Eyeshadow Palettes Under £5

Eyeshadows are one of my favourite makeup items (apart from foundations, of course) but I absolutely love eyeshadow palettes because they are so amazing and very travel friendly. Most of these eyeshadow palettes were all bought on whiff and I am so pleased I purchased them when I did. They are all from the drug Store as you can tell from the title. Not all of them are actual eyeshadows but shhhhh no one can tell once they are on your eyelids as the color pay off is impressive. I always pair most drugstore eyeshadows (and even high end ones) with a primer because they help them last longer and appear more vibrant. Also, most of these eyeshadows will suit many skin tones and complexions and they cut across warm and cool tones and also from everyday neutral to a little pop of colour...let's dive in..

Collection All about the Eyes Palette (£2.99)
I remember seeing this pop up on AmeliaLiana's blog and see it in action on her YouTube Channel and I was completely sold but I could not get my hands on it. Luckily for me Superdrug restocked it and I grabbed one. I even spied this recently in Boots which is amazing! I find that this palette is suitable for many skin tones but I think it may look more flattering on Olive and Darker skin tones than cooler ones. It is a typical Day to Night Palette which has 6 shades: . I particularly love the gold shade and the brown one for the crease. I hardly use blackbird the darkest shade because I rarely do the smokey look.

NYC Best of Broadway (2 for £5 from Superdrug)
I was very impressed with NYC Best of Broadway Palette as it is so easy to use and they are a variety of shades to choose from depending on what colour your eyes are. Although I have brown eyes, I chose two palettes; one for green eyes and one for brown eyes. I particularly like the one for green eyes because it contains purple eyeshadows which look very flattering against my brown eyes (I don't know why). These palettes all contain a primer, illuminator, base eyeshadows, brow bone colour/highlighter and crease colours and you can create a variety of looks with this palette. I totally love it. The one for brown eyes is reserved mainly for everyday use and I transform my looks in the evenings or weekends with the purple based one. You can read a full review here

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes (Iconic Redemption Palette and Hot Smoked) (£4)
I don't think this would be complete without including Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes which have taken the blogging world by a quick storm. They are true to all the hype as they offer a wide variety of shades and are very affordable delivering excellent pigmentation every single time. I have two palettes from them at the moment and they are amazing. One is more of a warmer range/pinkish toned (Iconic 3 palette) and the other is Hot Smoked which is more cool toned and autumnal. I love both of them although I reach more for the warmer one because the colours are so pretty. The Smoky one is perfect for A/W and I can see it getting more use this season. You can find a full review here

Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzer (Gold Bronze) (£4.99) from Boots
I told you not all of them are eyeshadow palettes; this is actually a bronzer and I have briefly mentioned it over here. I bought this as a bronzer because I'd heard a lot of good things about it and it looked so pretty and pigmented on the pan;  Alas! when I swatched it, it just blended into my cheeks/face when I tried it out at home. I thought it was too pretty to waste so I tried it on my eyelids and it was the most amazing shade ever and the pigmentation and lasting power is rather impressive. The golden and bronzey colour just looks very flattering on my eyelids and reminds me of MAC's Amber Light eyeshadow which is one of my favourite eye shadows. 

Milani Glimmer Stripes in Honey Glimmer (£4.50) from Ebay
And of course, I had to experiment with the Milani Shimmer Brick I had sitting somewhere in my stash and it did not disappoint as an eyeshadow in the least. I really like this on my eyelids and it comes off really pigmented. Although it looks similar to the Seventeen version, it has more of a pinkish tone/hue to it which looks more feminine and soft and I love creating looks with this palette. This one still functions as a highlighter for me and it just gives such a nice subtle glow but I am not too keen on highlighting so it now functions mainly as an eyeshadow palette

&Other Stories Brocade Aegean (£3.60) on Sales
OK, I am cheating a teeny weeny bit because the original price of this palette was a little over £10 but I purchased it for way cheaper (£3.60) earlier this year in the &Other Stories January Sales and I love it. The colours may look rather bright but they are lovely on the lids and complement each other well especially the diagonally opposite colours. The pigmentation is also impressive and I love it although it is one I reserve mainly for the weekends and I have a full review here.

Random Rimmel Mono and Duo Eyeshadows which are not quite palettes
I think Rimmel makes the most monos and duos in the drug store and I like a few of them. I think I love their duos much more than their quads because for some bizarre reason the quad pigmentation seems less vibrant than the duos. Generally speaking, I find that the Rimmel Eyeshadows don't have the best pigmentation or lasting power but they have a wide selection to choose from which is why I own a few of them which include my favourite Spicy Bronze (mono) and 322 Sweetheart (Duo). I hope you have enjoyed this little post on affordable eyeshadow palettes under £5 and let me know if you know other palettes (under £5) that are worth a try...See you in my next post...x


  1. I've heard great things about the shimmery 17 bronzer :) I really need to check out NYC too, for some reason it's a brand I always seem to pass over! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. Honestly they are sooo good but i don't think they get much hype and the fact that they can double as an eyeshadow and a bronzer is amazing...I never noticed the NYC eyeshadows per say but when I saw they were 2 for £5 I could not resist and they did not disappoint at all...x

  2. I have planned to buy make up revolution, they have many option for eyeshadow palette ^^


    1. Yahhh to Makeup Revolution eyeshadows.. they are indeed one of the best eyeshadow palettes from the drug store I have tried with such amazing quality and an affordable price...they also have a lot of options but I would recommend the two featured here as they are very versatile...thanks for stopping by...x


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