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I hope you are delighted that the weekend is almost here. Sadly, I am doing some work this weekend but it is something enjoyable so I don't really mind so much. I will  be going to the African Fashion Week (blog post here) on Friday so I am trĂ©s excited. As you may all know, I love to cleanse my skin every morning and night; especially at night because I give my face a good cleanse from all the makeup, dirt and grease that may have built up from the day especially with the sun making its gracious experience. I am also a big believer of using the appropriate tools to get a mighty good cleanse and I have realized you don't have to spend a fortune on perfect tools to help in your cleansing/pampering. I am sharing my favorite, simple and affordable tools which i definitely can't do my cleansing without. Side note: I am saving to buy a Clarisonic but mehn!! It ain't cheap so i really need to psyche up myself that I really do need it. Let's get started on these affordable cleansing tools or equipment if you like...

                                                        Body Shop Facial Brush £4
I think this must be my 3rd or 4th brush and I totally love this little brush. It is really small but it does the work effectively. It has a small plastic lid which is easy to wash so you can place it back in after it is washed and dry. I use this for all my cleansers, scrubs and washes because the bristles are perfect for my skin. They are not too soft or too hard; just the right texture to effectively remove any dirt, makeup and grease lurking around your face without damaging your face. I dare say people with sensitive skin or acne prone skin can use this depending on your preference.

 I take this everywhere with me and i love that its bristles are white which means it is really easy for me to clean and see when it is dirty. I take this with me if I am away because it is one of those tools i can't live without. I tend to wash it everyday after use and leave it upside down to dry placing it back into its lid when I am done. I change mine every 2-3 months although I have a sneaky feeling I should be changing it every month but that would come to about £48 pound a year. So far, with my 2-3 months changes, I have been fine so I would stick to it....

                                           Facial Towels/Flannels £0.56 for a pair- Sainsbury
Since the end of last year, when I became serious about my skin care routine, I decided I need to have separate facial towels exclusively for my face. Formerly, I used my body towel which I obviously do not wash every day. The logic behind using a separate face cloth/towel/flannel for your face is being able to use a different one for your face to prevent any cross contamination and prevent any extra germs. So, I trotted off to Sainsburys to stock up on these little beauties and I have been changing them since. I have a good number of these white face flannels which are quite small but would cover your face and give it a gentle nice wipe. 

I use this after I cleanse my face in the morning and night; since I have quite a few, I use one daily which means I know there is always a fresh one everyday. How I love the feel of a clean, fresh flannel. I think they also sell pretty little ones in Primark but I got these from Sainsburys for 56p for a pair; Can you beat that?. It simply means for £2.24 you get 8 flannels which should be sufficient for a week. Perfecto! I also prefer white because I don't get confused as to its state of cleanliness as it is pretty obvious and I just like how fresh and clean white as a colour looks.

                                                              Cotton Pads £1- Primark
I don't think these need any introduction because I am sure everyone uses this. In fact, I think I have a post on them here. I love Primark Cotton pads because they are the right size and texture which means they can hold sufficient liquid in them and feel smooth against my face. My cotton pads are saved for applying toners or cleansing balms on my face in the morning or at night. Just like everyone else, my cotton pads are multi-functional for me as they double as skin care and nail care tools. I love these cotton pads because you receive a good number of pads for just £1 and it has a pretty good packaging which can stand perfectly on its own.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and learnt one or two useful tips. I tried to go to my usual location to take some photos but mehn!!! the sun was scorching hot; I had to flee..Phew!!!lol.  I  also want to give a mighty Shout Out to all my wonderful readers and followers on here via GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram and if you haven't followed me yet...get cracking on these links GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram and Glipho. You guys make my world go round and I am planning another giveaway soon so keep your eyes


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