How to Style a Teeny Weeny Afro feat African Pride Shea Butter Bouncy Curl Pudding

Hi Lovelies,
This has to be my quickest post of all times. You all know I love to write long posts because I love to write. Shortly before I put my hair into my current braids, I decided to play around with it for a little while because I can't get over my little 'fro curls. I decided to be a little bit more creative with my not so teeny weeny afro. I used the African Pride Shea Butter Bouncy Curl Pudding which I bought for £5 in my local beauty supply store although I think it may be cheaper in PAK cosmetics which is my favourite hair and beauty supply shop (I hate the feeling of knowing I may have got it cheaper elsewhere..Yes!! I am unashamedly a bargain queen)

African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Bouncy Curl Pudding Review
The African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Bouncy Curl Pudding (what a mouthful!) is made up of various ingredients including Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera extract to name a few. It also contains a couple of naughty ingredients including Dimethicone, Benzyl Benzoate, etc which I guess may have been added for preservative purposes of the product so if you are all for 100% natural products, this is not one of those products :-(.  It claims to define, elongate and nourish your curls while putting back moisture in your hair. I think the product lives up to its claim but I am not sure if it actually elongates my curls. Its texture is more like a smooth moisturiser/light pudding which is quite weightless when applied to your hair. Its smells so lovely and I love the fragrance it leaves behind after use. This is perfect for defining and moisturising your curls if you have natural hair. If you are transitioning, this is an excellent product to bridge the gap between your relaxed ends and your natural roots which usually creates a lot of hassles for transitioners. Your curls/twistouts totally look blended with this product which is why I love it despite some ingredients in it which I am not totally pleased with.

What you need for your Twist Outs/Coiff
1. Curl Pudding (I used African Pride Shea butter Miracle Pudding as shown in previous pics)
2. A wide toothed comb
3. A parting comb
4. Some Gel or Edge Control (I used the Eco Styler Gel)
5. Some Bobby Pins and Hair Clips
6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
7. Silk Bonnet
8. Plenty of Patience and a cup of your favourite drink

1. I started off with freshly washed and conditioned hair which I allowed to air dry, then applied a leave in conditioner.
2. Once completely dry, I put in some corn rows because I wanted my hair to get stretched because it had shrunk as usual (story of my life- and other afro naturals life)
3. I took out the corn rows and my hair was full stretched and I parted it into 4 sections.
4. Within each section, I parted a smaller/mini section, applied the African Pride Curl Pudding from root to bottom because I wanted the curls to be as elongated and stretched as possible and twisted into two stranded twist. This also helps detangle the hair. You can use a comb if you like but I find my fingers are easier and less stress.
5. After twisting all the sections into smaller mini twists, I applied some Extra Virgin Olive oil to seal in the moisture of the curls. I put on my silk bonnet to prevent any damage to my hair and went to bed.

6. Next morning, I applied some Extra Virgin Olive Oil between my palms and rubbed through the twists gently as I was not ready to damage my hard work.
7. Took down the twists very carefully to prevent any tangles or hair loss. I went on to untwist more to create fuller curls.
8. I combed just the root of my hair; not from bottom to top, just the bottom/root area to create more volume.
9. I parted the front section to create a small coiff or puff and secured it out of the way with a small band (not too tight)
10. Next, I applied some gel to slick part of the left side of my hair and pinned it down with some clips and bobby pins to create a false mohawk.
11. I repeated the same for the right part of my hair and released the middle section and fluffed it out.

12. Viola!!! my all done and ready. The twist out held very well without frizzing; thanks to the African Pride Shea Butter Curl Pudding. Also, I was not touching my hair as that's the easiest way to introduce Frizz. I had this on for a few days before getting my braids done (pic below)

Everytime I have a different hair style people tell me I look different, like seriously different, Is that true? I always think to myself "hmmmmm, is that a good or bad difference"? hahaha, who knows, what do you think?  I hope you enjoyed this simple style and I hope it was understandable from my ramble above. I had this style for almost two days before taking it down to get my braids done which is what I currently have now as I am too lazy to style my hair everyday. Have a wonderful week ahead and see you in my next post..tooodles...xxxx


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