iPad Mini Cases and Covers Review- My Favorite Picks

I am currently typing this as I cycle (in the gym) and it is a good distraction but I can feel the burn. Anyway, hope you are all well. I recently did a mini feature of my iPad Mini which was a birthday gift from the lovely BF along with the Logitech Folio Keyboard.To say I am a little obsessed with my iPad is a huge understatement but it is so true. I love it to bits and it's my favourite companion. My favorite part of the evenings after work is to be tucked under my duvet scrolling through my iPad reading blogs, watching YouTube and just surfing the web. Accessorizing my iPad has recently become an exciting hobby for me and I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorites here with you..

Logitech Folio Keyboard
This has already been featured here so I would try not to be repetitive. I received it at the same time as my iPad so it's safe to say I did not really get to test any other iPad Mini accessories because this pretty much covers all the bases. It works as a keyboard which is essential for work and blogging as typing on the iPad virtual keyboard can sometimes be a little hassle. Apart from that, this also acts as a case and cover for my iPad mini which happily snuggles inside and is easily transported because it is very portable. I love this a lot and it still remains one of my favorite accessory for the iPad. However, it's not every time I want to type, sometimes I want to just scroll through and handle my iPad in a portrait position as opposed to a landscape position which is the default way if you want to use the keyboard which is why I opted for other new covers/cases.

iPad Mini Cover/Case
I saw this outside of a shop near work. You know one of those shops that sell accessories for phones, laptops and tablets...yeah,those ones. I popped in, had a look through and I liked it. I wanted another case that would protect my iPad but also allow me use it in vertically and this seemed perfect. It was only £8 and I am aware it would have been cheaper online but I just liked this one. It is not real leather but it looks and feels good. It has that Tan Vintage vibe going on and I love it. It has an okay fit for my iPad mini but I don't think it provides a perfect snuggle for it but I adore the design. A good feature of this is the various slides which you can adjust the iPad if you want to use it in a landscape position which is the best when you want to watch a video or a movie and for that, I don't mind the cost or the non-snuggly fit.

The Envelope Clutch
As mentioned earlier, I take my iPad with me almost everywhere I go and I usually take two cases along (don't judge me!); my keyboard and the case of the day. This means I need to fit everything into one place and this lovely envelope clutch does that and more for me. This particular style is for the proper iPad (the larger iPad) but I prefer it because it means I have ample space to fit my iPad, case and keyboard and any chargers or accessories I am carrying along. Again, it's not real leather but it feels really soft and almost like real leather. Honestly, I have been tempted to use this as a clutch and if it had a zip, I would totally do that. It's that amazing!!

Cath Kidson iPad Mini Case/Cover
I had been spying on this for the longest time along with this lovely Ted Baker one but I could not justify spending £30 -£35 on a case. No, it's a tad too painful  in my own opinion. Until one day, I was browsing around Elys in Wimbledon (a very dangerous place where your wallet can find its way out of your bag on sighting the most beautiful fashion and beauty items) and I saw the Cath Kidson counter had a 20% discount poster on selected items. I picked this up and I loved it and secretly hoped this was a selected item. The sales girls said she was not sure but she will put it through anyway. What a good sport!! That's how I came to own this baby! At £24, it is pricey but it is well worth it. The floral vintag-ey design just appeals to me and it fits my iPad snugly in a way that the faux tan leather one above did not. It also has a small latch at the back which allows you to let it stand if you want to watch a film, Youtube or a video. I think it's amazing and that's my go to cover at the moment and it makes handling my iPad during commute less cumbersome than the Logitech Keyboard Folio especially when I am not typing. That's it folks and sorry for so many pictures, I went a little crazy :-).
P.S. Blogpost done in record time as my cycling session in the gym is over..this may well be a regular occurrence..See you in my next post! 
Update: I wrote this post last month (I know I'm terrible but I am currently on holidays in Nigeria so watch out for more posts soon)


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