Makeup Haul (Mini) feat MAC, Rimmel, Milani and L'Oreal Paris

Hey My Lovelies,
I am so happy it's almost the end of the month and the beginning of many new things for me. Also, end of August usually ushers in my favourite season which is Fall/Autumn. I love transitioning from bright summer/spring colours to the dark and rich colours for Fall. Anyways, today, I will be sharing a few makeup and beauty products I have recently tried and I absolutely love. A few of them are high end but many are affordable high street and beauty store brands which are accessible and affordable. 

MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Stud
I thought I may as well start with my most expensive makeup item in this haul. I love all MAC products starting from their eye brow pencils right down to their lipsticks although I am not a huge fan of their foundation any more as I still have not found my perfect shade and their foundation formula is a tad too heavy for my pores. The MAC Brow Pencil has to be one of the first MAC products I purchased and it used to be £11 but somehow they have cheekily crept up the price now to £13 :-(. Despite the price, I totally love it and my perfect shade is the Stud which is a dark brown colour which applies really smoothly and does not rub off all day. No matter how many drug store eye pencils I use, I always come back to this brow pencil because it is absolutely gorgeous and it easy very easy to apply. You have to twist the bottom to release a bit of the pencil which is good as you don't need to sharpen it but the cheeky downside is the fact that it does not give you any warning signs when it is about to finish and you also can't roll it back if you accidentally rolled out more than you need. Other than that, I love this brow pencil any day any time :-). You can pick this up from any MAC counter in store or online here.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Correcting Concealer in Cafe/Coffee 9
I have never tried any foundation, powder or concealer from L'Oreal especially their True Match range because I never found the perfect match for my skin from the shades available. One day, I was in Sainsbury's doing some grocery shopping when I spied a reduced to clear cosmetic and beauty section and I went to see if I would find anything good. There, I found this little beauty and it was only £1.50. To say I was thrilled is a major understatement, I was quite excited because it actually matched my skin (oh yes, I tested it out there and then). I have been using it to conceal some of my blemishes and just set it with my powder and I am good to go. It comes with an applicator wand which is sensible as it allows me apply it in the exact area I need to conceal. Also, it acts as an under eye concealer for me and serves to awaken and brighten up my under eyes which is something I have tried recently. I really like how light the formula is and it does last almost all day for me although I use a primer.  I am unsure if you can find it in other Sainsbury's but you can find it here on Amazon.

Milani Glimmer Stripes All Over Colour in 05 Honey Glimmer
To be honest, I bough this because I was excited to see a Milani Product in the UK (I know it is more popular in the US) and the packaging looked very glam and lovely. As you know, I never used to apply eye shadows on my face on a regular basis but I have to say I am a bit of a convert because of this little product. To start off this Milani Glimmer Stripes All Over Colour triples as an eye shadow, highlighter and a blush and I think that is very amazing!!! I often use the last three bottom colours on my eye lid and the first two colours to highlight my brow bone. As a face highlighter, I sweep my Real Techniques Contour Brush lightly across all the colours and lightly brush across my cheekbones and it gives the most luminous glow you can imagine. As a cheek colour, I sweep my blush brush or contour brush across the last 3 bottom colours and brush lightly against the apples of my cheeks and it has this honey/sunset glow to it. I totally love this little pack and you can buy it here on Ebay.

Rimmel London Eyeshadow Duo in 322 Sweetheart
This has already made a debut appearance on my Drug Store Eye Makeup for Beginners sometimes last week. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been a recent convert to applying eye shadows almost on a daily basis because I have found these lovely colours which are very flattering to my skin tone. I use the bottom darker rich brown colour as my crease colour and it really helps define it while I blend it in with my No 7 Blending brush. The upper colour which is pinkish beige colour goes directly on my eyelid and produces the prettiest beige colour with light specks of gold as it hits the light. I love this duo and I can wear it to work easily without looking like I am trying too hard. It is indeed classy! You can find it here on Amazon.

Rimmel Lipstick Lock 8ml
Still on Rimmel, I picked up the Rimmel London Lipstick Lock which is a product I have not tried at all. If you are a lover of lipstick, you would be thrilled to try out this product as it really helps my lipstick stay in place by just applying a little with its applicator wand on both lips and leaving it to dry for a few seconds making sure I don't rub my lips together.  The only problem i have with this is the initial strong smell it has which hits you which I think is a tad too strong for something on your lips given that your nose is directly above your lips so the smell just hits you strong and hard. The good news is the smell only last for a few seconds and gives way to a sweet pleasant smell which is surprising because I wonder why the sweet smell does not hit you first and linger onward  Anyways, it is really a nice product and keeps your lipstick in place. You can find it here on Amazon and Ebay.

MaxFactor Silk Gloss Lip Gloss in 345 Peach Glow
A little confession- I have never tried any MaxFactor products which is really surprising seeing that it is quite a popular product here in the UK. I decided to try out their lipgloss which I had read a few nice reviews on so I decided to try it out. I love the packaging as usual and I think and pink and gold really goes well as a packaging. I love the formula of this lip gloss because it is the kind of formula I can tolerate on a lip gloss; non-sticky, light weight and good wear time. I love the light pink glossy look on my lips. It has an average wear time so I usually reapply during the course of the day which I don't mind at all. You can find it here on Amazon or Ebay

I hope you enjoyed my little beauty haul. I also bought a few other makeup products but I was just too lazy to take pictures. You all know one can get lazy sometimes and I do really want to only put out a high quality post for you to enjoy. Let me know if you want to see future hauls like this and I would do one just for you...see you in my next post and thanks for always


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