Nude Nail Polishes

I have always found it incredibly hard to find Nude Nail polishes I like and I am not sure why. Most times, they just look too grey and very unflattering on my complexion but I recently found a few nail polishes that I enjoy. There are all from the drug store and are very affordable. The term Nude all depends on your skin tone and sometimes, your undertone. I find that it all also depends on your preference. Anything that has a pinkish brown hue to it always looks really flattering against my complexion and that’s what I always go for in nail polishes or lipsticks.

Essence “The Nudes” Nail Polish (03 I'm Lost in You)
I just stumbled upon this lovely nail polish by chance in the Wilko near my office. I have always seen it on the stand/counter but never bothered checking. I had some time on my hands a few weeks back and I was really impressed with the Essence “The Nudes” range. They had lipsticks and nail polishes within the range for almost every skin tone you can think of beginning from very pale to very dark. It’s really worth checking out if you are near a Wilko that stocks Essence or any Essence Stand. The 03-I'm Lost in You is definitely the closest and most flattering nude on my skin tone and I love wearing this. It is a beautiful nude brownish pink shade which almost looks like a dusty pink shade. It applies really beautifully and I prefer to use one coat for a subtle wash of colour on my nails. It still looks amazing with a second coat and the colour does not change.  It lasts pretty well; I would say about 3-4 days which is not too bad for a very affordable nail polish. It lasts slightly longer if you use a good top coat like Seche Vite. I also bought the pink shade which is called 7-Hope for Love. It's so pretty and I think it would suit anyone who has a lighter complexion than mine or if you just like soft pink nail polishes.

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish (Sable Rose)//Link
How I love this Maybelline Nail Polish! I think it was the first “nude” nail polish I ever tried that restored my faith in finding the perfect nude shade for my complexion.  It is a lovely deep brownish shade with slight hints of pink. It definitely has more brown hues to it than rose pink hues but it still looks very flattering. It applies like a dream even if you are an amateur nail polish painter like I was (I still am sometimes). One coat is really opaque but looks very natural like you just had a manicure. It lasts for a longer time than the Essence version and it looks glossier even without a top coat.

Sinful Colors Professsional Nail Polish  (Nirvana 949)
This is a slightly darker shade and I was instantly drawn to it because I knew it would go well with my complexion. I think this shade would suit anyone who is slightly darker than me. It is a true dark brown shades with slight hues of grey. The grey makes it look darker but it does not interfere with its “nude” colour at all (I hope that makes sense). I love wearing this when I can’t be bothered because it just makes my nails look neat. It is easy to apply and quite opaque as you would expect from a dark brown shade like this one. I actually got this from Poundland for £1 and it’s such an amazing bargain. The lasting power is good and I guess it all depends on how you take care of your nails. I would say it last for about 5 days with a good top coat before it starts chipping

Collection Field Day Nail Polish (Heather)//Link
I am sure you would say this is not an actual nude colour and I totally agree but I love it. It’s a neutral grey shade that looks amazing on anyone. It reminds me of Barry M Almond but it’s quite different on my nails. The one thing that impressed me with this nail polish is the lasting power. It is truly incredible with or without a top coat. It’s very easy to apply and I can’t think of anything bad about it. I mentioned this in my April Favourites and it was pretty much the nail polish I reached for throughout April before I found these other Nude nail polishes

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I now have a couple of Nude nail polishes I can reach for. I think Nude nails always look so classy, elegant and professional. I even prefer them during Spring because Spring reminds me of everything fresh and classy. I have my eyes on a few shades like the OPI Dulce de Leche and I know it would suit me. That’s all folks!! What are your favourite nude nail polishes?
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  1. Love Sable Rose and Heather :) these are my kind of nude nail colours! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. I totally agree!! I always lean towards the pinkish brown nude and I find that they suit a variety of skin tones...xx

  2. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it? I think it may have been the very first nude nail polish that stole my heart...xx

  3. Maybelline and Essence look lovely :)

  4. Nirvana and the Essence are totally my kind of nudes, but I love them all. Will certainly have a look for the Maybelline and Collections the next time Im in Boots.
    -Rumbie Love - xx

    1. Me too!! I love them so much and I always reach for them every chance I have. I am even contemplating mixing them to see what colour I can come up with...thanks for stopping by...xx


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