Travel Essentials- What's in my Airport Handbag?

Packing my handbag for travelling is pretty easy for me because the contents of my bag remain the same except for removing some items and replacing them with more essential items appropriate for my trip and flight essentials. I also try not to stuff this because it would weigh me down and make me even more tired. My bag was one of my Zara Shopping Bag/Tote which i bought in this haul post over here. It's perfect for travelling and it has an outside pocket where you can store random bits in there. Here are the few items that made the cut...

1. Passport/Travel Itinerary : I guess this has to be the most important item to get inside my bag or else I won't be travelling anywhere. The Passport Cover was bought for me a long time ago by my lovely sister and it also came with a matching luggage tag which i never use because it just looks so pretty. I put my ticket and other flight itinerary in between my passport so they are all together and I don't have to faff about looking for them when asked to. My wallet is also an important essential and this one is from Fiorelli and I love it because it has so many compartments.

2. Entertainment: I place most of my electronics and valuables in my hand luggage but my iPhone and iPad  Mini stay with me in my hand bag because I definitely reach for them more during the flight. I downloaded a few books on my iPad and the one I read in flight was Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie. I just love her and all her books. My ear phones go with me for some music on my phone. Lastly, I took my Lightning cable because I never want to run out of charge for either of my devices. I also took with me my Portable charging bank from RAV Power which were so amazing in flight although I realized there was a charging port already.

3. Notebook/Diary: I never go anywhere without my Notebook/Diary complete with pens because I love to write all my plans and anything really random. Yes, I have my iPad and iPhone to take notes but I feel the best when I am writing with my pen in my notebook. I am old fashioned like that.

4. Makeup Bag: I only put my barest essentials here because I already have another one in my hand luggage for proper freshening up in between flight transfers in the restroom. I just put my Chanel Les Beiges Powder which is perfect for travelling, a Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip balm and my retractable Powder brush from Marks and Spencer. I place this in a clear bag first before putting it in the makeup bag to save me time at the airport. The make up bag is also from Zara.

5. Snacks and Water: I know water is a no-no when you are passing through security in the airport but I take a bottle with me to keep myself hydrated during check in and toss it before security. When I pass security, I just buy one from the Boots in duty free because the prices are fairly okay. I love to drink water a lot. I also take some nuts and chocolate bars with me because I don't eat breakfast before travelling so I snack on these before I get served on the plane.

6. Random Bits and Bobs: I have a small Hand Cream-Lancome La Vie est Belle (50 ml) in my bag to keep my hands hydrated as well as a small miniature Perfume Sample-Britney Midnight Fantasy to ensure I smell sweet through out my journey. I always have a pair of socks in my handbag to keep my feel warm in the plane because somehow they just get cold and I just hate feeling cold on my feet. Depending on what hair style I have, I may have a Brush or comb. Lastly, I always have some Chewing gum/Mints to refresh my breath.

7. Glasses and Contact Lens: I always carry my Glasses and Contact Lens with me because my eyes are super important to me. Once I get on the plane, I take out my contacts (they are disposable) and wear my glasses because the air in the plane usually makes my eyes dry when I am wearing contacts. With my glasses I can watch the TV/film in-flight and also take it off for a nap. Just before we land, I put on another fresh pair of contacts in the rest room so my eyes feel fresh and I don't have to wear my glasses. It may sound cumbersome but it works bets for me and I have been doing it for a long time. Generally, I only wear my glasses at night or weekends when I can't be bothered with my contacts; I just hate to have to wear glasses. Still on the glasses matter, I also take a pair of Sunglasses which is perfect for hiding tired eyes and giving you a Chic look which I love to go for. My favourite is this Tort Shell Brown Shades from Primark already featured here and I love them so much. I also got  a Quilted case from Primark to protect it and I love both of them together. I think that's about all the travel essentials I had in my bag and I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek. ..see you in my next post...x


  1. Great post Liv, I'm travelling soon so has given me an idea of a few things I need to make sure I pack! Also we share a love of Daim bars ;)

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life / Bloglovin' xxx

    1. Awwww thanks a lot Efia...I so love Daim bars and any time I pop into the £1 shops, they are my first picks...Have a lovely trip!!


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