Luxury Beauty Wish List - The Blog/Youtube Enabled Edition

I can’t remember when last I made a wish list; I think it may have been definitely over a year ago. Anyway, I love reading wish list posts to see what other people are lusting after. Of course, I have regular wish lists I make on my iPhone for products that I would love to try and may purchase. This is one of my luxury wish lists; the one I know I want but don’t want to spend all the moolah buying them because they are super expensive. I think I may eventually buy one or more items as a treat for myself but for now, all I can do is admire them and share them with you. If you have tried any of these products, I would like to know how you got on with them....

1.  Hour Glass Mineral Veil Primer // £52 // Link: I have lusted after this primer for such a long time ever since I hear about it. It’s like the “Queen of all Primers” which keeps your foundation and overall makeup in tip top shape. However, it is above £50 and I think that’s insane. It has 30 ml of product though which makes it almost £2 per ml (Just saying!!). I am aware there is a 10 ml version for £20 which I think I may try when next I have windfall. I have heard only good things so far so I am willing to take plunge.

2. Becca Ever Matte Primer// £28 // Link: Every single time I go online to check for the best matte primer, the Becca Ever Matte Primer always pops up and with good reason. I have heard it one of the best primers for combination/oily skin gals who tend to have many a shiny T-zone. I know I would inevitably purchase this much sooner than the Hour Glass version. I have only heard good things about this primer and seen many reviews on blogs and YouTube. I still love my affordable Kiko Matt Base Corrector Primer but I think this is definitely a better version.

3. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer// £36-£38 //Link: I should just rename this wish list to the YouTube/Blogger enabled wish list (*goes to amend blogpost title*). I have seen so many reviews of this concealer/foundation/enhancer hybrid; some people love it while others don’t. I guess it all depends on what and how you intend to use it. I have been so close to purchasing this countless times but something has held me back; I’m not sure what it is (apart from the startling price). I have tested it out in store and even taken a sample home but the shade I chose was not doing my complexion any favours. I think SX12 may be the right shade for me mainly because I want to use to conceal some of my hyper pigmentations. The texture felt really funny and a little difficult to blend and I know it is one product I need to learn how to use it best for me skin. Still, it remains high on my wish list....

4. Anastasia Brow Pomade //£15 // Link: I know this is one of the first products I would eventually purchase on this wish list because it is the cheapest. I have always wanted to try the Anastasia Brow Pomade especially after I tried the Brow Wiz which I also love. The only reason I have not purchased this yet is because I don’t want to pay for shipping (yes, I am a cheapskate) so I would wait for any emails telling me of free delivery. I already have the MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel in Dip Down but something tells me this would deliver better results. So, there it is the top of the list in my head...

5. MAC Eyeshadow X 9 (Burgundy)// £30 //Link: I was just there doing some online window shopping which happens when I am procrastinating tackling a huge task and then Boom! I spotted this beauty. The MAC Eyeshadow x 9 is just so beautiful and I know I would get so much use from it. It has a rich array of colours ranging from earth tones, warm browns and purples and they are just colours that are right down my street. I also feel the price is quite affordable so I know I would purchase it pretty soon. However, I feel I need to see it live in store because that usually seals the deal for me. I also think it is quite small which I don’t mind because it makes it more compact. The only sad thing is I don’t think they sell refills and I don’t know if I can take out the insert and use the quad for other purposes. You see why I need to see it in-store to check it out but it is definitely high on my hit list.

6. Tom Ford Lipstick in Spanish Pink// £37 //Link: Why does Tom Ford have to be so darn expensive? It’s very sad because many Tom Ford products are just absolute standouts. I have swatched many in-store and sniffed more than a few fragrances from their range. They are just incredibly different from any brand I have tried and I guess that’s why it is accompanied by a heavy price tag. I think the shade I really want to try is the Spanish Pink lipstick because it is one I would get a lot of use form and can be worn all year round. It’s £37 and that’s an insane amount of money to spend on one lipstick especially when I can get almost three MAC Lipsticks for the same price. But then again, MAC Lipsticks (as awesome as they are) can’t be compared with Tom Ford Lipsticks #endof

That’s all I have been lusting after for a little while. I just added everything to my basket and the total price was £200!! Well, I know who won't be spending such an amount especially in one go on makeup!!. Have you tried any of these products? What’s on your wish list right now? I am nosy and keen to know. See you in my next post....xx
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  1. I have the Becca Ever Matte Primer and Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer on my wishlist as well, I'm in the middle on Anastasia Brow Pomade lool ! I'll like to get the tom ford lipstick as well but in Bruised Plum, the packaging is just too gorgeous ehh but the price eee!

    1. Great minds think alike!! I just wish it was Christmas or my birthday already because £200 is quite a lot to spend but I guess treating myself to one of these items a month (paired with any discount) will not be too bad...xx

  2. I have 2/6 of the products on your list (the becca primer and the brow pomade). Funny enough I'm not crazy about the primer but I do love the brow pomade :)

    xoxo Francy @

    1. Oh really!!??I am keen to know why you don't like the Becca Ever Matte Primer because all I hear are raves although if you have dry skin then it may not be suitable. I really now want the brow pomade...xx


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