Paul and Joe Beauty Review (Brand Focus)

Paul and Joe Beauty products have one of the prettiest packaging I have ever come across and I just love looking at them. It took me a while to actually get to use them because they looked so precious but I said to myself I need to stop this silliness and get down to using them. I have been very kindly gifted a good number of products from their range and I just thought I’d bring them together and talk about them on here. I have featured a few of these products on my Instagram and Gift Guides so there are no strangers at all. If you’d like to learn more about the brand head on over to this post here) where I talk about the story behind the brand.

Paul & Joe Beauty Luxurious Bath and Body Collection 002*
I was very kindly gifted this gorgeous set at a Paul & Joe Beauty (the Beauty is spelt as Beaute) event attended last year (it was actually my first one). I love everything about this set especially the fragrance. Inside the set, you get the Luxurious Body Soap (more like a shower/bath gel), the Luxurious Body Butter and the Luxurious Bath Salts. I adore the packaging as they look so delicate and feminine. Whenever I whip them out for a pamper session, I just feel like a princess. I love that the fragrance used in this set is subtle, feminine and delicate to match the gorgeous packaging. I love using the shower gel with my shower puff as it lathers really well with such a small amount.

The Body Butter does not have so much of a fragrance but it feels very moisturising on my skin even with the crazy weather. The Bath Salts are so beautiful and they make my bath time so much more special. I noticed that it gives my bath water with a light pink colour but thankfully, it does not stain my bath tub. If you know anyone who loves a proper pamper routine, they’d absolutely love this set. The sad thing is I can't find it anywhere as it was a limited edition but this was the ASOS link I had.

Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary  Makeup Collection*
I remember the day this lovely collection arrived on my doorstep and how pleased I was to receive it. It was very unexpected and I had no idea what was inside the parcel. Once I saw it was Paul & Joe Beauty, I knew I was in for an amazing treat and I was not disappointed at all. This collection was created to celebrate 20 years of Paul & Joe Beauty which I think is impressive as many makeup brands have not stood the test of time for that long. I feel that Paul & Joe Beauty have carved a niche for themselves and you can instantly tell a Paul & Joe makeup product from others because they look so unique. Inside the 20th Anniversary set, you get the following (all Cat inspired as expected with Paul & Joe Beauty): Bag, Pouch with a mini coin purse, Paul & Joe Lipstick 025, Paul & Joe Pressed Compact Duo A and  Paul & Joe Face Color 039 (Eyeshadow/Blusher). I think this gift set will be perfect for anyone who loves Paul & Joe Beauty and even for anyone who has never tried their products. I love the Tote/Bag so much because it has the prettiest design ever and folds up so nicely. I am also loving their lipstick cases so much although they are made from paper (quite durable I have to add) so one has to avoid getting them wet.

The Lipstick 025* //£12.50 is one I love how subtle it is on my complexion. It has a light coral pink shade with a creamy finish. I can get away with wearing this at work because it has quite a light colour pay off on my pigmented lips. I think many people would love this shade although if you are darker than me, it may not be the best shade. It's perfect for Spring/Summer or for anyone who loves really subtle lipsticks.

The next product is the Face Color 039* which comes in the cutest packaging ever and has to be the smallest blush I own.Apparently, it can be used as a blush and eyeshadow although I use it mainly as a blush/highlighter.  It has a dusty rose pink shade on my complexion which I quite like because it is a safe blush to play with. I know I won’t ever look like a clown wearing it and if I want more pigmentation, I can build it up. If you have a lighter complexion than me, this would be a very lovely everyday blush.

Last but not least is the Pressed Compact Duo 001* which I was so sure would not suit me just looking at it in the pan. I was quite surprised to find that it actually works well as a highlighter for me but I apply it lightly. I usually opt for warm golden highlighters as they look better on my complexion but this has been a good change for me. I do use it more as a brow highlighter and an inner duct highlighter. The powder section is actually one I love because it works so well as an under eye powder (to set my concealer). It is finely milled so I don’t have to worry about it sinking into the fine lines under my eyes. I am so glad I didn’t write this pressed compact duo off.

Paul & Joe A/W 16 Collection
The latest addition to my Paul & Joe Beauty stash is the A/W 16 Collection and I have to say this is my favourite collection so far. I say this because the shades that were sent to me are very flattering on my complexion and will be even for anyone darker than me. The A/W 16 Collection consists of lipstick refills, lipstick cases,eyeshadow trios and brow markers, etc. I know I have already spoken about Paul & Joe Beauty’s incredible packaging but how amazing are the lipsticks and cases though? I totally love the concept of choosing what Lipstick Case  (£7) I fancy and I wish some other makeup brands would do this. I love the pretty print used in this collection and it goes so well with the A/W16 theme.

The Lipstick CS 099 (Autumn Sun) //£12.50* is a beautiful warm rose pink shade which actually shows up nicely on my lips and very flattering if I might add. It has the same creamy finish as their other lipsticks and the detail on the lipstick bullet is intricately beautiful. For me, this shade is perfect  to be worn all year round because that’s the colour I usually opt for. It can also be worn to work, school, etc because it is quite a subtle shade.  It does not have the strongest lasting power I have tried but I don’t mind reapplying at all especially when it comes in such a pretty packaging.

The next product is the Eye Color CS 103*//£17 (September Song) and I was like “Wow, Paul & Joe Beaute, you did so well over here”. Anyone who knows me would know that I favour pink and purple shades and will choose them over any colour. I love how cute this trio is as I can throw it in my bag and be on my way for a city break. The shadows have an impressive pigmentation and lasting power. I have not noticed any fallout with them and they have quite a buttery (almost silky) texture. I am very, very impressed with this trio.

Last but not the least is the Eyebrow Pen 03* //£14 which is not really for me as it is quite faint on my complexion. It does have a lovely packaging and I love the design. However, it is way too light for my brows and it was not showing up as well as I'd have loved. It has a felt tip almost like an eye liner which I was quite excited to try because I felt it would look really natural. If you have light brown brow hairs, I am sure this would look good especially if you love natural looking brows. I am going to pass this on to my friend who has lighter brows.

Where to Buy
There is a actually a Paul and Joe Boutique here in London but I can't remember now if they stock the makeup products there (I will update once I find out). However, Paul & Joe Beauty can be purchased mainly online from the Paul & Joe Beaute website, ASOS, Selfridges, Beauty Bay, etc. They are often discounted especially on ASOS and Beauty Bay (they currently still have some Cyber Monday offers) so it is always a good time to purchase.

Overall Thoughts
Do I use my Paul & Joe Beauty products everyday? No, I don't because I still love looking at how cute they are. I have recently started using them more often because a girl needs to pamper herself everyday especially this Winter. So, I have been using them more often and loving them particularly the A/W16 Collection. That's it from me. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Have you tried any Paul & Beauty products?
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