Spring Makeup Essentials

I think I make the most changes with my makeup when the season/weather changes because I want to feel comfortable all day. During Winter or the colder months, I tend to go for full coverage foundations which may have thicker consistencies. When it’s Spring time, I swap all those heavy formulas for lighter textures and formulas. But let’s not jump the gun and go in the correct order...

I think Spring time is the best time to test how long bases last including primers especially if you have oily skin. I always pay attention to my base because the last thing I want is my foundation or base slipping off or looking oily. I always use two primers (totally unnecessary) but it works best for my skin. The first one I use is the Rimmel Lasting Finish primer//Link which helps  increase the longevity of my foundation and then I follow up with my Kiko Matte Base Corrector Primer which I use around my T-zones. This really helps control any oil shine or foundation slippage incidents. I can’t rave about it enough! When I am not being too fussy or have little time to spare, I always reach for my (yeah you guessed right) Laura Mercier Foundation Primer//Link. It's just really perfect and it has held up really well during Spring; I am pleased about it. It definitely worked better during A/W but it is still a good primer now that the weather is warmer.

I have quite a few foundations and I tend to switch them around depending on my mood and how my skin is feeling. During Spring, my skin tends to be a little more shinier so I always opt for foundations that have a velvet/matte finish and light texture. One of my favourite foundations is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation//Link which feels exactly like skin and it just looks amazing. It’s not the best coverage but I add concealer to the areas that need more coverage and I am good to go. It does not really have a matte finish per say but it is not very dewy and I always set it with a powder. My other favourite Spring Foundation is the L’Oreal True Match Foundation//Link which is the ultimate foundation for this season because it offers decent coverage and has a demi-matte/velvet finish. I know I mentioned loving less coverage foundation but I have been loving the NARS All Day Luminous Foundation//Link this Spring because it offers really good coverage but feels super light on the skin like you are wearing nothing.

I am a confirmed eyeshadow palette junkie and I have been restraining myself from adding more to my collection. For Spring, I love to opt for brighter colours and I sometimes go overboard but I am just like YOLO. I still go for neutral shades especially when I know I am attending a few serious meetings at work and I usually opt for my Lorac Pro Palette (the Queen of all Neutrals). If I have neutral eyes, I would always opt for bright lips. My favourite Spring Palettes are the Sleek Sunset Palette//Link and my MAC Customised Quad//Link (Cranberry, Sumptuous Olive, Amber Light and Antiqued). These palettes literally make me happy when I open them because the colours just remind me of the rainbow and sunshine. The good thing is these palettes are so easy to use. Some of the the looks I create with them  make it seem like I have made an effort when I haven’t really. Amber Light and Cranberry from MAC is my absolute favourite for spring. I love to go for gold, pinks, yellows, orange, peach/coral.

I am not a huge fan of using heavy powders any more even during winter. I remember when I loved MAC Studio Fix which is actually a foundation powder. It’s still amazing but I find it really heavy especially for spring. I now opt for the MAC MSF in Medium Deep which gives such a nice finished look to my whole face. I recently found this lovely Collection Translucent Powder// Link and I am a little too obsessed with it. It feels so finely milled and never feels cakey. I even use it to set my under eye concealer and it works like a treat. These two powders are my go-to for ensuring my face looks shine free even when the sun is out and blazing.

I don’t have a huge collection of blushes but I try to make an effort during spring as it adds some colour back to my face. I have two favourites which are so affordable as well. The first is the Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in Rock on World//Link which I absolutely love. It adds such a nice highlight to my face and it’s perfect because it is not too glittery at all. It just transforms my face instantly and it is very pigmented so I use a super light hand. For blush, I have been loving the Essence Powder Blush in Heat Wave and it’s the prettiest little blush I have ever seen. It is a multi colour blush which has peach, coral and pink shades all meshed together and it is super pigmented. You can create various looks with this blush and I tend to swirl my blushes all around the colours to get a nice mix. Last but not least is the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush in Gorgeous Berries//Link which I got a little while ago. It's very pigmented and you really need to go in with a light hand but I love the finish. I feel it can work all year round but it is particularly flattering during this season.

I think Lipsticks has to be my favourite makeup product for Spring. They can totally transform any look and I love changing up my lipsticks depending on my mood and season of course. I tend to go for bright coloured lipsticks as you do during Spring. This doesn't mean that I don’t experiment with neutral colours but I just love me a bright lippie. I would do a different post soon on all my favourite Spring Lipsticks but I love any peachy/coral toned lipstick. I also love bright pinks, light pinks and soft reds. I think they are very feminine and sexy. Some of my favourites include MAC Vegas Volt, Clinique All Heart, MAC Chatter Box,  Illamasqua Blaze, Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy and Maybelline Glorious Grapefruit Lipgloss, etc.

Nail Polish
I have quite a little collection of nail polishes and one would think I switch them up frequently. That’s not the case at all and I am always pleased to find formulas that last long and are easy to apply. I tend to go for the usual pastel colours like coral, pinks, mint, sky blues, etc. Some of my favourite shades include Morgan Taylor's Party at the Palace* which is part of their Cinderella collection. It is such a pretty light bluish green colour (almost like a soft mint colour) and it's perfect for Spring. It is easy to apply and I love to use only one coat for a subtle colour. It has some tiny iridescent glitter in its formula but it's not one that's difficult to remove; it just improves the appearance of the nail polish. My other favourite nail polishes include Lancome Corail in Love, L'Oreal Ingenous Rose, Essie's Parka Perfect and Barry M Bright Red (my absolute fav). I feel the colours just capture spring so well.

That's it folks! I love Spring a little more than Summer because the weather is just right; it's not too hot or too cold. We hardly ever have the perfect Spring here in the UK but I have been impressed this year and I hope the weather keeps getting better. What are your favourite Spring Makeup Product?
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  1. Your MAC MSF looks gorgeous, will have to check it out! And I can't wait to re-purchase the Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in duty free ;) it;s so nice for summer, a proper foundation but still so light! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thanks a lot; I got this one from Cohorted although it is the older packaging, I still like it. It's one of my all time fav powders. Yes to purchasing Bobbi Brown in Duty Free...every little helps...xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot and I have actually fallen back in love with it...xx

  3. Oh, you reminded me about the Sleek Sunset palette, mine has been sat unused for a LONG time, it is perfect for the Spring, dont know why I never use it. I use the Collection Powder to as a undereye setting powder, it is amazing. I've been meaning to try the MAC MSF this summer, I love the MSF natural in Deep.
    Such a great post, with great products.
    -Rumbie Love - x

    1. I know right!! Many people (including me) seem to have forgotten about how gorgeous this palette was and still is. I am not sure if it is still sold but it will be a shame if people can't buy it any more. I love Collection Powder for setting under my eye and mattifying my whole face as it is translucent. Thank you so much for your lovely comment; I appreciate it...xx


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