Eyebrow Tutorial for Sparse Eyebrows

My eyebrows have always been sparse and I think that may be because I am not hairy at all. The hair on my head is also fine although now that I have gone natural it looks much fuller than before. When I was much younger, I really enjoyed my sparse brows because I did not have to do anything to them as sparse brows were trending. However, I never plucked them or tweezed them at all and I am lucky about that else I am pretty sure, I would have no eyebrow hairs at all. I have found a technique that works for filling sparse brows and making them look fuller (and natural as well). It's nothing ground breaking but I thought someone may find it useful. I have a slightly different technique since I filmed this video which I would be showing much later but for now, enjoy this video. As usual, I have a direct link to the video here and it's also embedded. If you don't want to miss an update on new videos, you can subscribe here. Don't forget to also enter the La Roche Posay Giveaway which is currently running till the end of this month. See you in my next post...xx


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