African Fashion Week London 2013 (Day 2 ) - Catwalk and Designers

Hi Lovelies,
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.  If you are just popping into my blog, a big welcome and squishy hug. I attended the African Fashion Week London last week Friday which was Day 2 of the third edition of the African Fashion Week London (AFWL 2013). I decided the best way to get this post up faster was to split it into Catwalk/Fashion Designers and Exhibitors. For any background info, check out my previous post here..

It was held in Truman Brewery in East London which is very close to Spitalfields; the venue for the AFWL last year. I got there a little late and I missed the first catwalk which started by 4pm. Fret not! there were other shows which I attended and I had ample time to take many pictures of the exhibitors which I dedicated a whole post to here (link up soon). Sadly, I did not take any OOTD because I was already late and dashing off but I posted these pix on Instagram...


First off, I was very pleased to see many creative African designers showcase various phenomenal designs and it made me feel ever so proud to be there. I took a whole lot of pictures and I didn't realise editing was going to be such a hassle. You see, I take almost all my pictures for this blog on my Iphone and edit them on various apps in the Appstore. 

I also use my bridge Fuji Film camera with different lenses to take outdoor pictures but I always edit them on my phone. For this AFWL edition, I didn't use my phone because I wanted to capture the images better and have more memory to take as many as possible but somehow, the quality of the pictures are not as good as I would have preferred. The good thing is there are still tolerable an I hope you can appreciate how wonderful the AFWL 2013 was through these pictures. I could not resist taking this photo of all the photographers and Paparazzis who covered this event..Well done!!!

Ramble off, moving on, let's talk about what designers were there. A whole lot of them ranging from different parts of Africa all dazzling and wowing the audience with beautiful and creative pieces. Note: This is a picture rich post with little blabs from me here and there. Before I share these pictures, I thought I should share a few highlights of the catwalk with you...

                                                   Highlight #1- The Sexy Male Models
Just at the start of the catwalk for Established Boutique designs, these two hot male  models strutted their stuff onto the catwalk. Let's say the crowd went wild. Okay, let's backtrack, let's say all the women screamed and went wild because these models looked delicious with bumper six packs and handsome faces all looking serious like they were oblivious of what was going on...haa. Don't take my word for it..check them out. I had to take the cheeky picture (below) of all the ladies lusting after one of male models below. I can imagine the thoughts going on in their minds....not holy ones, I can assure you!!

                                         Highlight#2 - Fabric Portrait on Runway by Steve Mandy
I was really wowed when South African Designer Steve Mandy actually designed a fabric within minutes on the catwalk right on a model wearing a black jersey gown. I had no idea what he was doing initially but I knew it was going to be something special and he did not disappoint at all. He drew a portrait of President Nelson Mandela and the African Continent on the model. I think that was really incredible and he designed most of the fabrics for his designs which I would be sharing below soon.. Check out the finished product on the model..Can you believe he drew that within minutes on the catwalk? Amazing!!!! 

                  Highlight#3- AFWL Patron Fifi Ejindu and AFWL Founder Ronke Ademiluyi 
I had the pleasure of meeting and taking photos of AFWL Patroness Princess Fifi Ejindu and AFWL Founder Ronke Ademiluyi. There were really lovely with warm smiles and most importantly, there were very humble and pleasant people. I could tell from the few minutes spent. They looked very relaxed and not stressed at all because I am sure they understood they had a great team. Indeed, they should both be very proud of AFWL and I look forward to many more editions...Cheers to that!!

Now let's delve straight into the designers.I only stayed for one runway/catwalk show which featured various designers from all over Africa including Steve Mandy Designs, Established Beauxtique, M Shade, Sluu by Sluuvin Designs, etc.

                                            Steve Mandy Designs (South Africa)
South African Financial Adviser turned Designer showcased some serious talent in AFWL. He does not design or sew garments rather he paints on this garments with either fabric paint or bleach and his designs are exquisite and bespoke. I have already mentioned how he showed us his stuff by painting a picture of President Nelson Mandela on a garment being worn by a model. He was one of my favourite designers in AFWL because his deisgns and methods were very different. The fabrics seemed to come alive with his paintings.... Find him here on Facebook...Take a look at his designs...

                                                      Established Beauxtique
Founded by Miss Dianne Tuffuoh, Established Beauxtique started off as an online retail clothing store. Now, it has grown to be featured on catwalks and fashion shows. I love her pieces because they are fresh and trendy pieces which would suit any fashionable lady. I feel her designs are more suited to the younger generation and I can see her designs going many places in the near future. Her fashion show began with two hot models which were ogled by almost all the women (Except me; I closed my eyes...hahaha) and ended with these models accompanying her...Jealous? Find her on Facebook here

Sluu by Sluvin Designs
South African Designer Slungile Mokoena wowed the crowd with exquisite designs from her Fashion Label Sluu. I love how she combines the fabrics to create intricate pieces of ruffles, petals and delicate embroidery to make her designs stand out from the crowd. I really loved her pieces and I could rock them for a Gala Night or Dinner or any classy outing. Maybe even the Red Carpet, when I eventually get invited to one.. check out her blog here and Facebook Page here

                                                                  M Shade
I also loved her designs because they reminded me of being relaxed in the beach especially in these breezy embroidered kaftans below. She also featured other designs with amazing detailing and fabrics. I think her designs will suit a variety of ladies regardless of their age ranges. I fell in love with her kaftans; simple yet astonishingly elegant..

That's it folks, phew!!. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I enjoyed taking these pictures for your guys although editing them took ages but I am glad they are finally out. Pardon all the grainy pictures but I hope you still enjoyed them. Watch out for the sequel to this post which will feature the Exhibitors at the AFWL 2013....toodles..xxxx


  1. Kudoz to Africa, once more proving there stands in the fashion industry. Is something we get to keep tabs on, soonest every african we aCcept our own as we did in the music industry

    1. Hi Molebaba, Thanks for stopping by..yes, it is totally true and I am very proud of all the African designers and exhibitors that showcased their stuff at the AFWL...


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