hyper-pigmentation/blemishes. Makeup can hide them but it does not take them away so any skincare product that helps with the texture of my skin is a welcome addition to my stash. With consistent use, I have noticed that the texture of my skin has really improved especially in the last month. Even when I had some breakouts on my cheeks, they did not leave any annoying bumps on my face and I believe this cream helped with that. Another skin benefit I noticed was how firm my skin felt. I just got into my thirties (yahh!!) and I am lucky my skin has not started showing any signs of premature ageing. My skin is still very firm but I did notice a slight extra firmness while using the 3D Revolutionary Day Cream. This firming effect goes hand in hand with its smoothing effect and I feel like anyone who is need of a firming cream will enjoy this day cream. With regards to reduction in hyper pigmentation, I won't say I have noticed a huge improvement from using it alone but my hyper pigmentation has not worsened. I will do an update on reduction in hyper pigmentation in a separate post because I don't think only one product can do the trick rather it is a combination of products.

Where to purchase //Link //£40 (20ml)
From the name of the product alone, I am sure you can already guess that it will be sold only in an exclusive choice of retailers. You can always purchase Cult 51 products directly from their website where they offer free shipping for all UK deliveries. For in-store purchases, you can find Cult 51 in Fortnum & Mason and Light Touch Clinic (Surrey). For online retailers you can find their products in Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic. If you are frequent flyer, you can also purchase Cult 51 products when flying with British Airways (both short haul and long haul flights). I am guessing they may be duty free which means you can get a cheeky discount if you buy it while on board British Airways. There's a list of their stockists in other countries in the world which you can find here.

Overall Thoughts
I did not expect to love the Cult 51 Revolutionary 3D Day Cream as much as I have. It is just one of those day creams that caters to a good number of skin issues and it is not easy to find a day cream that ticks many boxes. I love how it makes my skin feel and all the improvements I have seen over consistent use. I am very impressed and I can imagine that ladies with more matured skin types will really appreciate the Cult 51 Revolutionary 3D Day Cream. Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely bank holiday weekend if you live in the UK. Have you tried any product from Cult 51?
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