MAC Lipstick Haul (Twig and Chatterbox)

MAC Lipsticks will always be one of my favourite lipsticks. There is always something for everyone and I am slowly building up my MAC Lipstick Collection (review here). I only collect shades I know I will definitely get a lot of use from. I made a little trip to Debenhams some time last month to get my MAC Lipstick Fix. I had my 6 empty Back to MAC packaging and I also had a £5 off voucher to spend. I only had to pay £10.50 for both lipsticks; well, one of them was free. I think it is definitely the cheapest I have paid on any MAC Haul and it felt so good!! I went in with my friend and I asked her to help me pick. She knows me so well and she actually picked shades I already have like Hug Me, Love Lorn and Girl About Town. We both sighted Twig and we almost made a grab for it at the same time. She said this was so me and she is absolutely right. The next shade I picked was ChatterBox because I wanted something a little bit brighter than Love Lorn which is my favourite MAC pink lipstick at the moment.

MAC Twig//Satin Finish//£15.50//Link
MAC Twig is my go-to lipstick when I don't want to make too much of an effort. It is a perfect neutral brown shade with warm tones of pink/ brick red. It is very difficult to describe this colour because it appear different on various skin tones which is why I love its versatility. I can wear this comfortably to work because it appears nude but with hints or shades of a mauve/brick red/warm pink tones in it. I absolutely love it! It can be used as substitute for the infamous  Kylie Jenner Lip if that's what you like. It's also one of those lipsticks that I can almost get away without wearing a lip liner although I still use one. It goes on so smoothly as it is a Satin finish and it is incredibly pigmented as expected from any MAC Lipstick. I particularly think its lasting power is really outstanding compared to some other MAC nude lippies I have tried in the past. It's still on my lips by mid day even when I have eaten or drank coffee. It's definitely one of my most worn lipsticks ever since I got it. I actually got it free via the Back to MAC. I always wonder why they always take the outer packaging away from you and leave you with just the lipstick!!

MAC Chatter Box/Amplified Creme//£15.50//Link
I have to be honest; I have not been wearing this lipstick as much as I thought I would. I guess I may whip it out more now that we are well into Spring and slowly approaching Summer. It is described as a barbie-inspired pink lipstick; almost the same shade as a bubblegum pink with very slight coral hints to it depending on your skin tone. It is quite a cool toned shade of pink but somehow it works well with my skin tone. It is a really pretty colour but you have to learn to work with it well to suit your skin tone. I always have to line my lips with a brown lip liner first to make this lipstick wearable. It is so easy to apply and glides on effortlessly on my lips. That's one of the reasons I love Amplified Creme finishes as they are never a hassle to apply. Once it sets, it has an almost matte finish but without looking or feeling dry. Sometimes, I apply a lip gloss depending on what look I am after and other times, I leave it as it is. It's not one of the shades I wear often to work but it definitely comes to play during the weekend. Its lasting power is also good but not as impressive as Twig so it needs some reapplication during the course of the day. I paid only £10.50 for it because I had my £5 voucher from Debenhams so I felt very chuffed.

Overall Thoughts
I am very pleased with my two purchases even though I did not really do an intensive research like I normally do before buying any MAC Lipstick (Oh yeah I do!!). I knew I would definitely wanted to try Twig but I even forgot all about it until I and my friend sighted it in-store. One thing with MAC Lipsticks is you are never satisfied with just one lipstick as you always want to go back for more. I think I need to buy another pink lipstick similar to Love Lorn which is on its last legs. I also want to repurchase Hug Me which is still one of my favourite lipsticks. I have popped Crosswires, Jubilee, Freckletone, Diva and Viva Glam V on my wishlist. I know they would suit my complexion really well but a girl can only dream!! What's your favourite MAC Lipstick?...xx
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  1. Replies
    1. It's such a pretty shade, isn't it? Very Spring appropriate!!...xx

  2. I like pink shades for spring. :)

    1. Me too and I am loving Chatter Box for weekends as it's a little different from what I would normally go for!!..xx

  3. Such a great feeling getting money off :) I looooooove Twig! It's one of my favourites - so glad you like it! xx

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    1. The feeling cannot even be quantified and truly every little helps!! Twig is fast becoming my absolute fav!!...xx


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